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Notices [Notice] [Completed] October 12, 2022 (Wed) Service Maintenance
Black Desert 2022-10-07 12:00
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Greetings  Adventurers!

This is The MMORPG Black Desert.


The scheduled maintenance is complete as of October 12 (Wed) 07:00 AM (GMT+3).

Please check out new update files

[Manual Patch Download Guide]

Greetings  Adventurers!

This is The MMORPG Black Desert.


We will be performing our regularly scheduled maintenance on October 12 (Wed) for our Black Desert game and website services in order to improve these services and bring you the latest updates.


During this time, the services undergoing maintenance will be temporarily unavailable.


Please refer below for more information regarding the maintenance.


Maintenance Details

Game Maintenance

- Maintenance Period: October 12, 2022 (Wed) 03:00 ~ 07:00 (4 hours, GMT+3)

- Affected Service(s): Black Desert game servers

- Impact: All Black Desert servers will be unavailable; Unable to send items in Web Storage to in-game

* Once maintenance begins, you will be disconnected from the game even if you are waiting in-queue.
* Please move your character to a safe location (safe zone) before exiting the game/maintenance begins in order to avoid being attacked by monsters or other Adventurers.
* You may receive an error message if you try to sign-up on our website during the maintenance.
* If you receive an error message stating that you are already logged in after the maintenance, please try restarting your client.


■ Website Maintenance

- Maintenance Period: October 12, 2022 (Wed) 03:00 ~ 05:00 (2 hours, GMT+3)

- Affected Service(s): Black Desert official website

- Impact: All website services will be unavailable

■ Support Maintenance Details

 - Maintenance period: October 12, 2022 (Wed) 03:00 ~ 04:00 (1 hours, GMT+3)

 - Maintenance Impact: Unable to access the support page

Update Preview

● 2022 Autumn Season will begin.
● Elvia Realm system will be changed.
● Class Balance will receive adjustments.
● Item required to enter Atoraxxion will be removed.
● Some of Atoraxxion's rewards will be buffed.
● World Boss loot will be buffed.


Ending Events

- +500% EXP & +100% Item Drop Rate!
- It’s Treasure Hunting Time!
- Hearts Pound to the Sound of Double Heart Rates
- As the Heidel Ball Closes, a new Hot Time rises from the ashes!
- Getting Stronger with the Arena of Solare
- Share Your Salanar Drip
- The rewards haven’t finished yet! Just play the game and get more!
- Heidel Fountain X 10 Hour Buff!
- Getting Ready for Guild Boss Changes!

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