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Black Desert 2018-05-10 07:00
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Hello Adventurers!


The new classes that you’ve all been looking forward to have been finally released.

Although you can’t play with them right away, you can pre-customize your new Striker, Mystic, or Dark Knight, right now.

There is currently an event where you can receive rewards once you pre-customize a character for one of the new classes.


Take advantage of the event and don’t miss out on your chance to pre-customize your character before the classes are released!

To help you out, we would like to share a few tips on how to make unique and interesting characters.




◆ Use Tattoos to Draw Scars or Beauty Marks


Some Adventurers like to use tattoos to make their characters look more attractive. You can alter the tattoos to make them look like beauty marks or scars depending on your preference.


First, to make a beauty mark, you can resize a tattoo to make it very small. If the tattoo design is black and small enough, it will look very much like a beauty mark.


To make a scar, resize a tattoo to the shape of a facial scar by narrowing the X-axis and stretching the Y-axis, then color it red. The darker the color, the deeper the scar will look.


◆ Want to Look Like an Elf?


If you would like to have a pair of pointy elf ears, try adjusting the slider like shown below.


◆ Show Off Your Natural Smile


Want to give your character a million-dollar smile?

Adjust each end of the lips and drag the cheeks upward. The lips will perch upwards to give your character the look of a natural smile.


◆ Change Your Hairstyle


The hair is key to the overall look of any character..

The presets look cool, but you can adjust the details a little further to have it just the way you want.

▲ Change the shape of your hair by adjusting the purple column sliders.


◆ Check Your Previous Adjustments


Accidentally change your character’s features and didn’t know how to change it back?

All changes that you  make are saved so you can go back to the exact point during your customization process.


▲ Clicking on the adjustment saved will return your character’s appearance to the point before you made that adjustment.


More details about Character Customization





We’re really excited to see all the cool Strikers, Mystics, and Dark Knights wandering around the Black Desert world. Try sharing your unique look in the Beauty Album and be the envy of others!


We’ll be back again with more helpful tips about other game features. So long!.


Thank you.


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