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GM Notes [GM Note] Meet the Gloryseekers of the Arena of Solare
Black Desert 2022-10-12 07:00
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Arena of Solare's First Season has ended!

Now, let’s meet our Gloryseekers!

[Arena of Solare] Take a look at the top 3 overall Adventurers!

[Arena of Solare] Check out the top performers for each class!

Arena of Solare Top 100 Rewards

1. Arena of Solare Solare Knight Outfit Box
2. Special Title: Solare Knight
3. Glorious Solare Box

Arena of Solare Reward for the #1 Rank of Each Class

Adventurers who overcame their rivals to reach the top 1 of their class will be honored with a commemorative NPC in their likeness.

* Adventurers who are top 1 will be contacted separately via in-game mail (B)

[TOP 100 Reward] Arena of Solare Solare Knight Outfit

[Top 100 Reward] Special Title - Solare Knight

[Top 100 Reward] Glorious Solare Box
Opening the Glorious Solare Box will reward you with all of the following items

Cron Stone x1,000


Corrupt Oil of Immortality x20


Perfume of Courage x30


Khalk's Elixir x30


Elixir of Deep Sea x30


Perfume of Charm x30


Perfume of Insight x30


Giant's Draught x50


Armor Draught x50


Elixir of Indignation x50


Item Collection Increase Scroll x30

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