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Ancient Kutum




According to ancient records, there appears a ‘Scarlet Sand Chamber’ and the large Kutum
hat lived in it. When Kutum eventually stopped moving, the chamber’s entrance closed shut
and the location was long forgotten. However, in recent years the rumblings of Kutum’s heart
elow the ground revealed the lost entrance to the Scarlet
Sand Chamber to Archaeologists and Explorers.






Kutum’s heart beats inside the Scarlet Sand Chamber



Kutum appears inside the Scarlet Sand Chamber located north of the Barhan Gateway at the
entry point into Valencia.

Once you enter the Scarlet Sand Chamber, the path will split in two. Both paths will lead to
Kutum’s location.





Knowledge of Ancient Kutum

How to earn Knowledge about Kutum

You can earn knowledge about Ancient Kutum through a quest. Talk to ‘Desalam’ the node
manager for Scarlet Sand Chamber and take the ‘Scarlet Sand Chamber’ quest. Completing the
following 3 connecting quests will reward you with knowledge on Kutum.



Strategy for defeating Kutum

The ancient creature called Kutum is shaped like a worm. Kutum is able to move due to the
Ancient Fragment that acts as its heart.



The worm-shaped Kutum appears with a part of its body planted in the ground. It has a variety
of attacks using its long body to slam or sweep the ground to inflict damage.

Kutum changes its attack pattern when its health drops below a certain point, so stay alert!


Kutum will dig into the ground and burst out targeting a single Adventurer. There will be dust
clouds forming where Kutum targets.
So spread out and move out of the way in order to avoid multiple Adventurers taking damage.

Kutum will suck in Adventurers within a certain area. Once you are sucked in, you’ll receive
continuous damage. Watch out for the area marked in red.

Kutum will dig into the ground with its head showing, then strikes lightning bolts around the surrounding area.
It’s recommended that you move away once Kutum digs in. Watch out for the area marked in red.



Getting Kutum’s Sub-weapon


Kutum’s Sealed Sub-weapon Box


You have a chance to acquire the box when Kutum is defeated.

Opening the box will give you a Kutum Sub-weapon.


Kutum’s Sub-weapon is the highest grade available. It increases both AP and DP along
with 2 empty slots for crystals. Furthermore, it has added effects of ignoring all resistance
by +10%, and extra AP against monsters, which makes it ideal for PvE game play.


Many Adventurers choose to brave the dangers of seeking out Kutum so they can get their
ands on one of these sub-weapons.


Kutum Sub-weapon


AP: 4 ~ 6

Accuracy: 1

DP: 4

Evasion: 2

Damage Reduction: 2


Empty Slots x 2


Item Effect

Ignores All Resistance + 10%


Enhancement Effect

Extra AP against monsters

All AP Up

All DP Up

All Accuracy Up


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