GM Notes [GM Note] [Drop Equipment Enhancement Level using Gear Cleanse]
Black Desert 2018-04-19 07:00
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Hello, Adventurers!


We have good news! The Gear Cleanse system has been released!


We will introduce what this new system is and how to use it.



Have you tried increasing enhancement chance on a +14 equipment but made it +15?

Before, the only way to drop the equipment enhancement level was to make a negative karma character and use its death penalty.
However, this was very inconvenient. So, a new and simple system was created to drop enhancement levels.


The new system is called ‘Gear Cleanse’.


Adventurers can go to priests in major towns and cities to use it. Priests can be easily located using the NPC finder if the Adventurer has the NPC knowledge.


However, the priest in Heidel – Eil – is only available during his active hours while most NPCs are available all the time.


▲ Adventurers can meet ‘ Eil’ during the evening in the Heidel Church.


▲ Locations of priest NPCs in towns and cities.


Adventurers can talk to these priests and click on the ‘Cleanse Gear’ option. Once the window opens, select the equipment that needs to be cleanse.

Then click the ‘Cleanse Gear’ button and its enhancement level will drop by 1.


Only +15 equipment can be cleansed and it costs 100,000 silver for each cleansing. Blackstones cannot be obtained through this system.


▲  This equipment is being cleansed.



Now Adventurers don’t need to go through the trouble of making a negative karma character to lower enhancement levels! Just go find a priest and have them cleanse it.


Thank you.

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