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Black Desert 2018-04-19 07:00
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Hello, Adventurers!


Siege War is the largest PvP stage available in Black Desert at this time.

It is so massive that some Adventurers find it difficult to get into. It’s true that there are a lot of preparation for Adventurers to be able to participate in Siege War.


However, it has become much more accessible for Adventurers to participate. Adventurers can easily join the Militia and experience the thrill of battle!

We will introduce the Militia where anyone can become a hero in Siege War!




◆ Apply for the Militia to fight in Siege War


Militia is available in Calpheon and Mediah. So that means it can only participate in Siege War. It’s the 3rd force in the war fighting with the sieging guilds or the defending guild. It is able to influence the outcome of the war significantly.


You can find more information and apply for the Militia by going to Menu (‘ESC’) > ‘Militia’. There you will can see the current state of each territory. You will need to pick either Offensive or Defensive Militia and which territory you want to fight in when you apply.

* To apply, you must be in a guild and your AP + DP must add up to 400 or more.


▲ You can learn about the Militia by reading the information on this window.


This is how you apply!


You can apply for the Offensive or Defensive Militia every Saturday starting at 7:00 PM till 7:45 PM. You must be in the server of the Siege War for you to apply during this time.

You are only able to apply for the Militia once. You won’t be able to apply again if you cancel your application so choose wisely.


▲ Think carefully before you apply since you only have one chance per-week to apply for the Militia.


Usually, 100 is the maximum number of Militia members in 1 territory (50 in offensive and 50 in defensive).
However, if a guild has occupied a territory for many weeks, then Offensive Militia can have 10 more members for every additional week the guild occupied it for.


e.g. A guild has occupied a territory for 2 weeks. Then Offensive Militia can have 10 more members on top of its usually 50, a total of 60 members.


There is a chance you won’t get in after you successfully applied for the Militia. Militia members are randomly selected among all applicants.
So, if there are too many applicants then then some won’t get selected.

Also, if there are too few applicants then the Militia won’t participate at all. The number of applicants must be at least 50% of the maximum number of members.


e.g. If the maximum number of Militia members is 100 this week, then there must be at least 50 applicants total for the Militia to participate.


◆ Siege War has begun!

All Militia members are selected at 7:45 PM. If you are selected, then your guild, character name, and family name will be hidden.
You will see an icon appear left of your minimap called ‘Assemble!’ and you can click on it to go to the Militia Starting Area.



Combat is simple. Offensive Militia helps the sieging guilds destroy the defending guild’s command post.
Defensive Militia helps the defending guild protect their command post or destroy all the sieging guilds’ command posts.


The only difference is that the sieging guilds must destroy the defending guild’s command post and the rest of the sieging guilds’ command posts to win.
However, Offensive Militia only needs to destroy the defending guild’s command post to win.


Militia doesn’t have a command post. So, you can resurrect at the closest town or use Militia Resurrection when you die. If you use Militia Resurrection then you will revive at a designated location.
If you die far away from the location then you can only resurrect at a town. Since Militia don’t have annexes, sometimes it’s better to resurrect at a town for you to resurrect mounts and buy potions.


◆ What rules does the Militia have?

Once you enter Siege War as a Militia, your guild, character name, and family name will be hidden. It will be replaced with either or . You are now the 3rd force that will influence the tides of war.


▲ You cannot see other members’ names, family names, or guilds even if you are in the same Militia.


There are a few rules that you should know as a Militia member. You cannot attack the guilds in your own team.
However, the members of the guilds that are participating in the war can attack Militia members in their own team.


You can use the Militia chat to plan and communicate within the Militia.


◆ Check out the rewards!


You can collect rewards after fighting to win for the Militia. So joining the Militia allows you to experience the fierce battles in war and win awesome rewards.

Once the Militia you’re in fulfills its victory condition, you get 20,000,000 silver in guild funds. You will also get +1,000 guild activity and 1,000,000 silver for yourself!
If you compare this to completing a medium guild quest in Calpheon that gives 1,800,000 silver in guild funds, 20,000,000 silver is a lot. Build up your guild funds by fighting as Militia!





We introduced to you the Militia. You can help a guild you like that is entering Siege War by applying for Offensive Militia.
On the other hand, you can apply for Defensive Militia if you want to help the defending guild.

Your name is hidden while you are in the Militia so you don’t have to worry about others finding you. We hope many of you will see the appeal of PvP and Conquest War by joining the Militia.


Thank you.

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