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Updates [Update] [Hotfix] September 26, 2023 (Tue) Update Details
Black Desert 2023-09-26 11:11
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Greetings, Adventurers.


Here are the details regarding the latest update applied to Black Desert on Tuesday, September 26.


Please relaunch the game client to begin downloading the latest update to apply the changes listed below.

Changes and Fixes

  • Fixed the issue where obtaining multiple items (ie. Cron Stone x150) upon opening box items such as Mystical/Rare Cron Stone Bundles wouldn't display the obtained amount as a system message.
    • You can find all obtained items in your Inventory (I).
  • Fixed the issue where upon pressing an area of the official webpage without any links on iOS 17 displayed an abnormal page. (2023-09-27 05:39 Added)


We hope that you are enjoying your adventures in Black Desert!

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