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Black Desert 2017-11-06 00:00
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Hello, adventurers.

This is The MMORPG, Black Desert.


As the CBT period begins, we have prepared special GM events for you.

During the CBT period, we will prepare special presents and fun events to bring to our adventurers, thank you very much.




Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Hide and Seek with GM






Wheelbarrow Race






Fireworks & Sky Lantern Event






* The Horse Taming Event has been canceled due to some internal issues, we are very sorry for the inconveniences you experienced. 
We hope you will participate to our other events that will be held during the CBT period.


Event 1. Find the hiding GM! 

The rules are simple. Find the GM hiding within the Black Desert world.

After the EVENT begins, a GM will start to give you hints about the GM’s whereabouts by in-game Notice message.

The first person to find the GM and trading with the GM will get the most prized element needed for hunting; White Valencian Cat and 30 Organic feeds.

Event Reward

1st Prize : White Valencian Cat and 30 Organic feeds



Event 2. Wheelbarrow Race

Drag and race your Wheelbarrow to the finishing line!

This race will be held in the Town of Heidel. If you get to know the course before, your chance to win will be increase!

It is very important to get to know the course because if you go off course, you are disqualified from the Wheelbarrow Race.

The 1st to 5th place winners will be rewarded White Valencian Cat and 20 Blackstone (Armor). For the 1st place winner we will even give 30 extra organic feeds!

Event Reward

1st Place : White Valencian Cat, 20 Blackstone (Armor), 30 Organic feeds

2~5 Place : White Valencian Cat, 20 Blackstone (Armor)


▲The route for the Wheelbarrow race.
Entrance of Heidel Town -> General Goods Vendor Lara -> Shabby shack -> Back door of Castle Heidel


▲Starting point is here! If you go over the start line before the Start, you’re disqualified!


EVENT 3. Guild War Fund Support

Starting from the second day of CBT (11/09) the GMs will support the adventurer’s combat by giving 10 million silver coins to the Guild Funds! Don’t worry about the guild funds and enjoy the exciting combat!

-Support targets: All guilds made during the CBT period will receive guild funds ( guild funds will be given on the next day of the guild’s creation.)


EVENT 4. Node War!

You can enjoy the main contents of Black Desert during the CBT period; Node War.

The first Lords of Balenos will be decided by this node war.

Please look at the linked notice for the details.

< linked>


EVENT 5. Fireworks & Sky lantern Event

On the last day of the CBT Sky lantern and Fireworks with just 1 loyalty in the loyalty shop.

Make a nice memory with us GMs with beautiful Sky lanterns and Fireworks!



The Black Desert Operation team is always waiting to meet the adventurers.

The details will be notified within the game, so please look at the in-game Notice!

Let’s meet in the game!



All the event rewards will be given on the next day.

You can only get the reward once per event. If you win twice for the same event you may be taken off the list of winners.

The rewards(pets) received for CBT event will be given again to your Web Storage at the beginning of OBT. If you delete your account from our website it will not be given again.

The content and duration of the event can be changed, modified or canceled according to the company's circumstances.

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