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Pearl Shop [Pearl Shop] [New Outfit] Orzeca's Rose
Black Desert 2023-07-28 13:09


A flow of crimson flower to engulf the darkness.

Orzeca's Rose

Witch, Maegu, Woosa, Sorceress



In an era where darkness threatens the world,

those who seek perfected magic gather to resist it…

They pursue the secrets of the fallen Ancient Kingdom of Orzeca,

and the witch Hexa Moa, who harbored the darkest darkness.


Amidst the incessant cries of ghosts trapped in their painful past,

slumbers of night are disturbed by bewilderment.

And now the desire for their atonement and rest

became a force that tirelessly pushes forward.


“The fluttering crimson rose unravels the false illusion,

and becomes a genuine hope for all of this land.”


The Ahib, who disapproves of their existence,

would often attempt to blind their eyes and minds with illusions of fear and despair,

but they are unworthy opponents.


A flow of crimson flower to engulf the darkness.


Those who seek the powerful magic of Orzeca's Rose,

will instead fall into crimson illusion,

unable to distinguish reality from dream.



Release Date Classes
August 9, 2023 (Wed) Witch, Sorceress, Maegu, Woosa