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The long-awaited Mountain of Eternal Winter was finally unveiled at the CalpheON Ball on Saturday, December 11. Read on to get a recap of what was revealed.


Mountain of Eternal Winter

- A frigid place constantly covered with snowfall.

- The mountain ranges of Dreighan connect to the Mountain of Eternal Winter, a place of high altitude and extreme temperatures. 

- Adventurers can create a new character and select the Mountain of Eternal Winter to experience its storyline from Level 1. 

- In order to keep the unique concept of a monster zone but relieve some of the boredom from repeated rotations, the monster zones of the Mountain of Eternal Winter were intentionally designed with unconventional elements.  

- The new monster zones are all soloable.

- Adventurers can obtain a new type of item as loot from the monster zones.  

Murrowak's Labyrinth 



- While it is a solo monster zone, it has a concept where the boss will appear faster if more Adventurers are present.  

- Inspired by insects, the Murrowak monsters roam the countless tunnels. If certain conditions are fulfilled while you fight them in these tunnels, the “Queen’s Chamber” will activate and the Queen will emerge. Defeating the “Queen” will allow you to obtain her loot.  

- Thus, even though the monster zone is meant as a solo zone, Adventurers are encouraged to “work together” through the “Queen” mechanic.  


Erethea's Void 



- The first death of Labreska, the Golden Dragon guarding over the Mountain of Eternal Winter, led to the birth of the Seven Hexes, or witches. The final seventh witch, Erethea – the void witch, created this prison.   

- This place is meant to pass the “Void: Wisdom to Erase Fear of Dragons” to humans  

- This zone is meant to give off the feel of an “escape room,” basically a “dungeon escape” concept.  

- Adventurers will be presented with goals and conditions that need to be cleared, requiring them to come up with a plan to most efficiently reach the goal.  

- There are many rooms, and each room has its own special objective to complete, and upon completion, will activate three gates that are connected to other rooms.   

- Each room will slightly vary in objectives and combat situations.  

- Clearing all the objectives in certain rooms will allow you to enter a “Golden Room.” 


Defense-type Monster Zone




- Interacting with certain towers standing around parts of the Mountain of Eternal Winter will cause hordes of monsters to spill out.  

- There’s also a random chance that a somewhat unique monster to appear during the waves.




- Okjinsini are beings born from the tears shed by Labreska, the Golden Dragon and master of the Mountain of Eternal Winter.  

- This monster zone was designed for small continuous skirmishes rather than large groups of monsters.  

- When defeated, Okjinsini will explode with spirit fire, inflicting damage to other Okjinsinis nearby. 

- In areas with thick snowfall, the [Guardian of the Void] Erebjork will appear in the center of snowstorms.  

- Once trusted with the sacred calling to retrieve the Holy Flame, the  Void> Erebjork has forgotten this duty and taken up a new mission to protect the very heart of the Mountain of Eternal Winter from the unknown darkness that has settled within. 


Current Development Name: “Artifact” 

- A new type of item with a new gear slot.  

- Just like rings and earrings, you can equip "Artifacts" in two entirely new gear slots. These items are designed to feel like a type of good-luck charm of sorts. 

- Unlike current accessories that are centered around granting AP or DP when equipped, Artifacts are designed to better reflect your playstyle and/or class. 

- Each Artifact has one to two slots, which allow you to transfuse them with a new item called the “Lightstones.”  

- While similar to ordinary crystals in design, these "lightstones" cannot be destroyed if you die during combat, and you can also enhance the lightstones themselves to slightly increase their effects. 

- Lightstones can have basic stats such as HP, Accuracy, Evasion, Resistance, Ignore Resistance, and certain special lightstones will even increase the damage of certain skills as well. 

- Transfusing your Artifact with these lightstones will activate their effects and, similar to "Combined Magic Crystals," if you equip an Artifact with certain combinations of lightstones, you'll be able to gain a set-effect like buff as well. 

- The new items will be available in the Mountain of Eternal Winter by default, but some will drop from previous regions as well.  


Labreska's Helmet

- “Labreska's Helmet” is equal in status to the Fallen God's Armor as the top-tier of gear available in Black Desert.  

- Adventurers who search for hints scattered throughout the Mountain of Eternal Winter and complete the exclusive story questline will be able to craft this helmet.  

- Rather than requiring the Flame of Despair, it will use a crafting material exclusively available in the Mountain of Eternal Winter, 

- Same as crafting the Fallen God's Armor, it will require a boss gear helmet enhanced to Caphras Lv. 10 or a PEN (V) Blackstar Helmet. 

- Equipping Labreska's Helmet with the Fallen God’s Armor will provide an additional set buff (HP +100 and Monster Damage Reduction +10) that is unique from the boss gear set effects.


Blackstar Sub-weapon 

- The Blackstar Sub-weapon will be updated together with the Mountain of Eternal Winter release.  

- As Blackstar weapons were designed with PvE in mind, the Blackstar Sub-weapon will be designed off the Kutum Sub-weapon.  


Deboreka Belt 

- The Deboreka Belt is next in the series after the Deboreka Necklace.  

- As the Crypt of Resting Thoughts in O'dyllita is undergoing slight improvements, the Deboreka Belt will be obtainable from the updated Crypt of Resting Thoughts.  



- A new method of travel meant to highlight the concept of this new snowy region.


(Bonus) Alpaca & Ice Fishing 

- The Alpaca and Ice Fishing that was revealed at the Calpheon Ball will be coming with future Winter events. Stay tuned!

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