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The Mysterious faction that leaves Kamasylvia

Dark Knight - The new class in Black Desert

Hello, Adventurers!

Finally, the long anticipated Dark Knight is released!

To understand Dark Knight’s origin and her relationship with Ranger, we must look beyond time. Discover the truth about her story as she prepares to step into Black Desert.




The History of Vedir

“At the start of time before history was recorded, a holy tree was taking root at the highest point of the forest. The Goddess Sylvia descended upon the tree accompanied by Spirits of Nature. She named the tree ‘Kamasylve’ and gave birth to new life.

The baby that resembled the brightness of the sun was named Ganelle,

and the baby that resembled the darkness of the moon was named Vedir.

Sylvia nurtured her children at first, but she returned to the sky one day after embedding her will into Kamasylve.

Ganelle and Vedir remained under the protection of the tree and established a prosperous civilization.


Vedir Attains Great Power and Causes Division

Among the Descendants of Sylvia

Before ancient times, the Kabau lived on a mountain near the end of the Valtarra Mountains.

Spirits of Darkness brought disaster upon the Kabau.

This was the first disaster to ever strike the flourishing Kamasylvia.

The descendants of Sylvia didn’t have any strength of their own and solely relied on Kamasylve that was given to them from their Goddess.

Ganelle and Vedir borrowed Kamasylve’s energy to purify the spirits of darkness.

However, it was not enough to stop the darkness from creeping in.

They needed more power.

Vedir claimed that they needed to burn all the remaining life energy of Kamasylve to maximize its power.

This power was destructive enough to drive out the spirits of darkness.

After the war ended, Kamasylve fell into a deep slumber and everyone felt heartbroken.

They could no longer sense their Goddess’ energy or the warm of her embrace.

The descendants of Sylvia recognized the seriousness of this situation. They borrowed the strength of the oldest spirits of nature on branches of Kamasylve to create swords.

They named it the ‘Kamasylven Sword’ and started training with it.


This is when Ganelle and Vedir started to conflict.

Four factions were formed as the descendants of Sylvia had different views on the application and philosophy of the Kamasylven Sword.

Acher were the first faction to form and they were the first to feel Kamasylve’s power disappear.

They emphasized the need to keep rules, laws, and order. The Ranger faction broke off from them as they moved away from rigid order to combine history and progress.

The Dark Knight faction that supported Vedir used Kamasylve’s power like the Ranger.

However, they used it in fundamentally different ways.


There was further division within the Dark Knight faction. The Ahib faction were Vedir extremists and they sought dark powers outside of Kamasylvia.

Descendants of Sylvia were unable to resolve their differences and civil war erupted.

When Ahib escaped to Arid Land, peace seemed to have returned.

Still, Dark Knight’s way of wielding power was fundamentally different from Acher and Ranger.

Their power came from consuming nature’s energy,

the same method that burnt away the life energy of Kamasylve.

This dark energy could not be accepted within Kamasylvia.

The Dark Knight faction left Kamasylvia to avoid further conflict by choice.

Their whereabouts were unknown, and they were lost to history.



◈ Introduction

Dark Knight wields the long and beautiful Kriegsmesser.

Her main skills consume energy from nature and throws it away.

She hits hard with her heavy Kriegsmesser, but she also has keen and agile movement.

She mixes in ranged attacks to create openings for her to do more damage.

There is natural flow to her skills and her main skills are the following:



Repeated Annihilation

Quickly slash enemies up to 4 times, while leaving traces of black energy in the Kriegsmesser’s path.


Corrupt Ground

Corrupt spirit energy and absorb it. She then releases this energy to the ground and inflicts huge damage to enemies around her.


Wheel of Fortune

Effectively cuts down enemies around Dark Knight. It can be used effectively to defeat foes around her.


Imperious Command

Leave a mark on enemies that can be detonated later to cause explosive damage.



◈ Dark Knight Customizing Video


Meet the charming Dark Knight through this video!


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