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Notices [Notice] [The Magnus] Questline Troubleshooting Guide
Black Desert 2022-10-19 10:24
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Greetings, Adventurers.


We are currently looking into issues with progressing through some of the quests in Abyss One: The Magnus. Until theses issues are resolved, here are some possible workarounds for issues that you experience during the Magnus questline.


* We’ve determined the cause of the Rowboat issue for the Peaceful Vagabond quest, and we’re working to prepare a hotfix for it. (Addressed with the update on Oct. 19 @ 10:11 GMT+3)

* We’ve also determined the cause for the issue regarding the Serendia's Golden Lion and Exploding Fireworks quests, and we’re working to fix them. (Addressed with the update on Oct. 20 @ 17:00 GMT+3)

The list below will be continuously updated. (Last updated: Oct. 21 @ 09:00 GMT+3)

The Magnus Main Questline
Q. Before accepting [The Magnus] Another Coincidence, my character appears transparent and is unable to accept the next quest
A. Please close your game client and restart your game, then re-enter the Magnus to resume the questline.
Nostalgic for Velia
Q. NPC Eileen is missing!
A. If you’re progressing through the Balenos main questline, certain NPCs may have moved to a different location. Please make sure to complete “[Balenos] A Small Gift” to resume the Magnus questline. 
Serendia's Golden Lion
Q. (After the first cutscene) I talked to Jordine but he isn’t going on top of the pedestal to open the first gate.
A. If you are stuck, please forfeit the current quest, restart your game, and re-attempt the quest to progress normally.
Q. I’m trying again after dying, but I can’t interact with the Mystical Waterfall and Jordine is locked away from me.
A. Please try returning to the Magnus and re-entering the Abyss.
The Girl Who Lost the Sea
Q. I completed [Magnus] The Girl Who Lost the Sea without completing a sub-quest, so the Escape sub-quest remains uncompleted.
A. Even if you haven’t completed the Escape sub-quest, you can still continue the main questline if you complete [Magnus] The Girl Who Lost the Sea. As you can still progress the main questline, you are safe to forfeit the Escape sub-quest.
Southern Records
Q. I can’t interact with the Worn Device.
A. Please go to the ESC menu → select “Retry” to progress through the quest normally.
Q. I can’t see Goyen during the quest
A. Please go to the ESC menu → select “Retry” to progress through the quest normally.

Abyss One: The Magnus FAQ
Q. I can’t get inside the well to enter the Magnus.
▼ You cannot enter the Magnus in the following cases: 

- In a party, platoon, or a duel 
- Holding a non-weapon in the weapon slot such as a matchlock or fishing rod 
- Carrying trade items 
- Having negative Karma 
- Forced PvP mode (Alt+C) is active 
- Playing a Trial Character 

Q. Can I play Abyss One: The Magnus with a season character?  
A. You can play the main questline of the Magnus with a season character. 

- If progressing through the Balenos questline: Must have completed [Balenos] Farewell, Grusha, Embarking on an Adventure, and/or Big Fish in a Small Pond 
- If progressing through the Simplified Questline: Must have completed [Special Growth] Fughar's Memorandum - Chapter 1 
- If progressing through the Everfrost questline: [Everfrost] Beyond the Doors of Alyaelli 

Q. How do I get the Abyssal Legacy skill? 
A. After you complete the Magnus main questline, you can complete the following Family quests:  

- [The Magnus] A Box from the Abyss → [The Magnus] Abyssal Legacy → [The Magnus] Enlightenment 

Once you reach the [Abyssal Legacy] Revelations quest, you can complete it to obtain the skill book.  

Q. If I want to learn the Abyssal Legacy skill with a different class, do I need to complete the main questline again?  
A. If you’ve completed [The Magnus] Enlightenment at least once, you can accept the [Abyssal Legacy] Revelations quest from the Black Spirit to obtain the Abyssal Legacy skill book for other classes.  
Q. I can’t accept the “[The Magnus] To Moretti Farm!” or “[The Magnus] To Gabino Farm!” quests.
A. In order to be able to accept these two quests, you must first complete the respective Serendia and Calpheon main questlines. You can view the current status of these main questlines under your Quest (O) - Main Quest tab.

We will do our best to provide a better service.

Comments 4
my internet feels 1kb/s after the update, so i had no choice than to not play, because i cant do anything inside the game after the update
2022-10-19 13:14
@Shaih the issue is still continuing, typing in chat has 50 sec or so delay, any NPC does not respond, putting skill point takes 50 secs also to take effect, then ill get dcd after., it happened only after the maintenance.
2022-10-19 19:44
@Shaih im facing the same issue, BDO latency is always above 600ms no matter what i did it never changes, i have tested other online games and they work just fine i even did multiple speedtest and my internet has no ping/latency issue, this h__append after todays update.
2022-10-19 20:48
guys pls i need help i am facing a weird bug make me under the map and can't even kill myself to go to another place
2022-10-20 06:46