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Black Desert 2018-05-17 07:00
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Hello, Adventurers!


What do you like to do when your not fighting?


Do you like to make your character go auto-fishing, processing, horse training, cooking? There is a large number of activities you can set on auto,

but there was no automated way to get Combat and Skill EXP. You had to actively play the game to defeat monsters or complete quests.


Not anymore! Adventurers can now gain Combat and Skill EXP without active playing the game with this new system - Black Spirit’s Training.



Adventurers can gain EXP with ‘Black Spirit’s Training’. The amount of EXP you gain over time is lower than

if you went out to defeat monsters, but it's a very convenient way to get EXP.


You can start training in the major cities of each region by using the scarecrows near the NPCs named ‘Jamey Drucker’.


You can find him in these locations.



Jamey Drucker sells the ‘Book of Training’ which you let you use the scarecrows.

A buff will appear in the top of the screen when you use the book. You can use the scarecrow to start Black Spirit’s Training as long as the buff lasts.



▲You can check how long the buff will last by placing your mouse over it.


The Book of Training comes in two different types. The ‘Book of Training - Combat’ is used to gain Combat EXP and the ‘Book of Training - Skill’ is used to gain Skill EXP for a set amount of time.

You can use both types to get both Combat and Skill EXP at the same time.


You can do Black Spirit’s Training while using buffs that increase Combat and Skill EXP gain to get a little more EXP.


However, you cannot level-up your character by using the ‘Book of Training - Combat’ since it isn’t possible go over 99% EXP of the current level through Black Spirit’s Training.

The ‘Book of Training - Skill’ can be used to gain skill points. You can also use multiple books to increase the buff’s duration.


*e.g. Using the Book of Training - Combat (1Hr) and the Book of Training - Combat (3Hr) will make the buff last for 4 hours.


▲ The Book of Training - Combat/Skill are sold by the NPC Jamey Drucker.




The new system Black Spirit’s Training is an automated way for you to gain EXP!

You can now get EXP even during times you cannot actively play the game. Try using the Book of Training occasionally to help level your character!


We shall return with helpful facts and tips in the future.


Thank you.

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