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GM Notes [GM Note] Arena of Solare Events: At a Glance
Black Desert 2022-08-17 07:00
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Commemorating the Arena of Solare
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Day 1
[Event] Glory of
Solare Box x5
Day 2
3000 Loyalties
Day 3
[Event] Rare Courser Training Box
Day 4
[Event] Value Pack
(7 Days)
Day 5
[Event] Glory of
Solare Box x5
Day 6
[Event] Shakatu's
Shiny Box (Combat)
Day 7
[Event] Shakatu's
Shiny Box (Life)

Seal of Victory

Seal of Victory x1

Choose your Shakatu Box x3


Seal of Victory x1

[Event] Shining Shakatu’s Seal x10


Seal of Victory x2

Cron Stone x300


Seal of Victory x4

Advice of Valks (+110)

Arena of Solare Video Event
To the Gloryseekers in the Arena of Solare
For one month only, prove your worth for mid-season ranking rewards!
Mid-Season Rank: 1st (Each Class)
[Event] Premium Outfit Box
[Event] Classic Outfit Box
Mid-Season Rank: 2nd (Each Class)
[Event] Premium Outfit Box
Mid-Season Rank: 3rd (Each Class)
[Event] Classic Outfit Box
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