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Black Desert 2019-02-27 07:00
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Hello, Adventurers.

This is The MMORPG, Black Desert.

We’d like to announce the updates made t max 50 players at o the Black Desert as of 2019, February 27th.

(Patch volume approx. 932.56MB)

※ For the details, please refer to the contents below.


● Pearls for March Login Rewards!

- Event Period : 02/28 00:00 ~ 04/03 23:59

[ Click Here for more Details ]

● March Login Rewards with a Tier 8 Horse!

- Event Period : 02/28 00:00 ~ 04/03 23:59

[ Click Here for more Details ]

● Welcome! New & Returning Adventurer Login Rewards!

- Event Period : 03/01 00:00 ~ 05/22 23:59

[ Click Here for more Details ]

● Take on the Bonus Missions!

- Event Period : 02/27 (after maintenance) ~ 03/06 (before maintenance)

[ Click Here for more Details ]


● [Shadow Arena] After today's maintenance, previous records and ranking will be reset and start again with the change of open hours as shown below.



First Half

Second Half


17:00 ~ 20:00



17:00 ~ 20:00



17:00 ~ 20:00



17:00 ~ 20:00



17:00 ~ 20:00



14:00 ~ 20:00



17:00 ~ 20:00



● [Shadow Arena] Maehwa, Ninja, and Striker have entered the battle in Shadow Arena.




Skill Type

Skill Name


Take advantage of
holding the upper
hand with swift

Basic Attack

Slice, Whirlwind Cut,

Obtainable Skills

Cyclone Slash, Blooming,
Red Chaos, Blind Slash,
Stub Arrow, Blunt Kick,
Carver, Chase


Able to survive for
long with
Concealment, Jump
Sequence and

Basic Attack

Wind Slash, Shuriken
Throw, Sky Stepping,
Throwing Kick, Wind Slash,
Shuriken Throw

Obtainable Skills

Obtainable Skills: Ninjutsu: Concealment,
Smokescreen, Blade Spin, Shuriken: Malice,
Beheading the Dead, Ankle
Cutter, Shadow Stomp,
Fatal Blow, Shuriken: Flight


Suppress enemy with
the heavy and
defensive skill effect.

Basic Attack

Heavy Fist, Triple Flying
Kick, Fist of True Strength,
Taeback Kick

Obtainable Skills

Wolf’s Fang, Massive
Suppression, Adamantine,
Rage Hammer, Twisted
Collision, Sweeping Kick,
Flash Step, Fist Fury

● [Shadow Arena] With the addition of Maehwa, Striker and Ninja, one command skill combos for these characters have been added.

- Improved the one command skill combo which was previously added in order to make using skill combos easier.

- After possessing a character in Shadow Arena, press Space + RMB during basic attack in order to activate the skill combo.

- Skills that were obtained by Unknown Skill Book only can be connected. If no skill is obtained, basic attacks will be activated.

- If every skill is obtained, keep pressing Space + RMB and skills will be activated under the following order.

- Improved the following skills to be activated in order, regardless of whether these skills can be used during cooldown time or not.

- Skill combo can now be activated not only starting by basic attack but also by one of the following skills.



Skill Combo


Skill Combo


Skill Combo


1.Shield Charge

2.Take Down

3.Scars of Dusk

4.Ground Smash

5.Forward Slash 6.Spinning Slash


1.Rising Storm


3. Blind Slash

4.Forward Slice

5. Upper Kick

6.Cyclone Slash



2.Multiple Magic Arrows

3.Frigid Fog

4.Meteor Shower


6.Dagger Stab


1.Midnight Stinger

2.Darkness Released

3.Rushing Crow

4.Claws Of Darkness

5.Dark Flame

6.High Kick

7.Forward Dark Split


1. Blind Slash

2. Cyclone Slash

3.Chaos:Red Moon

4. Blooming

5. Upper Kick

6.Forward Slice

Dark Knight

1.Wheel of Fortune

2.Unveiled Dagger

3.Hidden Strike

4.Kamasylvia Slash

5.Obsidian Ashes

6.Forward Kriegsmesser Training


1.Predatory Hunt

2.Forward Elastic Force

3.Smack Down

4.Raging Thunder

5.Storming Beast

6.Beastly Wind Slash

7.Ultmate:Fierce Strike


1.Ninjutsu: Black Moonlight

2. Ankle Cutter

3.Ninjutsu:Shadow Explosion-Ghost Greeting

4.Ninjutsu: Shadow Stomp

5.Fatal Blow

6.Throwing Kick

7.Forward Wind Slash


1.Rage Hammer

2.Forward Heavy Fist

3.Twisted Collision

4.Sweeping Kick


6.Taeback Kick


1.Soaring Kick

2.Heilang: Whiplash

3.Heilang: FearfulTrembling

4.Heilang: Trample

5.Heilang: Surging Tide

6.Heilang: Lightning of Earth

7.Forward Leaf Slash


1.Shuriken Flight

2.Ninjutsu: Blade Spin

3.Ninjutsu: Shadow Stomp

4.Fatal Blow

5.Shuriken Malice

6.Throwing Kick

7.Forward Wind Slash


1.Rage Hammer

2.Sweeping Kick

3.Forward Heavy Fist

4.Scissor Kick


6.Twisted Collision

7.Soul Basher


1.Celestial Spear

2.Sword of Judgment

3.Forward Slash

4.Flurry of Kicks

5.Judgment of Light

6.Divine Power



● [Shadow Arena] New Boss Monsters have been added.


Obtainable Item

Item Effect


Giath's Helmet

All Resistance +30% (3min)


Bheg's Gloves

AP +30 (3min)


Muskan's Shoes

Max Stamina +300 (3min)


● [Shadow Arena] Extra Quest has been added to Shadow Arena.

- Special quest such as 'Defeat 2 Mystics' will be given as Extra Quest and this new content has been designed in order to introduce various play patterns. However, the Extra Quest will be randomly given to an individual at 25% of chance amongst various missions.

- You can receive the Extra Quest after a match begins, after possessing a character or after a certain period of time.  

- You can check the progression of Extra Quest as well as completion status during the combat in Shadow Arena. (except survive mission)

- Upon successful quest completion, you can obtain 1~3 'Resplendent Black Rock' as a completion reward depending on level of the quest difficulty.

● [Shadow Arena] Practice Mode has been added to Shadow Arena where you can practice various characters.

* You can start the Practice alone and maximum of 50 participants are allowed to join. If the number of participants exceed 50, then the rest will join another Practice match. 

* In Practice Mode, every skill will be available already after possessing a character.

* There's no dark fog pushing toward the center of the map in Practice Mode. The Practice Mode is for 25 minutes. After it ends, you need to re-join the mode.

* 'Contaminated Male' appears in Practice Mode. These are easy to defeat and good for practicing character skills.

● [Shadow Arena] Skill damage of the following characters has been adjusted.



Skill Name


Shield Strike: +100%

Sideways Cut: +20%

Scars of Dusk: -7%

Ground Smash: -20%


Sinister Energy: +65%

Sharp Nails: +150%

Mark of Shadow: -10%


Elastic Force: +4%

Corpse Storm: +20%

Rock Smash: +20%


Shield Strike: +200%

Forward Slash: +13%

Sideways Cut: +175%

Divine Power: +10%

Sword of Judgment: +13%


● [Shadow Arena] 'Re-join' button has been added to the result screen.

● [Shadow Arena] Fixed the issue where players were disconnected if the party capacity has been exceeded.

- Fixed this issue by allowing players to enter Shadow Arena even when the full capacity of 50 is exceeded.

- You can re-join Shadow Arena with your previous party member by pressing 'Re-join' button even if all of your party members died in the previous match.

- This button is available for both Solo/Party.

● [Shadow Arena] Rhutum Fighters started to appear in Waragon Cave. You could obtain better gears by defeating these monsters. However, you should be cautious as they are strong with random appearance of Black Spirit around after a certain period of time.

● The tower surrounded by the dark sphere will transform and become taller. Whenever it changes its shape, stronger monsters will be spawned.

"● Ranking rewards of Shadow Arena has been changed.

- 'Cron Stone' has been added to the obtainable items from Black Stone (Shadow Arena reward). Number of Memory Fragments has been reduced by the number of added Cron Stones. You can obtain Cron Stone from Kamasylve Chest, but it's only available survivors ranked 20th or above. "

● Rulupee's Travel Log has been added.

- This book contains a story of the brave NPC Rulupee travelling all around the World. Adventurers can complete each given mission from the book just like Bartali's Adventure Log.

- Objectives in Rulupee's Travel Log are based on the number of completed quests. Types of the quests that are counted toward completion are as below.



Mission Count

Family Quest (including event quest)


Character Quest (including event quest)


Repeatable Quest (including event quest)


Daily Quest (including event quest)



- You can receive Rulupee's Travel Log from Black Spirit once your character reaches Lv.55 and completes 'Travel Log: Traces of a Courageous Adventurer'.

- Completion rewards will be given from the Black Spirit in the same way rewards are given for Bartali's Adventure Log.

- Number of completed total quests, family completed quests and character completed quests are now displayed on the bottom of the Quest(O) window.

● Amount of Silvers given to Adventurers based on their Family Fame (Combat, Life, Special Fame) has been changed as below.


Combat Fame

Life Fame

Special Fame


Daily Silvers


Daily Silvers


Daily Silvers







































901 or more


1501 or more









































6001 or more



● A new function which lets you to view Conquest Status in a minimal size has been added.

- You can adjust the size by '[-] Zoom In' and '[+] Zoom Out' button on Conquest Status.

- Click [+] Zoom Out button in order to change the minimal size back to previous Conquest Status.

● [War Hero] New titles have been added. This title can be obtained by defeating opponents or winning Node/Conquest War.

- Taste of Victory

- Bearer of Victory

- Radiantly Shining

- Final Victor

- Leave it to Me!

- Turner of the Tides

- Mercenary

- Fighter

- Vanquisher

- Job Done

- The Greatest

- War Hero"

● [War Hero] Protected guild member cannot be registered as War Hero.

● Fixed the issue where a random worker stops working after removing a fence.

● Node War zone near Olvia has been reduced in size to prevent building forts and annexes on certain reef and rock in Balenos Islands.

● Restricted zone located near the Western Epheria has been slightly enlarged.



● Basic AP of the following classes has been increased due to their lower AP compared to other classes in early stage.




Basic AP has been increased by 1 on average between Lv.1 ~ Lv.60.

Tamer, Wizard

Basic AP between Lv.1 ~ Lv.50 has been increased as below.

- at Lv.10 : increased by 9 on avg

- at Lv.20 : increased by 8 on avg

- at Lv.30 : increased by 6 on avg

- at Lv.40 : increased by 3 on avg

- at Lv.50 : increased by 1 on avg


● AP and DP have been increased upon reaching Lv.56 and Lv.60.


Reached Lv.


Upon reaching Lv.56

DP + 1

Upon reaching Lv.60

AP + 1

● Duration of camera movement has been adjusted for characters combat effect.

● Fixed the issue where character's movement seemed as if it was equipped with a weapon when firing a matchlock while riding a horse.

● Brightness of effect when hitting other characters or monsters has been adjusted.

● Amount of HP recovered per 5 seconds after injured due to Black Spirit skill has been changed as below.  



Recovers 10 HP per 5 secs

Recovers 80 HP per 5 secs


● Made an improvement on horse ride that you can now jump over a low wall by pressing Space while with holding W + SHIFT (Sprint).

● Adjusted combat dynamics to be more focused on hitting targets.

● Made an improvement that your character will get on the mount quicker when either its Weapon or Awakening Weapon is on.



● Fixed the issue where the camera view was awkward when using Great Sword Defense.


● Reduced the forward combo speed when using Evasion I.


● Fixed Purificatione so that the skill effect of recovering HP of nearby friends is activated upon the character's action.

● Skill effect of Purificatione recovering HP of nearby friends has been added.

● Skill effect of Castigatio III, IV has been adjusted to fit into the effective range.

● Fixed the issue where damage reduction was not applied for PVP when using Valkyrie Slash I was used with jump motion.


● Fixed the issue where Musa holds Horn Bow when using Blooming.


● 'Massive Suppression' can now be added to Quick Slot.


● Enhanced gears can be purchased from Armor Vendors and Arms Dealers in Calpheon and Serendia regions.

- Adventurers can now purchase enhanced gears from NPCs of which the gear level is equivalent to the maximum level required to clear each region. Now Adventurers in early stage can combat and grow more easily.




Added Items

Western Guard Camp

Arms Dealer Claus

+1 Militia Weapon Box

Blacksmith Miguel Aries

+1 Reblath Armor Box


Arms Dealer Alfredo

+3 Militia Weapon Box

Blacksmith Tranan Underfoe

+3 Reblath Armor Box


Arms Dealer Ornella

+3 Azwell Weapon Box

Blacksmith Techthon

+3 Agerian Armor Box


Arms Dealer Amaranto

+3 Sub-weapon Box

Armor Vendor Kardash

+3 Talis Armor Box

Delphe Knights Castle

Delphe Knights Master Margaret

+5 Kalis Weapon Box, +5 Agerian Armor Box

Calpheon City

Arms Dealer Ronatz

+7 Kalis Weapon Box

Workshop - Armor Master Kanobas

+7 Kalis Weapon Box

Armor Vendor Grandus

+7 Agerian Armor Box

Workshop - Armor Master Dobart

+7 Agerian Armor Box


Arms Dealer Andria

+5 Sub-weapon Box

Armor Vendor Shurd

+5 Zereth Armor Box


Arms Dealer Olinto

+7 Sub-weapon Box

Armor Vendor Mandolf

+7 Zereth Armor Box


Behr Commander Likke Behr

+10 Kalis Weapon Box, +10 Zereth Armor Box


● Changed Carmadun Owl that the pet skill 'Finds rare monsters' will not activate if Pet Command: Special is off.

● Fixed the issue where no item effect activated after using [Loyalties] Old Moon Flare at a certain spot.

● Adjusted following Pets looting time to be the same as other Tier 1 pets.





Lv.1 → 10 sec

Lv.1 → 4 sec

Striped Cat, Orange Brindle Cat, Black Mask Cat, White
Shorthair Cat, Spotted Valencian Cat, Piebald Cat, Gray Thin
Cat, [Event] Grey Moon Cat, Brown Fighting Dog


● [Event] Gathering Level +1 has been added to the item description of Farmer's Clothes (Costume).

● [Shadow Arena] Fixed the issue where Adventurer can now receive rewards even if leaving the game 5 minutes after the match starts.

● [Central Market] Maximum price of the following items has been adjusted in order to help Adventurers to trade these items more easily by referring to the trading records of these items for the past 1 week.

- Some Gears

- Some Mount Equipment

- Some Ingredients

- Some Elixirs

- Some Furniture

● [Central Market] Following items can now be listed to Central Market.

- Pan with a Fried Egg


● [Dark Rift] New boss monsters, Ronin and Ahib Griffon, have appeared in Kamasylvia region.






Ahib Griffon

Very Hard


● [Dark Rift] Fixed the issue when an undefeated boss monster is left alone, it continues to spawn other monsters.

● [Dark Rift] Changed that the monster's AP will drop at a bigger rate whenever it is weakened by 1 level.

● Re-located some monsters in Sausan Garrison that have been stuck in specific locations.

● Changed the spawning spot of the monster, Moghulis for more optimized combat.

- RMB the scroll in your inventory to activate the navigation in order to reach the spot.

● Changed and added a few attack patterns of the Abandoned Iron Mine Executor.  

-  Overall attack speed has been increased with less cooldown time.
- Imp Work Supervisor and Troll Work Supervisor will be spawned once its HP drops below 50%.

● Fixed the issue where the hunting monster Feather Wolf and Phnyl does not start to chase your character after getting a shot from the maximum range.

● Fixed the issue where some of fleece was displayed with broken texture in black.


【NPC, Background, Sound】

● [Shadow Arena] Background music has been added while waiting in Black Spirit. Also the background music will change once the Dark Fog starts to shrink after the match begins.

● [Shadow Arena] Overall brightness in Shadow Arena has been adjusted to make it brighter than before.

● Removed 2 NPCs sawing in Trent forest.

● Fixed the issue where the character could not sit on a specific chair in Battle Arena as it was buried on ground.

● Fixed special characters to be displayed correctly on the letter for confess.


【Quest, Knowledge】

● Fixed the issue where a button to be no longer displayed if a knowledge is obtained while progressing 'Worse Than an Ogre'

● 'Wanna Make a Lead Bullet' button has been removed from Black Spirit Guide as the Lead Bullet can no longer be made since Dec 9th with the update of changing the usage of Matchlock.

● Way of spawning a Boss Monster during the Main Quest has changed from using a scroll to interacting with a Dark Portal.

● Fixed the issue where a character is stuck in a specific stairway while auto-running to a different region from Abandoned Mine.

● Knowledge hint for Stone Mountain Turtle Dragon has been changed from Stone Mountain Iguana to Stone Mountain Turtle Dragon.

● Fixed a typo in quest summary of 'To Prince Barhan' and Knowledge hint for 'Karashu'.

● Quest Window(O) - Suggested Tab: you can check 'Karlstein Outfit Crafting: The One Who Follows the Path of Vetor' quest.

● Fixed the issue where During the quest 'The First Sailboat Bound to Margoria' did not progress as intended during 'The Uncharted Sea, History of Margoria'.

● Changed that only the character which completed the first Main Quest can trade goods. 
     - The Start of an Adventure (Renewed Main Quest)
     - Finding Akan (previous Main Quest)




● [Central Market] Changed Inventory Auto Arrange function so that it will not be checked off after opening and closing Warehouse.

● [Central Market] Fixed the issue where Central Market could be opened with a Quick Hotkey.

● [Central Market] Made an improvement on layer order that the last opened window is displayed on top of others when multiple windows are opened in Central Market.

● [Central Market] 'Collect All' button has been added. You can now collect all of the silvers at once for your sold items.  

● [Central Market] Fixed the issue where the maid/butler would remain in place even after pressing the X button after opening the Central Market through them.

● [Central Market] Fixed the issue where Pearl items were not delivered to Warehouse correctly through Transaction Maid.

● [Central Market] Fixed the issue where an icon for Volatile Price Items was not displayed correctly.

● [Central Market] Changed that accumulated trades will now be displayed when searching an item.

● [Central Market] A button has been added in order to make it easier to select the highest and lowest price when choosing a price you want.

● [Shadow Arena] A new button has been added to the Shadow Arena Rewards through which you can purchase Blessing of Kamasylve.

● [Shadow Arena] Fixed the issue where rewards were displayed on the result screen after playing a game in Shadow Arena Private Room.

● [Shadow Arena] Fixed the issue where silver reward was displayed on the result screen if the participant leaves during match.

● [Shadow Arena] Guides regarding Black Spirit and possessing into classes have now been added after the match begins.

● [Shadow Arena] When "Shadow Arena Rewards" and "Ranking" windows are opened, these windows will now be closed after clicking them again.

● [Adventure Log] 'Family Stats' button has been added through which you can see all of the obtained stats from Adventure Log.

● [Adventure Log] You can turn pages by setting a Hotkey.

- Game Setting-> Interface-> UI Hotkeys

● [Dark Rift] Changed the icon tooltip message when no boss monster appears.

● [Dark Rift] Fixed the issue where boss information on the list was not displayed when a certain number of monsters are spawned from Dark Rift.

● [Dark Rift] A new filter option to view/hide information of Dark Rift has been added to the World Map.

- You can right click the filter option (10 buttons) on upper right corner in World Map in order to filter out the selected option.

● [Dark Rift] You can control the scroll bar with your mouse within the notification displayed on lower right screen.

● Some of the functions within Game Setting have been removed or changed.

- Optimization (Beta) has been removed from Game Setting → Performance Settings, and the options within this menu have been integrated as Optimization.

- Update Cycle Optimization has been removed from Game Setting → Performance Settings.

- Graphic Quality has been placed on top under Performance Settings.

● Improved alignment of the following.

- Title on Worker Contract Window, Buff list on Villa Scroll window, title on Owner List window, title on Mount List window, title on Register Guild Mount, title on Garden Information on my Gardens, rankings on Monster Rank,  Family Name, Best Time, title on Totem window, title on Alchemy window, title on Recently Successful Cooking window, title on Recently Successful Alchemy window

● The title area for the following UI has been slightly changed.

- Item Brand/Brand Removal window, Equipment/Weapon switch window.

● Fixed the direction of arrow marked next to Character Name, Destroy Command Post, Destroy Fort, etc to be more natural.

● Fixed the issue where it was possible to use Transport function with a character Lv.5 or below on End Game window.

● Fixed the issue where decimal numbers of Skill EXP was overlapped after setting Custom HP Bar and and Simplify UI are set.

● Fixed the issue where the Enhancement chance and the UI which shows the difficulty level of the enhancement would overlap when making enhancements.

● The unnecessary Help button on Register button for Mounts and Guild Mounts has been removed.

● Item will be displayed immediately when purchasing an item from Pearl Shop (F3) while opening Inventory(I).

● The durability notification will no longer be displayed when the durability is low for tools which cannot be repaired.

● Fixed the issue where no icon was displayed on Trade quest under Quest(O) - Ongoing.

● All number of completed quests (and completed quests by family or individual) will now be displayed at the bottom of the Quests (O) window.

● Fixed the issue where the Enhancement and Transfusion windows would close abnormally when you press the ESC button after activating the BDO Wiki window through the "?" icon in the Black Spirit Enhancement and Transfusion windows.

● Enhancement chance does not affect success or fail when attempting Safe Enhance. Therefore, description about Safe Enhance will be displayed instead of Enhancement Chance.

● The Apply button can no longer be selected when you do not have any items applicable to Item Brand/Item Brand Removal.

● Low-power Option can now be set from the game Setting window that appears when creating a character for the first time in a new account.

● Fixed the issue where workers already sold from Worker Exchange still remains on the Worker List.

● A button has been added which lets you to skip animation for Cleanse Gear.

● Fixed the issue where the text is misplaced when reading a quest summary with mouse scroll.

● Improved image transition on screen while loading the game (Server Change, Character Change, Entering Shadow Arena).

● Fixed the issue where incorrect text was displayed when mouse over Combat Fame on My Information(P) window.



● Added a feature where you can give Gold Bars to NPCs to receive buffs. 
- You can receive buffs by giving Gold Bars to Ottavio Ferre, Eil, Leona
,Merindora, and Nerasabi Alom.
- You can get 3 different types of buffs (AP, DP, or EXP) for giving Gold Bars to the NPCs.
- All buffs have a duration of
2hours, and do not disappear even when you die.

● [Central Market] Changed system messages in regards to the errors occurred when using Central Market so that the messages can now reflect current problems more effectively.

● Fixed the issue where some animals fur was portrayed way too detail under Remastered or Ultra Mode.

● Fixed the issue where texture quality set as low is applied not only for background but also for your character.

We hope you enjoy your time in Black Desert,

Thank you.

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