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Greetings adventurers,

This is the MMORPG, Black Desert.


Igor Bartali’s Adventure Log has been added to TR&MENA!

Read the special quest book and start your journey following Igor Bartali's traces from the past.

There are total 8 Chapters to read and you will get various extra buffs for all of your characters in your Family upon completing each mission!

Find out more about this exciting new content from today’s patch note!

(Patch volume approx. 469.31 MB)


● Igor Bartali's Adventure Log has been added.
- This book contains the story of NPC Igor Bartali's travelling around the world about 50 years ago, and you can complete each mission object by following his traces. Once you complete the missions, you will receive special buffs (HP Increase, extra Weight Limit, etc).
- Igor Bartali's Adventure Log Chapter One can be obtained from Black Spirit with a character which completed all of the Main Quests in Calpheon and reached Lv.51 or higher.
- There are 8 Chapters in total. Once you complete the first chapter, you can obtain Chapter Two by following Black Spirit quest.
- Right click Igor Bartali's Adventure Log in order to check mission object and detail information.
- If your Igor Bartali's Adventure Log is lost, you can receive the book again by interacting with the Bookseller in Calpheon, Clara Siciliano.

  A transport Griffon traveling between Velia and Iliya Island has been added. 
-    Get on the Timber Crate connected to Griffon and you can easily travel between Velia and Iliya Island.
-    Griffon takes off 3 minutes after landing on the Griffon Station. 
-    Location of Griffon Station at 
Velia : near the Western gate.
-    Location of Griffon Station at Iliya 
Island : near the Northern gate.

● Fixed the issue where following skills could be used again after using as normal skill and Black Spirit's Rage skill by locking and unlocking Black Spirit's Rage.


● Fixed the issue where the visual effect on the last hit of Slash was too much.

● [Shadow Arena] Damage by Piercing Spear has been increased by 10%.


● Forward Guard will no longer be activated during cooldown time of Dark Flame.

● [Shadow Arena] Sorceress now learns Mark of the Shadow and Night Crow instead of Bloody Calamity and Shadow Eruption.


● Fixed the issue where knockdown effect has been applied by Charging if Flame Buster is used during its cooldown time.

● [Shadow Arena] Damage by Predatory Hunt has been increased by 10%.

● [Shadow Arena] Damage by Falling Rock has been increased by 30%.


● Improved skill transition that Sprinting attack can now be connected to basic forward attack.

● Fixed the issue where the weapon changes back to Celestial Bo Staff if skill command C is pressed after Absorb Heilang on Awakening Mode.

● [Shadow Arena] Damabe by basic attack (Leaf Slash, Evasive Attack) has been decreased by 10%.


● Chase I can no longer be used during cooldown time.


● [Shadow Arena] Musa now learns Chase instead of Dragon Bite.

● [Shadow Arena] Damage of the following skills has been reduced as below.
- Slice : 15%
- Whirlwind Cut : 20%
- Cyclone Slash : 20%
- Rising Storm : 15%
- Blooming : 15%
- Carver :10%
- Blind Slash: 15%



● Super Armor has been removed from Black Moonlight and Stiffness effect has been added instead.


● [Shadow Arena] Kunoichi now learns Concealment instead of Tendon Cutter.


● DP against Magic Attack based classes (Sorceress, Tamer, Dark Knight, Witch, Wizard) has been decreased and now receives more damage by 6~8%.


● [Shadow Arena] Basic attacks (Heavy Fist, Soul Basher) have been increased by 15%.


● Changed that Spirit Hunt, Twilight Dash and Smoky Hazy will now consume Stamina.

● Amount of required stamina for Dusk has been changed from 250 to 150 and the same amount will be consumed during cooldown time.

● Description of Trap of Vedir has been edited as shown below.
- 858% x 5 → 858% x 1, Max 5 hits.

● [Shadow Arena] Chance of learning Nocturne and Hidden Strike has been doubled and Lunacy of Vedir and Air Strike has been halved upon obtaining Unknown Skill Book.


● Fixed the issue where only 5 hits activated if Storm of Light is locked between skill level IV to Absolute.



● Item description on Book of Training has been changed as below.
- When using this item, if you disconnect or if there is a maintenance you will not get any time extension for the time lost.

● Description about Health EXP for having Cron Meal has been edited on Spirit Essence of Wind, Spirit Essence of Earth and Spirit Essence of Water.

● Description about Processing has been removed from item tooltips of Red Shellfish, Clam and Five-Star Starfish.

● Description about required materials for upgrade has been added to item description of [Guild] Barricade.

● Item description about trading fish has been changed due to the removal of connecting node requirement.



● Obtainable items for defeating monsters in Balenos, Serendia and Calpheon regions have been adjusted as below in order to reduce stress by items taking up Inventory and allowed Weight limit especially for new Adventurers who are about to start or recently started their adventure.
*  Following items can no longer obtained upon defeating monsters in Balenos and Serendia region.
- White/Green grade Sub-weapon.
- Rebar, Reblath, Agerian, Taritas, Zereth, Talis Armors.
- Yuria, Bares, Hesus, Elisha, Kalis, Talis Accessories
- Magical Crystals
- Trade Goods
- Various Ingredients (rough stone, Timber, Leather, etc)
- Silvers
* Following items can no longer obtained upon defeating monsters in Balenos, Serendia, Calpheon regions.  
- Magical Crystals
- Trade Goods
- Various Ingredients (rough stone, Timber, Leather, etc)
- Silvers
* Chance to obtain junk items upon defeating monsters in Balenos, Serendia and Calpheon regions has been greatly reduced.
- Although chance to obtain junk items has been reduced, selling price of the items to NPC has been increased as well so that the profit earned by Combat is going to be the same as.  
* Chance to obtain Black Stone (Weapon), Black Stone (Armor) has been increased upon defeating monsters in Balenos, Serendia and Calpheon regions.
* Ancient Spirit's Powder can be obtained at a certain chance of rate upon defeating monsters in Balenos, Serendia and Calpheon regions.

● Abandoned Iron Mine Executor spawned by Black Spirit and Ancient Relic Crystal Shard has been adjusted that some of its attack patterns are now changed.

● Following monsters in Basilisk Den will no longer attack Adventurers first.
- Petrified Soldier
- Petrified Adventurer

● Additional monsters have been placed in Baslilsk Den.

● Additional monsters have been placed for following regions in order to allow more Adventurers stay and combat.
- Hystria Ruins
- Aakman Temple

● Fixed the issue where some Adventurers from a specific channel could not obtain items sometimes upon defeating Nouver, the Word Boss.



● Description about strength training level has been added to Courser Training window.


[NPC, Background, Sound]

● Attack effect colors have been improved in Shadow Arena.

● Some of the dialogs upon discovering NPC for the first time and other regular dialogs in Olvia and Velia have been edited.

● A button allowing you to check the giant tree placed behind Node Manager has been added when interacting with the node manager, Trent Spirit.

● Fixed the issue so that you can use Amity Shop with Amity points you have earned with the following NPCs.
- Yaska the Stable Keeper in Valencia City
- Quinchiu the Stable Keeper in Muiquun
- Larina the Stable Keeper in Arehaza Town

● [Shadow Arena] Fixed the issue where Black Spirit could not move to the prefered direction.

● [Shadow Arena] Fixed the issue where Black Spirit keeps bouncing after jumping forward.

[Quest, Knowledge]

● Knowledge Hints for the following unobtained Knowledge have been revamped.
* Balenos Adventure Journal 2
- Beautifully Bloomed Grudge, Daughters of a Great Alchemist, At the End of the Power, Records about the Forbidden Alchemy, Clorince's Answer, Eileen's Answer, Grudging Soul of Cron Cave
* Serendia Adventure Journal 2
- Cannonball Master, Laborers of the Quarry, Mine Imps Gone Berserk, Bloodstained Letter, Melissa's Heart, Secret Mission at the Abandoned Fort Site, Risk Factors Everywhere, Broken Cannon, Ornella's taste, Orcs and Spirits, Broken Wagon, Demibeast and Shai
* Serendia Adventure Journal 3
- Glish Commemorative Coin, Donatt and Mudsters, Donatt's Will, Freharau and Enlightment, Delicious Water, Cultist's Burned Document, Fogan Language, Fogan Test Subject, Naga Sculpture, Extraction Mill Laborer, Water Purifying Facility, Disappearing Maiden, Black Crystal Pouch, Ceasar's Secret Method, Calpheon Apprentice Priest, Freharau's Scar, Secret Place, Cave That Nobody Knows, Parts Delivery to the Extraction Mill
* Serendia Adventure Journal 4
- Heidel Street Dance, Good Deeds of Serendians, Neither Friend Nor Foe, Serendia and Goblin Workers, Design of the Extraction Mill, Black Crystal Extraction Mill, Pumpkins at Alejandro Farm, Lord's Table, The Pope and the Pauper, Portrait of the Princess, Jordine's Ring, Jordine's Necklace, Spoiled Jarette, Lynch Family Gone Missing, Vagabonds of Serendia
* Serendia Adventure Journal 5
- Serendian Soldier and Rabbit's Foot, Tooth Custom, Torn Alchemy Journal, Lost Chest, Shadow Knight Master's Grave, Object of Envy and Jealousy, Marine Technology of Heidel, Who is the Successor of Cliff?, Calpheon Wine, Stories of Fogans
* Northern Calpheon Adventure Journal
- Mysterious Creature, Florin and Growing Herbs, Herb Cookies, Romance in Florin
* Keplan Adventure Journal
- Missing Workers, Happy Batuetta
* Southwestern Calpheon Adventure Journal
- Calpheon and Kamasylvia I, Calpheon and Kamasylvia II, Calpheon and Kamasylvia III, Nightmare in Crioville, King of the Otters?, Bloody Ogre Tear, Hexe Marie's Hut, Witches and the Skeleton Servants, Hexe Marie's Witch, Trina Knights and the Baby Dragon, Mansha Hut, Forgotten Bullets

● Some of the selectable rewards from the Main Quest have been changed to default rewards or removed.

● Due to the removal of basic combat tutorial, related quests have been edited more naturally.

● Requirement 'Talk to a Refugee' has been removed during 'Villagers on the Road'.

● Contribution rewards for [Repeat] Good Old Friends has been increased from 20 to 100.

● Completion reward for the following quests has been changed from HP Potion (Beginner) to HP Potion (Small)
- Skill Verification
- Knowledge is Power
- The Finicky Princess
- The Seasoned Veteran
- Following the Coastal Road
- Grusha, the Scout
- The Straggling Straggler
- Nightmare Revealed
- Unveiled Truth
- Infiltrating Cron Castle

● Chance to obtain the following monster Knowledge has been increased.
- Grass Root Nymph
- Fire Root Nymph
- Earth Root Nymph

● Placement of target object for quest 'Clearing the Area' has been changed.

● Fixed the issue where navigation guided Adventure to a long way around during 'Infiltrating Cron Castle'.

● Fixed the issue where navigation stopped showing its guide path during 'Infiltrating Cron Castle'.

● Fixed the issue where the same quest from another Crossroad was displayed after completing a quest.

● A barrack has been added as a quest completion object for 'The Lost Records of Cron'.

● Fixed typo in quest accept dialog of 'The Magnanimous Dwarf'.

● Fixed the issue where Knowledge was not obtained correctly upon completion of 'Al Rhundi, the Mortal'.
- Adventurers who did not obtain the Knowledge can obtain the Knowledge by interacting with Hervano Tito.

● Fixed the issue where Black Spirit's guide was not displayed for the following items.
- The Forgotten Secret Garden of Cron
- Al Rhundi Summon Scroll
- Saunil Siege Captain Summon Scroll

● Following dialog button icons have been changed and you can obtain Knowledge by clicking the buttons below.
- [Knowledge] Tell me more about Red Nose
- [Knowledge] Who is the Goblin Chief?
- [Knowledge] What do you know about Bheg?
- [Knowledge] Who is the Fogan Chief?
- [Knowledge] Do we have more information about Al Rhundi?
- [Knowledge] Al Rhundi, Engulfed in Madness
- [Knowledge] Red Nose
- [Knowledge] Giath, the Chief of Goblins
- [Knowledge] Dastard Bheg
- [Knowledge] Titium, the Fogan Chief
- [Knowledge] Al Rhundi, the Head of the Rebels
- [Knowledge] Al Rhundi, Engulfed in Madness

● Fixed the navigation so that it will now guide Adventurer to the quest object during 'The Fallen'.

● Fixed the navigation in order to guide Adventurer to the correct location during 'An Eternal Flame'.

● Fixed the issue where the following quests were displayed under Suggested tab even after completing the quests.
- [Awakening] Traces of Edana
- [Awakening] Wizard's Altar
- [Awakening] Artifacts of the Naga
- [Awakening] Bree Tree Cave

● Fixed the issue where some of Knowledge Hints were incorrectly displayed during 'Great Desert Expedition Log V'.



● Black Desert Online Terms of Use Agreement window has been revamped.

● Made an improvement that displaying Knowledge Hint is maintained when selecting an unobtained Knowledge on Knowledge screen(H).

● Made an improvement where Knowledge Hints did not fit into the given UI on Knowledge screen(H).

● Background size of the following button description on Beauty Album(F4) has been revamped.
- Save Temporarily
- Save File
- Load File
- Restore to Default

● Text alignment has been improved when there's no search result for title under Title tab on My Information(P).

● Made an improvement on the option button which is displayed when moving an item while Inventory, Storage and Mount Inven are all opened at the same time.
- Mount Inven is now displayed with your mount name in order to help you to distinguish which storage you are placing an item.

● Made an improvement where number of available quests are now displayed on each Main, Suggestions and Recurring button after summoning Black Spirit.

● Icons which indicate changes in AP and DP have been added when swapping gears.

● Icon which indicates a Main Quest has been added to the Quest button on NPC dialog window.

● Combat tutorial which allows you to practice basic skills has been removed during the tutorial session after creating a new character.

● Notification message for change in Guild member's position has been revamped.

● A new window where you can obtain Shadow Arena rewards has been added.
- You can click an alarm icon displayed on lower right screen in both Shadow Arena lobby and normal in-game field if there's an obtainable reward for playing Shadow Arena.
- Every reward will be sent to your character's inventory. (However, silver may be sent to your storage in nearest town.)
- You can check the available rewards you can receive in Shadow Arena lobby. (However, you need to get out of the lobby in order to receive the rewards.)

● Description for setting a Hotkey has been added to the button 'Open Central Market' on Maid/Butler List and Purchase and Sell buttons in Central Market Warehouse.

● Fixed the issue where description about Magic Crystal was awkward when attempting Transfusion.

● Fixed the issue where click and drag 'Recently Successful Cooking' and 'Recently Successful Alchemy' window did not work when selecting a specific area on the title bar.

● Fixed the issue where some outlines around UI Edit window was awkward.

● Fixed the issue where notification message about silver weight was displayed upon selling an item which is worth 500,000 or more Silvers.

● Fixed the issue where clicking [Character Name] slot in order to enter your character's name upon character creation did not work often.

● Fixed the issue where the Crafting Notes showed information of fish which are not actually available in game.

● Notification message has been added that item information about a polished alchemy stone will be reset when attempting to move it to the Central Market Warehouse.

-    You can't select Yes or No with Hotkey on the message tooltip. (You must click with mouse only.)



● Voice chat function has been added to Shadow Arena.
- Party members in Shadow Arena can now listen to other Adventurers.


We hope you enjoy your time in Black Desert,

Thank you.

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