GM Notes [GM Note] Advanced Notice on the Next Week’s Balance Update
Black Desert 2018-05-04 10:40
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Greetings Adventurers,


Here we want to share with all of you the reply of the developers to the community's feedback you gave recently, after the last changes in the patch notes.

Once again thank you for your precious and consistent collaboration aimed to improve Black Desert Online, the commitment and passion you showed so far is priceless and we are grateful to have your help.


We want to provide a more fair and fun PvP environment for our Adventurers. Therefore, we want to decrease class imbalance by adjusting crowd control effects
(Freezing, Knockdown, Grapple, Knockback, etc.)  and defense effects (Super Armor, Invincibility, Frontal Guard, etc.).
This is why we would like to inform you of the following changes that will be coming next week.


  • We will change Black Spirit’s Rage Absorption effects for all classes.

Currently, the effects are applied differently for each class, and this was meant to reflect each class’s uniqueness.

However, we have received your feedback saying that this contributed to class imbalance. This was not our intention.

Taking  that feedback into consideration, we want to change and improve upon the buff effects from Black Spirit’s Rage Absorption.

Please refer to future announcements for class specific changes.


  • We plan to have only the first hit of every skill give debuff effects.

This effect will not be influenced by your opponent’s evasion. Debuff effects were conceptualized during the early days of BDO when the practical effect of accuracy stats were not known well, and it was relatively harder to obtain the stats back then, too.

In the current system, if a character successfully evades an attack, then all damage related to debuff effects are not applied.

Therefore, a character with high evasion could move around freely almost as if it was a bug even when battling many opponents at once.

To prevent this, we had made all debuff effects be applied for each hit individually to reduce the CC resistance chance.

 Additionally, the attacker was able to get a clear feedback on coming attacks which had a positive effect on improving the combat impact you feel from the game.

But as time went by and Accuracy of our Adventurers were upscaled, most of the hits landed successfully bringing another problem into play.

From the defender’s standpoint, the debuff resistance effect could not be felt realistically even after having gained high debuff resistance effect stats.

For example, even if you have knockdown resistance of 60%, if a skill can give 2-5 knockdowns, your actual resistance may be as low as 12%.

On the other hand, all Grapple skills were performed as a single hit which made the debuff resistance stats more valuable when dealing with such skills. This caused class imbalance and favoritism to certain classes with successive crowd control skills.

For us, this kind of imbalances contribute to making the game harder to play, and we have decided to fix the issue.

We will make it so that debuffs can only be applied by the first hit. This will pave the way to giving you a fairer chance against debuffs in PvP. However, if the general rules of evasion are kept the same we think that efficiency of evasion will skyrocket, and we will have no choice but to change it as well.

From now on attack damage only will be affected by evasion stats, and debuff effects will only be affected by debuff resistance effects.

That is to say, when an opponent is hit, any of the followed 3 results can happen:

- Both damage and debuff may be applied.
- Either damage or debuff may be applied.
- None of the damage or debuff may be applied.


However, in the case where only the debuff is applied when inflicted a hit, a minimal damage of the skill (5% of base damage) will be applied as well.

We hope this will give a clear-cut feel to your combat when applying your own selection of items and crystals; a much more fun experience.


  • Besides the above changes, we would like to let you know about some other upcoming changes.

We want to adjust the damage from Black Spirit's Rage skills to further bring class balance.

We also want to reduce the distance that characters are moved when they are hit by Knockdown and Knockback.


To provide you all with a more intuitive PvP environment, one skill will no longer have a debuff and defense effect at the same time. (However, this change will take some time to complete and we would like to ask for your patience and understanding.)


Please keep letting us know your thoughts and ideas about Black Desert Online. We hope to continue working together to develop an even more enjoyable game for all of you.


Thank you for your continuing support, Adventurers.

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