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Updates [Update] Learn More About Black Desert’s Recent Major Updates
Black Desert 2022-01-12 07:00
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Greetings, Adventurers!


To help newer or returning Adventurers keep up with the latest updates, we’ve compiled a list of some of our recent major updates. Check them out below!

For up and coming Adventurers:

Find My Item Function

Now where did I put that item?

Fear no more! You can now search for any item in your possession via ESC - Character - Find My Item.

Monster Zone UI Revamp

Where's the best monster zone suited to my stats?
Look no further than the Menu (ESC) - Adventure (F5) and click "Monster Zone Info"!


Balenos Main Questline Renewal

The Adventurer's first home, Balenos, has had its main questline renewed.
With voice-acting and cutscenes, experience the renewed Balenos adventure today!

Artifacts & Lightstones

Artifacts and Lightstones were added. Customize your Character with Artifacts and Lightstones which can be obtained throughout your adventurers in the Black Desert world!

You Shall Now Pass! Into the Mountain of Eternal Winter

The Mountain of Eternal Winter has opened its gates to Adventurers.

Take a new or favorite character through the main questline immediately.

Adventure through a new region with newly added items and monster zones!

Progression Pass for New Adventurers

Want to earn rewards while learning about the world of Black Desert?

Explore the vast world of Black Desert one step at a time with the Progression Pass!

Narchillan Equipment

Equipment for new Adventurers that will help you on your journey!

Enhancement Quality of Life Revamps!

No more tedious prep for enhancements!

You can now use Black Stones to directly increase enhancement chance.

Guaranteed PEN (V) Boss Gear Questline

Complete the “Old Moon Guild’s New Deal” questline to earn Boss gear with the HIGHEST level of enhancement: PEN (V)!

Guaranteed PEN (V) Accessory Questline

Obtain an accessory with the HIGHEST level of enhancement through a questline that you can complete once per Family!


For combat-oriented Adventurers!

Church Buff Improvements

If you're craving that divine intervention of Attack & Defense Power and Experience buffs,

no longer will you have to run to the nearest currency exchange for Gold Bars - the church now takes Silver for the buff exchange.

Great Ocean Improvements & Easier Ship Upgrades

Great Ocean loot and item drop rates have been improved, along with new traits added to these monster zones.

Ship upgrades have been made easier, so Adventurers will have an easier time setting sail on the high seas.

Arena of Solare Preseason

3v3 PvP matches with equalized gear!
Show off your skills in the Arena of Solare! 

Elvia Calpheon

The corruption of Hadum has reached Saunil Camp, Rhutum Outstation, Gehaku Plain, Hexe Sanctuary, and Quint Hill of Calpheon.
You can obtain materials for the Godr-Ayed weapon and reforming alchemy stones from here.

Marni's Realm - Private Monster Zones

Your very own monster zone with no other Adventurers to duel!
Subjugate monsters to your heart's content in Marni's Realm.

Tier 5 Pets

Alpha pets are finally here! Train Tier 4 pets to Tier 5 and appoint them as the alpha to increase the looting speed of all active pets.

New Red Battlefield - Valencia City

A new battlefield was added to Red Battlefield PvP content.
Strategize with your team to contest capture points in this all-new battlefield mode in the heart of Valencia City!

Valencia Montser Loot Revamped

Junk loot of monster zones in the Valencia region have been revamped to be more profitable!

New Way of Obtaining Ornette’s and Odore’s Spirit Essence

New sub-materials for Ornette’s and Odore’s Spirit Essence have been added to the game

Increased Caphras Stone Drop Rates

Boost your progression with increased Caphras Stone drop rates in various monster zones!

Elvia Realm

Hadum spreads her dark influence into Serendia. Fight the fearsome and powerful monsters of Serendia’s Elvia Relam!


For Amusement-seeking Adventurers:

Mythical Feather / Royal Fern Root Improvements

The difficulty of the weekly Mythical Feather quests have been adjusted,


and the amount of Royal Fern Roots awarded from daily quests have been increased.


Adventuring and rad tunes go hand-in-hand.


Use the Marniwave to listen to a variety of music wherever you go.

Fairy's Breath / Buried Trace

Let'sGather from time to time and encounter Fairy's Breath and Buried Traces!


Earn Sharp / Hard Black Crystal Fragments!


Make sure you have a spare "Gold Key" on you to open the mystery chest that you dig up from buried traces!

  Screenshot Mode Renewal

For capturing that in-game Kodak moment!


We've improved the Screenshot Mode with several new features so you can capture the best side of your characters!

Florchestra Contrabass / Marni's Instruments

The Florchestra Contrabass is capable of producing a warmer tone of sound and Marni's Instruments boast a broader range of electrical sounds as well.

Kakuo's Paw-doodle Request

Decorate your residence with Paw-doodles sketched by Kakuo, the brilliant Otter artist.

Liana's Tool Bag

Pickaxe, Hoe, Butcher Knife, Fluid Collector, and other Gathering tools can be stored in this amazing tool bag and used with ease.

Music Composition Improvements

We've made improvements to the Compose/Score window for our musically-inclined Adventurers!

Fwuzzy Alpaca

Let's go on an adventure riding Shai's cute friend, the Alpaca!

You can learn up to 7 types of skills that contain the dreams and love of the Alpaca.

New Minigame Yar!
A new card game that anyone can enjoy has been added! Play against NPCs and other Adventurers in the new minigame, Yar!
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