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Black Desert 2019-03-06 07:00
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Hello, Adventurers.
This is The MMORPG, Black Desert.

We’d like to announce the updates made to the Black Desert as of 2019, March 6th.
(Patch volume approx. 465.14 MB)

※ For the details, please refer to the contents below.


● We have found the current 7 day free trial guest pass is used for exploit.
    The guest pass will no longer be available until we have a further notice.


● Black Spirit's Adventure Returns!
 - Roll the dice to get items!
 - Event period : March 6th (after maintenance) ~ April 3rd (before maintenance)

     [Click here for more details]


● [Central Market] Amount commission for selling items will be deducted based on the Family Fame.

- 1000 ~ 3999: 0.5% deduction on sales commission

- 4000 ~ 6999: 1.0% deduction on sales commission

- 7000 or higher: 1.5% deduction on sales commission
● [Central Market] Added a feature with which market price fluctuation will now be much easier to see with a graphical illustration.

- With a unit price placed on upper right of the graph, you can see the highly priced item information more easily.

(Example) If the unit price is 1,000 and the price shown in the graph is 100, then the item's market price is 100,000 silvers.

● [Central Market] Added a feature with which market price fluctuation will now be much easier to see with a graphical illustration.

- With a unit price placed on upper right of the graph, you can see the highly priced item information more easily.

(Example) If the unit price is 1,000 and the price shown in the graph is 100, then the item's market price is 100,000 silvers.

● [Shadow Arena] Made an improvement on Spectator Mode that you will be able to spectate the match when your Party member is far away without clicking Spectate button after loading is completed.

● [Shadow Arena] Fixed the issues and skills of the following characters in Shadow Arena.

- [Sorceress] Fixed the issue where the One Command Skill Combo did not initiate the next skill when Darkness Released is in cooldown time.

- [Tamer] Fixed the issue where the One Command Skill Combo started with Soaring Kick after using Heilang: Trample.

- [Witch, Wizard] Fixed the issue where the One Command Skill Combo did not initiate the next skill when Multiple Magic Arrows is in cooldown time.

- [Ninja] Fixed the issue where the One Command Skill Combo started with Shadow Stomp after using  Ankle Cutter.

- [Ninja] Damage by Wind Slash has been increased by 11%.

- [Valkyrie] Fixed the issue where Judgement of Light and Diving Power did not activate when they are not in cooldown time while using the One Command Skill Combo.

- [Warrior] Damage by Ground Slash has been decreased by 11% and Scars of Dusk has been decreased by 5%.

- [Musa] Damage by Slice has been increased by 8% and Rising Storm has been increased by 4%.

- [Maehwa] Damage by Slice has been increased by 8% and Red Moon has been increased by 5%.

- [Kunoichi] Damage by Wind Slash has been increased by 11% and Final Slash has been increased by 9%.

● Fixed the issue where a fort could be often installed at unavailable places in some Node War zone.

● Fixed the issue that the Siege Tower will no be installed when it is close to its ally fort.

● [Shadow Arena] Flying animation of Black Spirit when Practice Mode starts will no longer be played.

● Fixed the issue where transportation between Epheria and Altinova did not work as intended.



● Fixed the awkward character motion displayed when boarding a boat by clicking the Ship icon while recovering stamina with Q key during swimming.

● Character will stop swimming when no command is entered under water.

● Improved character motion to be more natural when Q key is entered under water.


● Made an improvement on Slash so that Forward Slash and Shield Charge are now available during the basic Slash.

● Made an improvement so that using another skill in combo after the last hit by Slash can activate faster.


● Night Crow can now be used maximum 3 times in the air on Awakening mode.

● Changed Ultimate : Dark Flame to inflict the same amount of damage as the currently learned normal Dark Flame does.

● Fixed the issue where damage reduction has been applied to all skill levels during Dark Flame's cooldown time.


● For the Feral Rage Rabam Skill, the final hit will now be activated when pressing LMB after pressing Shift + X.

● Increased the speed of the initial sprint motion when moving while in Main weapon mode.

● The character will now combo to the Ground Lifting skill when you press the spacebar after the additional hits for Predatory Hunt, Headbutt, and Frenzied Destroyer.

● When you maintain W+F+RMB while using the Giant Leap skill forwards, the Streak Leap skill will activate first.

● When you press A/D+LMB or RMB after the Ultimate: Fierce Strike attack, the left/right basic attack or Shake Off skill will activate.

● When you press A/D+LMB+RMB after using the Shake Off skill, the final hit for Raging Thunder will activate first.


● Glove that Wizard is equipped with will no longer be displayed when wearing Crescent Moon Outfit.


● You can now use the Petal Drill skill when pressing Shift + LMB during Main weapon mode.

● Fixed the issue where too much shadow is applied to the face after applying a specific hair style in customization.


● Added the Forward Guard effect up until before the attacking motion for the Ninjutsu: Shadow Stomp II-Absolute: Shadow Stomp skills.

● When getting hit or when making the Forward Guard motion before attacking with the Ninjutsu: Shadow Stomp skill, the character will now immediately attack.

● Increased the beginning attack speed of the Ninjutsu: Shackles skill.


● Starting attack speed of Flash Slash has been increased.


● Fixed the issue where only sprint jump was displayed when attempting to jump on Awakening mode.


● Stamina will now be recovered while using Shattering Darkness, Trap of Vedir, and Flow: Bombardment.

● Fixed typos in the skill descriptions for Twilight Dash and Spirit Hunt.


● Character level restriction to equip Katan Greatbow has been removed.

- Katan Greatbow can be equipped from character lv.1.


【 ITEM 】

● Added a feature which guides you to the nearest Storage Keeper when right-clicking on Gold Bar items.

● Fixed the item descriptions of Horse Emblem: Beginner's Maroon Horse to be the same as the item descriptions.

● The exchange button will only be displayed from the NPC's when you have the Dark Spirit's Greed.

● Max Price for items sold by NPCs that can be registered to Central Market has been changed for the following items. (Certain Crystal items, Cannon Ball items, Wagons Registrations.)

● Text regarding gender of the horses has been added to Horse Emblem items.

● Fixed the issue where some of the gear NPCs Grandus and Ronatz were selling did not appear on the shop list.

● Fixed the issue where silvers stored to Storage after selling items often disappear.

● Changed navigation that it will guide you to the starting position for the quest if you right click the following boss summon scroll.

- Fat Catfishman Summon Scroll

- Cyclops Summon Scroll

- Imp Captain Summon Scroll

- Goblin Chief Summon Scroll

- Altar Imp Captain Summon Scroll

- Monastery Boss Summon Scroll

- Troll Elder Summon Scroll

- Giant Chief Summon Scroll

- Dim Tree Spirit Summon Scroll

- Frightening Witch Summon Scroll

- Orc Chief Summon Scroll

- Bandit Leader Summon Scroll

- Ruins Guard Tower Summon Scroll

- Khuruto Chief Summon Scroll

- Saunil Siege Captain Summon Scroll

- Mad Scientist's Assistant Summon Scroll

- Ancient Light

- Skeleton King Summon Scroll

- Abandoned Iron Mine Executor Summon Scroll

- Illezra's Servant Summon Scroll

- Imp Captain Summon Scroll

- Goblin Chief Summon Scroll

- Fogan Chief Summon Scroll

- Monastery Boss Summon Scroll

- Al Rhundi Summon Scroll

- Lava Chief Summon Scroll

- Skeleton King Summon Scroll

- Moghulis Summon Scroll

- Slayer of the Arena Summon Scroll

- Helm Tribe Chief Summon Scroll

- Awakened Black Spirit Summon Scroll

● Fixed the issue where Design: Karlstein could not be sold to a NPC vendor.

● Fixed the icon image of Mad Scientist's Assistant Summon Scroll to be correctly displayed.

● Due to the changed method of spawning boss monsters during the Main Quest, previous guide descriptions have been also changed.

- [Boss] Dastard Bheg

- [Boss] Prince of Invaders

- [Boss] Muskan of Madness

- [Boss] Saunil Siege Captain

- [Co-op] Stop Illezra's Plot



● The Goblins near Node Manager NPC Beedle at Cron Castle Site have lost their interest in Broken Wagon and disappeared.

● Increased the chance of obtaining "Magic Crystal of Infinity - Critical Hit" by 50% when defeating monsters at Manes Hideout.

● Added the following Monster Zones in Mediah to the list places where you can defeat monsters for a chance to obtain the "Magic Crystal of Infinity - Critical Hit".

- Elric Shrine

- Soldier's Grave

- Marni's 2nd Lab

● [Shadow Arena] Boss Monsters (Bheg, Giath, Muskan) will now recognize Adventurers as a target to attack even if they don't attack the monsters first.

● [Dark Rift] The spawning location of the boss monster Ferrid has been changed from the outside of cave to the inside.
- The new spawning location is much easier to find, and it is also away from the guild raid monster spawning location.


● The graphical effect when inflicting damage by the Ballista has been changed.

● Changed that back attack effect will no longer applied to Ballista.

● Fixed the issue where Mounts could not be recovered from the Stable NPC when the number of the mount's death was 256 or higher.

● Performance of beginner horses has been enhanced to help new Adventurers in their journey.

* Horse Emblem: Beginner's Brown Horse

* Horse Emblem: Beginner's Maroon Horse

* Horse Emblem: Beginner's Gray Horse

 - Speed and Accel have increased by 20%.

 - Turn and Brake have increased by 10%.



● The NPC in Heidel who gives benefits by the name of Elionism is re-named as 'Apprentice Priest Arsen'.

● A new button which allows you to exchange 1 Asula’s Crimson Eye Accessory to 2 Asula's Weakened Magic Accessories has been added to the following NPCs. This button will only be activated if you have more than 1 Asula’s Crimson Eye Accessory.




Yisar Pjetyo

Rock Post




Sand Grain Bazaar



● Fixed a typo in the quest summary of 'The Story of Glish'.

● Changed the way to obtain the knowledge for the Central Neutral Zone where it became impossible to obtain with the main quest renewal.

- You can check the new way to obtain the knowledge through the knowledge hint.

● Removed the repetitive contents of the quest summary for '[Alchemy Lv24] Make a Crystal Yourself'.

● Fixed the issue where the quest object fish could not be caught in the "Tapertail Anchovy and Skipjack" and "Problem Fish" quest zone.

● Improved the knowledge hint when not having the following knowledge.

The Monarch of Darkness

Cox Pirates Adventure Journal

Mediah Adventure Journal I

Mediah Adventure Journal II

The Origins of the Shadow

Appearance of the
Cox Pirates

The Barbarians
Occupying Altinova

Crisis of Abun Village

The Coming of Belmorn and
the Knights of Dawn

Trina Marine Knights

Ancient Lightstone

The Afterwork Routine of
an Altinova Worker

The Fall of the Knights of Dawn

Trina Marine Knights

Sealed Ancient

What Workers Live For

The Shadow Knights,
Fraternity of Light , and the
Secret Guards

Trina Marine Knights

Kamasylvian Ritual I

Carcass of Shultz the

Resurrection of Belmorn

The Influence of
Pirates on Children

Kamasylvian Ritual II

Sausan and Altinova

The Watchtower Conspiracy

Nightmare of the Sea

Kamasylvian Ritual  III


Secret Guards I

Studying Monsters

Kamasylvian Ritual  IV


Secret Guards II

Pirate's Password

Kamasylvian Ritual  V


Alchemy and Gorgath

Radolf Hansen's
Logbook #1

Sezec Hunter


Troop of Darkness I

Radolf Hansen's
Logbook #2

Crow Merchants Guild


Troop of Darkness II

Radolf Hansen's
Logbook #3


Troop of Darkness III

Radolf Hansen's
Logbook #4


Origin of the Crimson Flame

Radolf Hansen's
Logbook #5


Origin of Earth


Origin of Clear Water


Origin of Ancient Light


Caphras' Secret Lab


Necklace of Balance


Jordine and Orwen


Abandoned Jordine


The Secret Guards
Departed For Mediah



● Some of the contents in the following Knowledge have changed.

- Mariam

- Shen Merchant Guild

- Companion of Shultz

- Carcass of Shultz the Gladiator

- Maudi Budar

● Cyclops will no longer be spawned immediately during the quest, Retrieve the Sealing Stone.

- you need to interact with a specific Dark Portal to spawn a Cyclops after accepting the quest.
● Guild Mission: 'Special Mission by Old Moon Guild' has been removed.

- [Event] Friendship Seal can be sold to NPC vendors and you can use the silvers as Guild Funds.

● Fixed the issue where Dark Portal did not appear during the quest '[Co-op] Defeat the Weakened Belmorn!'.

● Fixed the issue where Qoobe the monster was spawned immediately after accepting the quest '[To Level 50!] Giant Catfishman Qoobe]'

● Fixed the issue where it was not possible to interact with Dark Portal during the quest, '[Co-op] Stop Illezra's Plot'.

● Changed that the number of completed quests of a certain character will now be immediately deducted from total number of completed quests if this character is removed. You can check the related information on the quest window.

  • This was changed because many Adventurers were confused as they had to create a new character in the slot they removed their previous character in order to check the deducted number of completed quests.

  • This will not affect Rulupee’s Travel Log which is already completed.


【 UI 】

● [Central Market] The conditions for the initial purchase desired price in the purchase window of the Central Market has changed.

- When there are items listed: The lowest price among the items listed will be selected.

- When there are orders placed: The price immediately above the highest price of orders will be selected.

- When there are no orders placed and no items listed, the lowest price will be selected.

● [Central Market] The scrollbar on the Set Price window will be adjusted according to the initial desired price for purchase/sales in the Central Market's Purchase/Sell window.

● [Central Market] Fixed the issue where the scrollbar would unnecessarily reset for the Warehouse item list.

● [Central Market] The Inventory and Warehouse will no longer block the conversation window when you click on the Warehouse button within the Storage.

● The Central Market's 'Set Price' window's scrollbar has changed locations:

- Sell: If there are items listed, it will be placed below the Min. price of items listed. If there are no items listed, it will be placed at the Max price.

- Order: If there are orders, it will be placed right above the Max price of orders. If there are no orders, it will be placed at the Min. price.

● Added a notification about selling at the bottom right of the Central Market for the following situations:

- When an order has been purchased.

- When an item listed has been sold.

● [Central Market] A button has been added with which you can sort items by grade.

● [Central Market] You can now search with one letter in the search bar.

● [Central Market] Fixed the issue where the "Exceeded the maximum number of items that can be searched at once." message appeared when you searched for certain words.

● [Central Market] Added a text which shows fee benefits you can receive from Central Market.

● [Central Market] Fixed the issue where background of price list on Sell window was abnormally displayed. ]

● [Central Market] Minimum price will now be selected when you attempt to make a purchase if there are items on Sales Waiting.

● [Central Market] Fixed the issue where a character jumps in place when you press Space bar while on Buy or Sell window.

● [Central Market] A notification message of ‘You can receive a 30% of bonus with an active Value Pack’ has been added and this will be displayed when an Adventurer without having an active Value Pack attempts to sell an item in Central Market.

● [Shadow Arena] Changed the window design which appears when you die in Shadow Arena.

● [Shadow Arena] Fixed the issue where Striker, Ninja, and Maehwa would not be displayed in the Shadow Arena Stats window.

● [Shadow Arena] Fixed the issue where Time Survived displayed on the bottom on the minimap overlapped.

● [Shadow Arena] Changed the guide about moving direction and possessing a character.
- The guide about moving direction and possessing a character will no longer block the screen.

● Fixed the issue where the effect which appears when you mouse over the skill icon disappears after selecting a skill in the Pet exchange window.

● Removed the line break in the middle of the description in the Family Name Change window.

● Improved the alignment of the following within the Character Transport window

- the title of the window

- destination

- character list

- scroll bar

● Expanded the period setting button of Guild Employment Contracts to fit the text.

● Fixed the issue where the text within the Add Guild button and Remove Guild button would bleed out of the buttons in the Alliance tab of the Guild window (G).

● You will no longer be able to search the quest NPCS whom you can meet only when the quest is ongoing in the Nearby NPC window.

- Only regularly exposed NPCs can be searched.

● Added the following description next to the cut scene's play button within conversation windows:

- Click to Play Cutscene

● Fixed the issue where the 'Permanent Enhancement Chance' text is displayed out of the Total Family Bonus window from the Adventure Journal window.

● Fixed the issue where text is displayed out of the Enhancement window when enhancing items that can be safely enhanced.

● Fixed the issue where inactive buff icons would be displayed.

● Fixed the issue where the text 'Unoccupied Territory' bleeds out of its given space on the minimized Conquest War window.

● 'Carefully' and 'Boldly' buttons have been added to the descriptions for the Bargain window for Trading.

● 'Invest Contribution' text has been added to the contribution point investment button which is used in order to connect nodes on World Map.

● Fixed the graphical issue where the reward icon would appear to go out of the slot in the Quest Rewards window after having completed a quest.

● The image that appears when selecting Optional reward for a quest completion reward has been changed.

● Fixed the issue where extra quest completion reward was not received correctly.

● Fixed the issue where Vacation/Returning buttons were not displayed even after appointing the Guild Master.


● Capturing a screenshot/movie with Ansel will now be only available when your character's HP is full.

- Your character becomes invincible if you are disconnected from the game and this was meant to protect your character end the game safely.

- However, we have identified Adventurers who exploit this feature by using Ansel. Therefore, capturing screenshot/movie will require your character's HP at its full.

● We have reinforced security. Playing Black Desert will now be highly restricted if you run illegal or unauthorized program or application with.

● [Shadow Arena] Fixed the issue where windows micr volume was adjusted by changing the mic volume on the Voice Chat.

● [Shadow Arena] Changing the following Hotkeys to other than the default values will also be applied to Shadow Arena. Check out the current default keys below, and you can change each command with other keys. (ex. Z -> L)

 Z → Rage Absorption

 X → Fury Transfer

 C → Draw Awakening Weapon

 V → Emergency Escape

 B → Mail

Go to ESC menu or lower right corner when in Shadow Arena Lobby in order to set up the hotkeys.

● [Shadow Arena] Fixed the issue where the game often ended abnormally while playing Shadow Arena.

● Added a feature which constantly displays GM Notification Messages on the screen for a certain period of time.


We hope you enjoy your time in Black Desert,

Thank you.

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