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Black Desert 2018-05-17 07:00
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"Harmony of Beauty and Power!

An Unstoppable Force is Coming!"


Hello, Adventurers!

This is The MMORPG, Black Desert.


The mysterious beauty pursuing Striker has been released!

What is their relationship? How does Mystic fight?

We shall introduce the new class Mystic.

She may seem similar to Striker, but she possesses a whole different charm and power.






I was sitting in a place covered in thick smoke and the smell of blood.

The town was left in ruins by the war waged by Calpheon.


I have lost everything.


I thought I was going to die in that place.

That’s when my outlandish looking teacher appeared.

My teacher gave me the strength to live.


My teacher looked into my eyes and saw calm and peace.

However, my teacher also sensed immense power and talent in me.

I was promised power if I chose to follow him to the far east.

So I decided to follow my teacher since there was no reason for me to stay.


It wasn’t easy adjusting to this strange land.

I was not accepted by the people in the east for I had blonde hair and blue eyes.


Only my teacher spoke to me.

My teacher forced me to learn martial arts which I had no interest in.

As I continued to train and get stronger,

the people around me started to look at me differently.

Their eyes that used to look at me as an outsider started change to jealousy and envy.

They made me feel so lonely.


Then one day, my teacher brought a man with blonde hair and blue eyes.

I never imagined I would meet someone that looks like me in the east.


My head started to fill up with thoughts of this man from my homeland.

My initial surprise eventually gave way to interest.

Then he started to mean everything to me.

However, he left before I could confess my feelings.


He left after winning the martial arts tournament and becoming a member of the Western Frontiers.

The east became a lonely place once more.

Then I started to look to the sea daily, as I yearned for him.


As my mind continued to be filled with thoughts of him,

I decided to go west and search for him.


I left a note for my teacher and got a boat.

It was heading to my birthplace filled with sad memories,

but more importantly, towards the place where I can find him.




Striker’s teacher trained Mystic as a martial artist after finding her in a town ruined by war.


She has an immensely powerful body formed by many years of training.

She uses the same martial arts and energy techniques as Striker to perform diverse attacks.

Mystic uses quick and powerful skills like the ones listed below.



Soul Basher

Kicks her enemies’ spirits out with powerful kicks.



Digs in to her enemy’s chest and hits them hard with her shoulder.


Thunder Pound

Pummels the enemies in front of her with her fists with a colossal amount of energy that can shatter mountains.


Elbow Edge

Dashes and strikes the enemies twice with her elbow.

It deals huge damage twice and makes them unable to move.


Roaring Tiger

Gathers energy in both hands and hits her enemies hard to send them flying.



Mystic’s Combat Video

Check out Mystic and her skills in this video.



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