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Greetings Adventurers!

Want to know an easy way to make silver? Today, we're going to introduce the Imperial Crafting Delivery system so that you can make your items more profitable.
It’s fairly simple once you understand how it works. You just need to package the items you cook or make using alchemy, and sell them to make a great profit!

We have prepared everything you need to know on the Imperial Crafting Delivery system and Shiny Golden Seals to help you better understand how this works. Now, let's get started!



◆ How to make Imperial Cuisine and Alchemy Boxes


Imperial Crafting Cuisine and Alchemy requires you to pack food or medicine into a box. Open the Processing window (hotkey L) and select Imperial Cuisine or Imperial Alchemy. Here you can make Imperial Cooking Boxes and Imperial Alchemy Boxes.


You can check the list of Imperial Crafting Delivery items in the Processing window. There you can also see the required materials and the skill level required for packing them, even if you don’t have the knowledge of the item. If there’s a skill grade shown on the item in the Processing window, it indicates the minimum grade that is required to package that item.


▲ If your Cooking is professional grade or above, you can get a Cooking Box with 20 steaks.

Same applies to making alchemy boxes. If you are lower than the required level, you will fail at packaging the items. Try leveling up your cooking and alchemy skills to make these boxes. The harder the boxes are to make, the more expensive they will be (requires a higher level, needs a lot of ingredients, etc.). It’s a great way to make a profit!


▲ Regardless of the type of food, you will always need 20 items to pack, but the price will vary according to the type of food.


A box made through Imperial Cuisine or Imperial Alchemy weighs 80LT. It is highly recommended you empty out your inventory to make sure you can carry its weight before making the boxes.


◆ What you need to know about Imperial Crafting Delivery


Now that we know how to make Imperial Cuisine and Alchemy boxes, it’s time to learn how to sell them! There are 3 main points to cover.

3 features of Imperial Crafting Delivery

1.     NPC’s Purchase Limit

2.     Family’s Daily Sales Limit

3.     Market Price is Fixed at 250%


1. NPC’s Purchase Limit

Imperial Crafting Delivery is available in major cities (Olivia, Heidel, Calpheon, Altinova, Valencia) and you can sell your items to the Imperial Crafting Delivery NPC. However, you should note there is a daily quota for each item the NPC buys. This quota is shared amongst all Adventurers. If another Adventurer fills the quota on a particular NPC, you will not be able to sell that item to that NPC. The limit is set for each NPC on individual servers. So you can move to another server and try to sell your items but you must wait 10 minutes after switching servers. This is in place so that a single Adventurer cannot monopolize Imperial Crafting Delivery across all servers.

▲ Other Adventurers have already filled the quota for the day.

If the NPC can’t buy your items now, check again later. Every 3 hours, starting at midnight, the quota on a random server will reset. Also, each family has their own daily limit as to how much they can sell.


2. Family’s Daily Sales Limit

If a single Adventurer could monopolize the Imperial Crafting Delivery, that would be unfair to the other Adventurers. So there is a set limit on how much a family can sell through the Imperial Crafting Delivery system. You can check what your family’s limit is on the Imperial Crafting Delivery menu. You can sell more if you have a lot of Contributions Points.

▲ You can check what your family’s daily limit is on the Imperial Crafting Delivery menu.


3. Market Price is Fixed at 250%

The silver you get for selling an trade item is Item price * Market price. However, the market price for Imperial Crafting Delivery is 250%. For example, the price for Apprentice’s Fried Fish Cooking Box is 60,000 silver (60,000 * 250% = 150,000 silver). The box will sell for 150,000 silver allowing you to make a huge profit!

▲ The items sold in Imperial Crafting Delivery are trade items, but they don’t get any distance bonus.


Now that we know how to make items and learned more about Imperial Crafting Delivery, let’s get started!

First you would need to select what you want to make. There are a lot of factors to consider in selecting the boxes you are going to make (eg. cooking/alchemy skill requirement, difficulty in making the item, the item’s price, etc). If the item is really expensive but easy to make, then the item will be harder to sell because others will want to sell the same item. The choice is up to you!


We are better prepared now that we know about the 3 features of Imperial Crafting Delivery. The most important information we can get out of them is to sell the maximum amount a family can every day. For example, if an Adventurer with 100 Contribution Points only sells Skilled Cook’s Meat Stew Cooking Boxes for the entire the family limit, that Adventurer earns 9,750,000 silver daily! Continue to increase your total number of Contribution Points to sell more.


◆ What is the Shiny Golden Seal-[Imperial Cuisine] used for?

When you successfully sell your items to an Imperial Crafting Delivery NPC, you get Shiny Golden Seals. By collecting these seals, you can trade them in for specific items and make additional profit by selling them. The items you can get are horse gear, items for your residence, high-end magic crystals, and others.

Type of seal and required amount



Shiny Golden Seal-[Imperial Cuisine]

X 250

Ancient Kamel Statue


Shiny Golden Seal-[Imperial Cuisine] X 280

Light Leather Barding of Storm


Shiny Golden Seal-[Imperial Cuisine] X 400

Fine Horse Trainer Clothes


Shiny Golden Seal-[Imperial Cuisine] X 400

Black Essence: Cobelinus


Shiny Golden Seal-[Imperial Alchemy] X 220

Ancient Artifact Pot

Lotz Pavarotti

Shiny Golden Seal-[Imperial Alchemy] X 250

Black Essence: Hystria

Lotz Pavarotti

Shiny Golden Seal-[Imperial Alchemy] X 320

Light Steel Horseshoe of Storm

Lotz Pavarotti




Now that you know about Imperial Crafting Delivery, it should be easy to earn a decent amount of silver daily! Go try it and start building up your fortune today!

Thank you.

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