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Hello, Adventurers.
This is The MMORPG, Black Desert.

We’d like to announce the updates made to the Black Desert as of 2019, March 20th.
(Patch volume approx. 392.79 MB)

※ For the details, please refer to the contents below.



Confessing our Love with Tulips!  

   - Simply login and play Black Desert to receive special rewards from Challenge!

   - Event period : March 21st (00:00) ~ March 27th (23:59)

     [Click here for more details]


Special Hot Time for Voice of Adventurers

   - Celebrating the first Voice of Adventurers, special hot time event begins!

   - Enjoy the EXP boost during the period [Combat +200%] + [Skill +40%]    

   - Event period:   

      Normal channels: March 22nd (20:00) ~ March 25th (02:00)  

      Olvia channels: March 23rd (00:00) ~ March 24th (24:00)



● The new AP and DP calibrations have been added to the Tier 1 Node War in order to introduce better combat environment.

 - Tier 1 Node can be a 'goal to achieve' for new guilds. The new max AP and DP calibrations have been added in order to make it more accessible for newer guilds. We hope this change will make Node War more exciting and fun with more involved Adventurers.

 - This new system has been first introduced in Global Lab as of February 28th, and we have divided Tier 1 Nodes into several segments. Now Tier 1 Nodes will be divided into Easy, Medium and Hard and different amount of Max AP and DP will be applied to each difficulty level.

 - The Max AP and DP restriction is applied to every PvP moves including basic attacks, normal/awakening skills and summoned creatures but not applicable to Mounts such as Horse, Elephant and Siege Weapons such as Hwacha and Cannons. Damage reduction rate will be calculated without taking in the DP calibrations into account.


※ We truly appreciate for your participation of the last Node War survey between Feb 13th to 20th. We'd like to continue to reflect Adventurers feedback in order to make better Node Wars with more fun.

 - Maximum AP and DP restriction is applied to every Adventurers within the area where Node War is in progress.


● Easy Tier 1 Node War : Max AP 230 / DP 260

Day Node Max
Sun Mediah Northern
Mon Cron Castle Site 40
Tue Central Guard Camp 55
Wed Altas Farmland 25
Thu Oze's House 25
Fri Treant Forest 40

● Medium Tier 1 Node War : Max AP 250 / DP 290



Max Participants


Coastal Cave


Alejandro Farm


Delphe Outpost


Pilgrim's Sanctum: Sincerity



Keplan Vicinity


Elder's Bridge


Behr Riverhead


Marni's 2nd Lab


Pilgrim's Sanctum: Abstinence


Ivory Wasteland



Balenos River Mouth


Marni's Lab


Oze Pass


Behr Downstream


Ahto Farm


Pujiya Canyon


Pilgrim's Sanctum: Obedience



Northern Guard Camp


Southwestern Gateway


Beacon Entrance Post


Helms Post


Kasula Farm


Ivero Cliff



Wale Farm


Tobare's Cabin


Southern Cienaga


Stonetail Wasteland


Valencia Western Highlands


Rakshan Observatory


Fohalam Farm



Wolf Hills


Bloody Monastery


Bree Tree Ruins


Rhua Tree Stub


Manes Hideout


Deserted City of Runn



● Hard Tier 1 Node War : Max AP 270 / DP 320




Max Participants


North Abandoned Quarry


Tungrad Forest


Pilgrim's Sanctum: Fast



Southern Neutral Zone


Khuruto Cave


Ancient Ruins Excavation Site



Bradie Fortress



Toscani Farm


Abandoned Land


Longleaf Tree Forest


Veteran's Canyon



Ancient Stone Chamber


Contaminated Farm



Ehwaz Hill




Bashim Base


● The tax ratio for the Tier 1 - 4 Node Wars has changed as below.






Easy: 4%


Medium: 8%


Hard: 12%










● The amount of Node War individual rewards, Shining Medal of Honor, increased for the wins for each tier. Also, adventurers in the top 5% in regards to Contribution will receive more medals depending on the tiers.

 - Adventurers who are a part of a guild and join a Node War can obtain the Shining Medal of Honor by clicking on the rewards button after a Node War has ended. (The Node War in which the guild has participated must end in order for the adventurer to receive the rewards.)

 - Adventurers who do not accept the rewards after the end of a Node War cannot participate in the next Node War.


 - The number of medals you can obtain are like the following.

Tier Before After

6 Wins

Top 5% Contribution: 4 medals

6 Wins

Top 5% Contribution: 5 medals


7 Wins

Top 5% Contribution: 3 medals

8 Wins

Top 5% Contribution: 5 medals


8 Wins

Top 5% Contribution: 2 medals

10 Wins

Top 5% Contribution: 5 medals

4 9 Wins
Top 5% Contribution: 1 medals
12 Wins
Top 5% Contribution: 5 medals

● Fixed the issue where the game often ended when registering a maid.



● Bonus AP/damage reduction effect that can be obtained for completing an Adventure Log or reaching Lv.56 and Lv.60 will now be properly applied to AP/DP increase effect that is activated when reaching certain level of spec.



● Fixed the issue where the target getting hit by the additional hit of the  Ultimate: Frenzied Destroyer skill would receive a melee AP buff as well.



● The hitting effect for the [Combat] Trina Demolition Axe has been changed to reflect the direction of the hit.

● Fixed the issue where the item could not be sold when the item price was higher than the amount of silver you owned.



● Adjusted the difficulty level of Dastard Bheg appearing from quests due to the renewal of the beginning quests.

● The monsters near NPC Beedle have been relocated in order to ensure easy interaction with the NPC when going through the quest, 'Finding a Way Out'.

● The number of Steel Imps in front of the Western Guard Camp has increased due to the renewal of the beginning quests.

● Removed death penalty upon summoned fireball by Giath which appears from Dark Rift.



● After obtaining loot below from defeating boss monsters, you can now properly exchange the loot through NPC's at the Western Guard Camp.

● You can check the location of the NPC's by right-clicking on the items.

- Red Nose's Blade Fragment

- Giath's Mask Fragment

- Bheg's Iron Mace Fragment

● Fixed the issue where trees would occasionally look abnormal.

● The conditions for interacting with the following NPC's at Kamasylvia have been removed.

   - Surichi

   - Leminei Lain

   - Mauriel

   - Obi Bellen

- Rileysaman

● Fixed the issue where the HP Potion(Beginner) could be obtained continuously from Common Rack.



● The beginning stages of the main quests have been revamped.

  - The quests and balance of the monsters for the initial quests have been changed so that adventurers who are new to the Black Desert world can enjoy the growth of their characters.

  - New characters will now begin near the Ancient Stone Chamber instead of the Western Guard Camp and therefore, the overall mood of the excavation site has become more vivid.

  - The pack of the gray wolves near the Western Guard Camp has been relocated to the right side of the Ancient Stone Chamber.

  - Once new characters reach the Western Guard Camp, the characters will go through the same main quests as before.

  - Due to these changes, the difficulty level of monsters appearing during the quests for the Balenos area has been adjusted.

  - Number of HP Potions(Small) given to Adventurers before they reach Velia has been increased a bit.

  - Characters who were going through the previous main quests cannot go through these revamped quests. Instead, they will continue with their current quests.


● Characters going through the renewed quests can obtain knowledge through the following quests.

 - Ancient Stone Chamber, Mural of Experience I

 - Ancient Stone Chamber, Mural of Experience II

 - Ancient Stone Chamber, Mural of Experience III

 - Ancient Stone Chamber, Mural of Experience IV

 - Ancient Stone Chamber, Mural of Experience V

 * You can receive the relevant quests through Igor Bartali right before you go to Heidel from Velia while going through the main quests.

 * Characters who begin their adventures from the Western Guard Camp (not the Ancient Stone Chamber) cannot accept the quests above.


● The auto-navigate for "The Isolated Supply Route" quest has been changed to navigate you to where the Gray Wolves are located.

● The following quests can now be normally completed at the Western Guard Camp

 - Desperate Soldiers

 - Tether Stronger

 - Report to Feinia

● Fixed an unnatural description for the knowledge for "A Spineless Strategy".

● Improvements have been made so that Adventurers will now be given with various rewards for gear enhancement and character growth upon completion of Valencia Part I (Main Quest).

● Changed that 'The Delphe Knights in Chaos' quest can now be accepted by spawning Black Spirit after completing 'The Securing of Safe Passage' during the Main Quest of crossroad quests [III].

● Fixed the issue where 'No Longer Human' quest could be accepted continuously even after completing 'Finding Clues' quest.

● Fixed the issue where the quest 'The Story of the Hero Borne Upon the Winds' which cannot be accepted during the Main Quest will no longer be displayed on the quest widget.



● [Central Market] Fixed the issue where a notification would not be displayed when registering pearl items at a higher price than the set price at the Central Market.

● [Central Market] The Desired Purchase Price and Set Price will now stand out more conspicuously within the price list of the Purchase and Sell window at the Central Market.

● [Central Market] Added a feature to the Central Market which shows you the Pearl Shop when there are items available in the Pearl Shop.

● [Central Market] Changed that the description which appears when collecting all for sold items and when registering items will now show whether the Value Pack buff is applied or not.

● [Shadow Arena] The records within the Accomplishments tab of My Information (P) while in Shadow Arena will no longer reset.

● [Shadow Arena] Fixed the issue where the minimize and close buttons would not function when playing in windowed mode.

● Added character skill descriptions in the Shadow Arena.

 - Added a feature which shows you the skill descriptions of your current skills in Shadow Arena when you press the [ALT] key.

● [Shadow Arena] The size of the time UI at the bottom of the Shadow Arena map has been adjusted.

● [Shadow Arena] The Shadow Arena rankings window has improved so that you can see rankings by season.

● Improvements have been made to the Adventure Journal within the ESC menu.

 - Added a sound effect which plays when you open the ESC menu's Adventure Journal.

 - When you close and then re-open the ESC menu's Adventure Journal, the recently selected bookshelf will now appear.

● Improved the Black Spirit's Safe UI.

 - Certain parts of the Black Spirit's Safe has been re-designed.  

 - The number of rewards you can receive will now be displayed beneath the Black Spirit's Safe.

 - The icon on the bottom right which used to show the total number of items will now show the number of rewards.

 - Added a sound effect when receiving Silver.

● Fixed the issue where the size of the quest icons above NPC heads would appear abnormal.

● Improved the Node button description for Tier 1 Node wards in the World Map (M) by displaying Easy, Medium, Hard on the Node button.

● The amount of Flawless Magic Black Stones/Cleansed Magic Black Stones/Stabilized Magic Black Stones will now be displayed for 100% Enhancement Chance enhancements.

● The borders of the quest icon above the NPC heads will now change color depending on the type and progress of the quests.

● Added descriptions about Horoscopes when selecting Horoscopes in the character creation process.

● The character introduction clips which are displayed when creating characters will now show the Awakening clips first.

● Due to the change in the location of where new characters begin, the contents and location of the tutorial has also changed.

● Changed the button design which appear when you die (Guild Resurrection, Observe Mode, Ally Viewpoint, Exit, Revive at Outer Gate, Revive at Inner Gate, Black Spirit Spectate Mode buttons).

● Fixed the issue where certain parts of the Horse portraits were abnormal.

● Adjusted the sizes of the exp graphs, weight, stamina and HP which appear when you press the Mount list at the Stable in the World Map.

● Added a feature in the Mount list (from the Stable at the World Map) which shows the amount of time remaining for Breeding.

● Fixed the issue where workers purchased from the NPC Amity and then registered at the Worker Exchange would appear as if Promotion was available.

● Added a description button at the bottom right of the Breeding Market and Horse Market windows which can be seen through the Stable menu.

● The Pearl Inventory will open by default for outfit extractions.

● Fixed the issue where the underwear button beneath the equipment window would not be displayed when you enter and then leave the equipment repair screen.

● Due to the removal of the limits to the amount of Silver you can possess, you can now select where to receive your Silver when you sell items worth more than 500,000 Silver at NPC's.

● Fixed the issue where the amount of silvers is displayed abnormally when collecting wage on the Guild Window(G).

● Fixed the issue where the amount of silvers is displayed as 0 if a certain amount of silvers are accumulated within the Black Spirit's Safe.

● Fixed the issue where the weight and quantity restriction for moving items a through a Transaction Maid  is not applied when items are stored in the first slot in the Warehouse.

● Fixed the issue where the translated language is not correctly displayed under the skill description in Shadow Arena.



● Central Market has been improved so that the items which often disappear due to network issues when registering or selling will now be restored in your inventory.

● Waiting time has been reduced when you failed moving items from Inventory & Storage to Warehouse or vice versa.

 - However, if you fail moving items due to the VT restriction or temporary disconnection from Central Market will still require the same amount of waiting time.

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Please fix the crash that happens whenever someone try to __create a new character.
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We’d like to announce the updates made to the Black Desert as of 2019, March 6th. <--- 20 no ?
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