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Events [Event] [6th Anniv] 6th Anniversary Party with CM/GM!
Black Desert 2023-12-06 07:00
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6th Anniversary Party with CM/GM!

Thank you, for being with us for the past 6 years, Adventurers!

Let's party on with CM/GM on our 6th anniversary day!


Play Yar! with Ambassadors and CM/GM
Defeat an Ambassador to get the chance to compete with CM/GM!

Time: Dec 6, 2023 (Wed) 18:00 (GMT +3)
Server: Serendia-2 Server
Venue: [CM] Kzarka’s Manor in Heidel


Get an invite to the manor of [CM] Kzarka in Heidel.

First, face off against either [Ambassador] Rehberkay or [Ambassador] TÜRK4T4.

 Victory against the Ambassador?!
You will be given the chance to play Yar! with [GM] Erethea or [GM] Iliyan!
 For all the adventurers who play Yar! 

[Event] Giovan Grolin's Support Scroll x2

Item Collection Increase Scroll x2

 For the adventurers who defeated [GM] Erethea or [GM] Iliyan in a game of Yar! 

[Event] Blessing of Old Moon Pack (3 Days)

Discord Title
[Yar Champion]


The 6th Anniversary fashion show!

Join us at the splendid manor of [CM] Kzarka for a fashion show to celebrate!

Show off the memory-packed outfits of your adventures!

Time: After Yar! event ends on Dec 6, 2023 (Wed)
Server: Serendia-2 Server
Venue: [CM] Kzarka’s Manor in Heidel
 For 5 adventurers who flaunt their fabulous outfits! 

[Event] Premium Outfit Box


In celebration of the 6th anniversary, a festival prepared by partner streamers Surprise showdowns!

You can find the coupon code during the creator's livestream!

Oasis Box of Secrets x2


Oasis Box of Blessings

[Event] Valks' Enhancement Help Kit



Dec 6, 2023 (Wed) 13:00 (GMT+3)
Donkey Race


Dec 7, 2023 (Thu) 19:00 (GMT+3)
Fishing Contest


Dec 7, 2023 (Thu) 23:30 (GMT+3)
Quiz Show


Dec 8, 2023 (Fri) 14:00 (GMT+3)
Horse Racing


Dec 9, 2023 (Sat) 21:00 (GMT+3)
Enhancement Race


9 Dec, 2023 (Sat) 16:00 (GMT+3)
Arena of Solare Custom Matches

Dec 10, 2023 (Sun) 19:00 (GMT+3)
Quiz Show

Dec 10, 2023 (Sun) 14:00 (GMT+3)
Horse Racing


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