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Pearl Shop [Pearl Shop] [New Outfit] Selaines
Black Desert 2023-08-11 12:30

Messengers of Okiara, the Ancient Spirit



Ranger, Corsair, Mystic, Lahn



Babbling brook,

a moonlit crystal alligator is asleep,

the musical spirit Moyamo is floating in the air,

on the calm waters of the Okiara River the Selaines come to visit as they do every night.


The Selaines,

the messengers of Okiara,
are the most gentle and humble ancient spirits who promised to embrace all.

heir cautious footsteps draw the water spirits,

who are still tossing and turning in their sleep.

From the shores of Lake Flondor, the banks of the Okiara River

and the calm waves of Grándiha...

the water spirits flock to the streams that run through the lands of Kamasylvia

They whisper softly to the Selaines.


And the Selaines, with their ever-loving eyes,

listen to the spirits’ tales.

Sometimes the Selaines and their mysterious friends,

dance together on the windy waves.


This is how the Selaines follow the will of Okiara.

Not only for the sleepless spirits,

but also, for the wanderers who got lost in the stream,

with the burden of their heart, in a bleak loneliness.


Although the flowing stream can bring them to anywhere in the world,

the Selaines choose to go deeper here.

So they can embrace all the unspeakable stories and the pain...


The arid hearts are soothed by the comfort of the Selaines,

and filled with excitement to face the world again.


As time goes by,

the comfort of the Selaines might pass into oblivion in their memories,

but they don’t mind.

Because the water spirits, who kept their eyes on them, will flow eternally and remember the Selaines.


Release Date Classes
August 23, 2023 (Wed) Ranger, Corsair, Mystic, Lahn