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Events [Event] Adventuring Together in the Autumn Season
Black Desert 2022-10-14 13:20
Comments 84



Adventuring Together in the Autumn Season

Enjoy the Autumn Season🍁this weekend!

Watch our Creator Relay Stream for the Autumn Season!


October 15 (Sat) 18:00 -


[Event] Magical Elixir
Combat & Skill EXP 300% Scroll (60 min) x2
Item Collection Increase Scroll x2
Sealed Book of Combat (1 Day)


October 15 (Sat) 21:00 -


Secret Book of Florin x2
[Event] Lara's Warm
Black Tea
[Event] Energy
Tonic (L)
Sealed Book of Life (1 Day)


October 16 (Sun) 20:00 -


[Event] Enhancement
Help Kit II
[Event] Elion's Tear x2
And there will also be special giveaway coupons from the content creators!
- The way the coupons are given out may differ for each creator.
- Watch the creator’s stream for more details.

Oasis Box of Secrets x3

What’s Your Goal for the Autumn Season?
October 14, 2022 (Fri) - October 18, 2022 (Tue) 23:59
Leave a comment with the goal you want to achieve this season and you’ll receive rewards!
[Event] Shakatu's Mystery Box x1
Loyalties x500

Additional Notices

- All the coupons will expire on October 30, 2022 (Fri) 23:59. Please make sure to claim the rewards before they disappear.

- The rewards for the [What’s Your Goal for the Autumn Season?] will be sent during the maintenance on October 26, 2022 (Wed).
- Pearl Abyss reserves the right to change or cancel the event depending on mitigating circumstances. If changes are made, they can be found on this event page.

- Event items may have restrictions (sale/trade) and/or different binding settings/expiration dates. Due to this reason, these items cannot be transferred or restored.

- For details such as whether the item is bound, please refer to the in-game item description.

- Items and/or rewards that were used or collected normally cannot be recovered.

- Participating in the event using inappropriate methods may result in a cancellation/retrieval of your reward(s) and/or restriction from the game.

- For any questions or concerns regarding the event, please contact us via [Support].

- Any content not mentioned on this page is subject to the [Black Desert Event Rules].

Comments 84
My goal is learning nova class :)
2022-10-14 13:27
My goal is to grind seasonal mats as much as I can unlike the last season which I graduated myself too early Xd
2022-10-14 13:44
Amacım en iyisi olmak.
2022-10-14 13:53
benim amacım 61 level olup sezon pasosunu ve tüm ekipmanları bitirirdikten sonra mezun olup sezon ödülü almak
2022-10-14 13:54
Reaching lvl 62 and getting strong gear, also reaching master lvl in processing.
2022-10-14 14:10
Will reach lvl 61 for my other characters and get more gear and upgrades.
2022-10-14 14:16
the goal is getting as much rewards as possible , let's be honest xD , and maybe learn archer too :D
2022-10-14 14:28
My goal for the autumn seasoni is getting my 2nd pen blackstar!
2022-10-14 14:37
my goal is to grind the max of money to make my labreska
2022-10-14 14:58
Trying out different classes.
2022-10-14 15:02
Will reach lvl 61 for my other characters and get more gear and upgrades.
2022-10-14 15:12
My goal is to learn more about the world of black desert
2022-10-14 15:22
Learning a new class.
2022-10-14 15:23
Make back the silver I lose enhancing.
2022-10-14 15:45
My goal is to learn Lahn class
2022-10-14 15:54
just came back to bdo my goal is to do something new and try something diffrent class /build wise
2022-10-14 16:26
My goal is to just enjoy my time :)
2022-10-14 16:44
Hedefim ap artırmak.
2022-10-14 16:48
My goal is to have the Elten piece. ^^
2022-10-14 17:19
My goal is learning Mystic class :) beside the Infinite Potion
2022-10-14 17:23
My goal is learning musa class
2022-10-14 18:14
My goal is testing and learning Sorc class and Meahwa
2022-10-14 19:04
My goal is learning Valkyria class
2022-10-14 19:19
Para para para :D
2022-10-14 19:21
Amacım en iyisi olmak.
2022-10-14 19:23
My goal is obtaining a Treasure item
2022-10-14 19:29
My goal is really simple get a very fast 2 charachters to Lv61 to help me approaching 7000 Family Fame
2022-10-14 20:30
Mine is to enjoy all the free time i get from NOT farming for 2700sp and lvl63 like the last time.
Now I can actually farm money sometimes.
2022-10-14 21:09
My goal is to graduate from season
2022-10-14 21:24
2022-10-14 21:54
My goal is to complete quests as much as i can so i can get +2 enhancement bonus.
2022-10-14 22:12
My goal is to enjoy the game for another season. really loved the last one just want to enjoy it more in this.
2022-10-14 22:28
trying musa
2022-10-14 23:06
Enjoy this season as always
2022-10-14 23:22
Complete as many quests as I can.
2022-10-14 23:59
to quit the game of endless grind for little to no rewards.
2022-10-15 00:37
My goal is to touch some grass
2022-10-15 02:35
My goal is learning Warrior class
2022-10-15 03:24
Enjoy the game as always
2022-10-15 06:53
My goal is to get Vell's heart this season :)
2022-10-15 07:13
V blackstar
2022-10-15 07:55
Reach 7000 family fame \o/
2022-10-15 09:00
My goal is to build a Carrack
2022-10-15 09:24
My goal is to grind the potion piece
2022-10-15 10:59
my goal is to do quests and enjoy the game
2022-10-15 12:17
My goal is to learn DK for pvp
2022-10-15 13:13
Carrying the lamb to Valencia
2022-10-15 13:34
my goal is to master lahn and get a tri fallen god :')
2022-10-15 17:34
Reaching lvl 62 and getting strong gear
2022-10-15 17:41
My goal is to find true love (npc)
2022-10-15 17:48
My goal is to learn more about the world of black desert
2022-10-15 18:16
My goal is to have fun in the game
2022-10-15 18:21
My goal is to just have fun :)
2022-10-15 18:29
My goal is to learn awake Witch while chilling in season
2022-10-15 18:41
learn ninja
2022-10-15 19:07
My goal is to learn striker and hopefully get a sherkhans panacea
2022-10-15 19:08
My goal is just enjoy time in my favorite game .. BDO
2022-10-15 20:07
My goal is just a spend quality time on BDO !
2022-10-15 22:58
Reaching lvl 62
2022-10-16 00:26
My goal is to add Witch to my list of played classes.
2022-10-16 00:50
Reaching lvl 63 and getting strong gear
2022-10-16 02:14
My goal is to level up Lahn
2022-10-16 10:06
My goal for this season is to learn how to play different characters. I chose Warrior and I am enjoying playing this class.
2022-10-16 10:10
My goal is to try new characters and get nice rewards!!
2022-10-16 10:12
Get Another Pen Blackstar!
2022-10-16 19:11
Get 2 more 61 characters
2022-10-16 19:28
To get lvl 62 Lahn
2022-10-16 19:33
level 2 more characters to 61
2022-10-16 20:29
My goal is to get new life alchemy stone from season. . .
2022-10-16 20:33
The goal is to get the Treant’s Tear Life Alchemy Stone
2022-10-16 21:43
Finishing PEN boss pieces I'm still missing.
2022-10-16 22:01
My goal is to drop the elten piece not the vodkhan piece i had enough of it XD
2022-10-16 22:11
Creating my first PVE Grind Shai
2022-10-17 06:51
To get FS =)
2022-10-17 09:00
My goal is griefing every sorc player
2022-10-17 10:02
my goals are beyond your understandings...
2022-10-17 18:34
my goal is to learn the game more and experiment with things i usually do. I enjoy spending the time seeing how things work and why they work that way that the developers __created.
2022-10-17 21:48
My goal is to learn tamer class :D
2022-10-18 04:17
2022-10-18 04:51
My goal is learn how to play Archer!
2022-10-18 15:25
Amacım en iyisi olmak.
2022-10-18 21:19
My goal is to change my playstyle ad try other classes
2022-10-18 22:49
My goal is to level Nova to 62 on seasonal arsha, while making silver to enhance my first PEN BS Weapon for my Sage.
2022-10-18 23:35
My Goal is to actually reach level 61 this time
2022-10-22 17:07