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Black Desert 2018-05-17 07:35
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Hello, Adventurers!


Leveling might be the toughest obstacle for new Adventurers that are just started out, returning Adventurers that wants to start again, and Adventurers with low-level characters.


The new update is here with Olvia server, Olvia server EXP buff, and Daily Blood Frenzy. Here are the details of this update!



✱ 100% Combat EXP AND 20% Skill EXP Boost all the time!

The Olvia server is an event server for new and returning Adventurers to grow quickly.


▲ Combat EXP+ 100% and 20% Skill EXP buff


All Adventurers on the Olvia server get the Combat EXP+ 100% and 20% Skill EXP buff so you can level faster. Be sure to take advantage of the Olvia server if you are a new or returning Adventurer!


Unfortunately, this server is only available to new and returning Adventurers, and you can only gain EXP up to 99% of level 58.  


▲ Enter the Olvia server to level faster!


✱Do the Daily Blood Frenzy!


You can obtain the [Combat Reward] EXP buffs once a day. These rewards are only available for characters between level 15~56. You can’t get them if your character is over level 56.

There are daily rewards you can get regardless of levels. They are the Mercenary’s Experience and the Mercenary’s Skill buffs that allow you to gain additional Combat and Skill EXP respectively. Both of these buffs are gifts sent daily to all Adventurers in Black Desert. They stack with other EXP buffs so make sure to use them.


▲ A gift sent to all Adventurers!


You can get your Daily Blood Frenzy rewards by going to My Information (‘Y’) > Challenge > Reward. You can get 50 Contribution EXP and choose one (1) of the following buffs: Mercenary’s Skill (60 min), Mercenary’s Skill (120 min), Mercenary’s Experience (60 min), Mercenary’s Experience (120 min).



▲Pick one of the four buffs!


Depending on how much time you have, you can choose the more efficient but shorter Mercenary’s Experience (60 min) or Mercenary’s Skill (60 min), or the less efficient but longer Mercenary’s Experience (120 min) or Mercenary’s Skill (120 min).


You want to know which one is better?

That depend on you Adventurer. The total EXP you can gain from either 60 min or 120 min are the same.

※ Daily Blood Frenzy can only be obtained once a day and the rewards don’t accumulate.


▲You can use Mercenary’s Experience in Olvia server to get the most EXP!



This update is jam packed with EXP buffs!

Use the Olvia server if you are a new or returning Adventurers and get the Daily Blood Frenzy rewards!


Good luck on your adventures!

Thank you.


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