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Events [Event] Arsha’s Dragon Trials
Black Desert 2022-07-29 13:00
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To celebrate Drakania’s Awakening, Black Desert’s official
content creator W84ME2JOIN is putting on a tournament for all Drakania’s out there!  


On August 7th, Drakania’s will be able to strut their stuff on the battlefield in a 2v2 Awakening Drakania showdown. Those who enter the tournament will obviously take away prizes, but if your much more comfortable watching instead of participating, there will also be rewards given to the viewers of the tournament!  
Of course, Arsha would not be happy with a Dragon trial without Dragons, so each team must include at least one Awakening Drakania.  


Burn your fears, and take flight Drakania! 

For those wishing to be a part of the action, here is a summary on how to participate 



Registration Period

- July 29, 2022 (Fri) – August 4, 2022 (Thu) 23:59

Where to Register

Participant and Bracket Announcements

[Bracket and Ranking]
- The sorting status can be changed within the rules.


Tournament Date and Time

- The official tournament start date has been determined as Sunday, August 7 at 14:00 (GMT+3).
- The tournament owner has the right to change the time and date.

- 30 minutes before the tournament (13:30) participants must be on the Mediah-2 server with the character they will join.

Competition Format

Round Challenge Format Victory Conditions
Round of 64 – Round of 8 2 vs 2 Best of 3
Semi-Final – Grand Final Best of 5


Rules of Participation

* There must be at least one Drakania Awakening on the team* 

- Trial Characters only 

* In order to use an Awakening Trial Drakania, you must create a Drakania after the July 27 Maintenance. Trial Drakania’s made before this date cannot be used.  

* If you currently have no slots available for a new Trial Character, you will need to delete an existing Trial Character and make a new one. There is a short wait time to delete these characters, so those intended to participate should be prepared to create an Awakening Drakania in advance. 


Competition Rewards

Target for Rewards

1,500 Pearls

[Drakania] Lethena Premium Set

2nd Place

1,000 Pearls

[Drakania] Lethena Premium Set

3rd Place

500 Pearls

[Drakania] Lethena Premium Set

Participation Prize

Mystical Artisan's Memory Bundle x1

- Rewards for the 1st to 3rd place teams will be given to all team members.

- Participation rewards will not be paid to those who are absent on the day of the competition.

- There will also be coupons for those who watch the competition, so make sure to tune in and get your coupons!

* Rewards for this event will be sent out via in-game mail (B) during the scheduled maintenance on August 10, 2022

* This in-game mail (B) will expire 2 weeks after the mail has been sent.

For more information, please refer to the notices; W84ME2JOIN

※ Additional Notices

- The Streamer W84ME2JOIN has the authority to host and run the tournament.  
- Details as to how the competition is conducted and the rules are subject to change depending on the streamer who hosts the tournament. 

- Participants and tournament brackets will be released later through an announcement from the streamers.  

- Character/Family names may be exposed through announcements or streams during the competition. 

- The rewards for this competition are subject to change.  

- Immediate action may be taken by those who attempt to interrupt the tournament, and compensation or recovery of items that may be damaged or destroyed will not be possible.

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