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GM Notes [GM Note] Summer Events: At a Glance 😎
Black Desert 2022-08-03 07:00
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Defend the Sand Castle
It’s time to stay cool with Papus and Otters!
Terrmian Gift Box
Cool Swimwear
Mythical Feather
Inventory +4 Expansion Coupon
Sand Castle Shore-down
Papu vs Otter! Which side are you on?
Test your PvE and PvP skills!
A Masterpiece of a Thousand Years Could Be Yours
A special auction of artwork created by geniuses
Summer Black Spirit’s Adventure
Roll the dice for sherbet that’ll let you taste the Secret Book of Old Moon and Kamasylve’s Blessing!

Papu or Otter?
Who Do You Want to Fish With?
Grill for Buffs



Sunset Butterflyfish

Purple Butterflyfish

Sell for Silver 



Mystical Sunset Butterflyfish

Mystical Purple Butterflyfish


Papu & Otter

Who’s the Best Merchant?!

The Papus and Otters have prepared their best items.

Which ones do you like the best?

Summer Memories With Papus & Otters
#BDOSummer #SocialMedia #Screenshot #Event
Summer Outfits for All Classes
Check out the Mr. Mussels, Shell Belle & Conch Cherub outfits!
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