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GM Notes [GM Note] Arena of Solare Regular Season
Black Desert 2022-08-17 07:00
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Arena of Solare, a matchmaking-based 3v3 PvP content with equalized gear, has returned for its regular season with the update on Wednesday, August 17!
If you want to learn more about Arena of Solare, take a look below!
- Regular Season will be available until before maintenance on Oct 12th, 2022.

3v3 Arenas Await


In the Arena of Solare, you have exclusive “gear load outs” that allow you to play in your unique PvP-style and compete with “skill alone.” Once you find a match, you’ll enter one of the five available arenas.


▲ New Arena: Manshaum Forest


▲ New Arena: Cadry Ruins


▲ New Arena: Jade Starlight Forest


Certain arenas will have various objectives that offer effects such as restoring HP or buffing AP, so you’ll need to plan your strategy around them.


[Learn more about the objectives]


Practice Makes Perfect

Need some time to polish your PvP skills?
Then start warming up in practice mode!


▲ Select Ranked or Practice Mode


In practice mode, you can queue up by yourself or party queue with others and practice with friends or guild mates.

(Party queue for practice mode will be added in a future update!)


Otherwise, if you feel confident in your skills, you can jump right into Ranked mode!


Know Thy Self, Know Thy Enemy

▲ Click the Magnifying Glass button to find out more!


▲ You can see if they are playing Succession or Awakening, and what Skill Add-ons they are using!


Want to see what gear load out someone else is using?
You can check out the gear of opponents after a match,
and you can also see the Skill Add-ons and stats of each class!



Class-based Top 20 Rankings

▲ Top 20 Rankings for Each Class


With 24 classes in Black Desert, you might be wondering who are the best Adventurers playing each class. Now you can see the ranking of the top 20 Adventurers for each class and aim for the top!


[P.S. There’s also an event for top 3!]


Spoils of Glory

Cron Stone x300
Advice of Valks (+110) x1


Don’t let sweaty palms keep you from the weekly rewards that can let you obtain Cron Stones and Advice of Valks (+110) from the Arena of Solare!


[Find out more]


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