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Black Desert 2019-04-10 07:00
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Hello, Adventurers.
This is The MMORPG, Black Desert.


We’d like to announce the updates made to the Black Desert as of 2019, April 10th.
(Patch volume approx. 277.79 MB)


※ For the details, please refer to the contents below.



● Welcome to Mystical Ellie's Water Festival!
  - Event Period: April 10, 2019 (before maintenance) - April 24th, 2019 (before maintenance)
● Beautiful Tulips all around Black Desert World 
  - Event Period: April 10, 2019 (before maintenance) - May 1st, 2019 (before maintenance) 
● 14 Days of Free Trial! Guest Pass is available after April 10th maintenance. 



● Mobile Central Market is opened. With this new feature, you can now access to the Central Market anywhere at anytime! 

- Mobile Central Market allows you to trade items anywhere with silvers and items stored in your Warehouse.
- You need to use your Maid, Butler or your in-game character in order to transfer silver and items between Warehouse to Storage.

[More about Mobile Central Market]

● Shadow Arena will be closed after the April 10th maintenance and the decision was made with our commitment to provide more and fun Black Desert as previously noticed on April 8th announcement. 
- [Event] Blessing of Kamasylve (20 Days) has been sent to you with our appreciation for your support towards Shadow Arena. 
- The Button to enter Shadow Arena placed on the ESC menu has been removed. 
- Following description has been added to the item effect of Blessing of Kamasylve. 
※ Extra rewards for playing Shadow Arena will be available during the Shadow Arena Season only. 

● Items that you could get from a Golden Treasure Chest have been changed as shown below. 
- Gold Bar 10,000G, Sharp Alchemy Stone of Destruction, Sharp Alchemy Stone of Protection, Tungrad Necklace, Tungrad Earring, Nouver's Sealed Sub-weapon Box, Dandelion Weapon Box, Ogre Ring, Ring of Crescent Guardian, Black Magic Crystal - Harphia, Magic Crystal of Infinity - Experience, Caphras Stone, Memory Fragment, Sharp Black Crystal Shard, Cron Stone, Black Stone (Weapon), Black Stone (Armor), Hard Black Crystal Shard, Golden Coelacanth

● Afuaru the Graverobber will appear from Monster Zones in Valencia, except Aakman Temple and Hystria Ruins. 
- Notification message of ‘Afuaru, the graverobber, has appeared! will be displayed when it appears nearby. 
- Afuaru will start running away if an Adventurer approaches because he doesn’t want to lose things he robbed. 
- You can obtain items that Afuaru robbed from grave if you defeat Afuaru. 
- Afuaru often pops a smoke screen to run away and you can use stop him by using debuff skills. However, when Afuaru pops third smoke screen, you can no longer stop him but defeat immediately. 
- Afuaru are considered as a rare monster so it’s easier to find him by looking at the minimap. 
- Afuaru will disappear 1 minute after its appearance. 
- Items you can obtain by defeating Afuaru are not affected by increased item drop rate. 
- Quests that are related to the parchment the grave robbers dropped (which can be obtained upon defeating Afuaru) will be added after future updates. 

● Dawn in the New World has arisen in Valencia. Many Adventurers began stepping toward Valencia in order to discover the clue for searching the treasure. 
You can proceed the following quests if you have 'Parchment Dropped by a Grave Robber'.
- Dawn in the New World
- King's Eye
- How to Face the Sun
- Aiming for the Sun
- A Journal Left Behind
- Eyes that Watches Over the Treasure
- Eyes of the Fallen Giant
- Never Ending Riddles
- A Person Qualified to Face the Treasure
- Titium Valley Journal 

● After the first login with your character, it will now appear facing towards your screen.


● Fixed the issue where the basic attack (W + LMB) after a basic jump attack did not inflict correct amount of damage in Awakening Weapon mode.
● Improved the animation for sprinting in Main Weapon mode. 


● Fixed the graphical glitch on the upper body that occurred when a Ranger goes into the combat stance when wearing basic outfit. 


● Fixed the issue where the stomach area would appear graphically unnatural when standing or sitting while wearing the basic outfit. 


● Fixed the issue where the character would appear graphically broken in combat and non-combat stance when equipped with the Zereth Armor. 
● Fixed the issue where the legs, left arm and hand areas would appear graphically broken. 


● Fixed the graphical glitch with the fox mask decoration attached to the Spring Blossom Outfit on combat stance.
● Fixed the issue where the stomach area appeared graphically awkward when standing or sitting while wearing the basic outfit.

● Fixed the issue where Bheg's Gloves appeared on the hands when equipped with the Noel outfit.


● A new Challenge reward has been added which allows you to receive the "+15 Liverto Weapon Box" upon reaching Lv. 55.
● Central Market has been designed as a first step to create free market economy amongst Adventurers with intention to add convenience and accessibility for more fun in trading goods. 
However after the introduction of Central Market, the price gap between blue grade items and reformed items started get widen due to the low amount of trades for the Ultimate. 
Therefore, following fixes has been applied to Central Market in order to offset the price gap between these items. 
1. Reformed blue grade items have been removed. 
    - The blue grade items that were reformed previously have been changed to yellow grade (Ultimate). 
2. You can no longer register yellow grade items in Central Market. 
    - All of the reformed blue grade gears (items) that were registered, pre-ordered and purchased from Central Market have been collected and sent to in-game mail box. 
    - You can register yellow grade items to Central Market after extracting the Reform Stone from Blacksmith. 
    - In order to extract the Reform Stone, you need a Restoration Stone which you can purchase from a Blacksmith or Armor Vendor at 1,000 silvers. Once you extract the Reform Stone, you will obtain a previous status gear and the Reform Stone. 
3. You can reform a gear to yellow grade only at a certain chance with Grade 1, 2, 3 Reform Stones. 
4. You can craft weapon/gear at the workshop and can obtain yellow grade at a certain chance. 
5. Visual and sound effect have been added upon success or fail.
6. Enhancement Chance would be displayed when attempting to reform.
We are investigating if there's any exploits made in relation to the price difference. 
● Obtainable outfits have been added to the item descriptions for the following:
- Ancient Spirit's Crystal - Swiftness: Garnier Troupe Garb
- Ancient Spirit's Crystal - Valor: Delphe Knights Armor
● Fixed the item description of Margoria Dark Iron to refer to the correct Gathering level.  
- Professional 10 -> Skilled 10
● Fixed the issue where the Striker and Archer classes could not equip the below clothes using the Equipment Tailoring Coupon even after reaching the required Sailing Level.
- Apprentice Sailor's Clothes (Costume)
- Skilled Sailor's Clothes (Costume)
- Professional Sailor's Clothes (Costume)


● The conditions for the initial availability of the Dark Rift has changed. 
- Before: at least 1 character within the Family which completed the Awakening quest.
- Now: at least 1 character within the Family which reached Lv. 56.
● The Ahib Griffon from the Dark Rift will now return to the spawn place if it strays too far away from the Dark Rift while performing its midair chasing motions.
● The Moghulis from the Dark Rift will now use a skill based attack even when the adventurer is nearby. 
● Fixed the issue where the Mad Screaming Orc Warrior would stand up awkwardly when attacked by an attack which should lift and knock it down.
● The following monster names have changed.
- Young Tree Spirit → Small Tree Spirit
- Young Glutoni → Small Glutoni
- Young Khuruto → Small Khuruto
- Young Harpy → Small Harpy
- Young Red Orc → Small Red Orc
- Young Red Orc Warrior → Small Red Orc Warrior
- Young Treant → Small Treant
- Young Altar Imp → Small Altar Imp 
 *Due to the name changes, related knowledge, name of NPCs and reference to them in quest have also changed. 
● Fixed the issue that Red Nose is now equipped with its weapon.


● When you register a mount at the Stable while you do not have any mounts called, the mount you registered will now immediately be called.
● The following changes have been made for Dream Horses Arduanatt and Diné.
  - Characters will now move more naturally during the skills Wings of Wind and Wings of Freedom.
  - You can now use Wings of Wind and Wings of Freedom during the descent after using the skill Leap.
  - You can now press the S key to quickly descend during Wings of Wind or Wings of Freedom.
  - You can now use the skill Charge faster after using Earth of Life or Earth of Protection.
  - You can now use the Earth of Life while the horse is moving.
  - You can now use the Earth of Life while the horse is using the Sprint or Instant Accel skill.
● Fixed the issue where the fall damage reduction buff was not applied properly to Arduanatt after you landed it by pressing the S key after it performed the skills Wings of Wind and Wings of Freedom.
● Fixed the issue where Dark Rift monsters would not appear when you approached the rifts while gliding above a certain altitude on Arduanatt. 
● Turn and Brake ability for Galley, Epheria Sailboat/Frigate have been increased as shown below. 

- Turn = 100% > 110%
- Brake = 100% > 110%

- Turn = 100% > 110%
- Brake = 100% > 110%

- Turn = 110% > 120%
- Brake = 110% > 120%
● Turn ability by Ram, Smooth-Turn and AbruptTurn for Galley, Epheria Sailboat and Frigate has been enhanced.
- The higher Turn stats, the more you can feel the difference.


【NPC, Background, Sound】
● Fixed the titles of the NPCs around the excavation site near the Ancient Stone Chamber.
● Changed the icon for the quest 'Support from the Church'. 
● The color of the highlighted text in the following quests has been changed.
 - The Confession I
 - The Confession II
 - Rising Black Energy
 - Down in the Deep
● Fixed the issue where Mael Costa at Costa Farm did not rent a Small Fence. 


【Quest, Knowledge】
● Fixed the recipe for Steamed Seafood in the quest summary of [Cooking Lv23] Stamina Food of the Sea. 
● Fixed the recipe for Seafood Pasta in the quest summary of [Cooking Lv26] I Can Never Forget!
● The button "Lost Weapon of Basteer" in the Black Spirit window will now only appear to adventurers who are Lv. 45 or below.
● Fixed the issue where the following daily quests in the Quest window (O)>Recommended>[Lv.46] Departure! Path to Hunting would appear even when they were completed.
- [Daily] Easy Game
- [Daily] Hunter's Honor
- [Daily] The Reckless One
● You can now also get the knowledge for Valencian Mission from Ganin Arth at Ancient Ruins Excavation Site.
● The location where the boss is spawned for the [Boss] Black Spirit and the Giant Imp quest has been changed from Velia Beach to Altar of Agris.
● The auto-navigate feature will now take you to the destination to complete The Isolated Supply Route quest (which is an existing main quest).
● Changed the quest objective icon for the quest 'Warmish Life (?)'.
● Changed the quest objective icon for the quest 'With an Elixir's Power'. 
● Changed the text for the following quests.
- Lucky Fountain -> Lucky Well 
● The conditions for completing the Trading with the Shen Merchant Guild #2 quest has been changed.
- Before: Craft the Apprentice's Alchemy Box using Imperial Alchemy
- Now: Hand over Clear Liquid Reagent
- Before: Earn silver by delivering the Apprentice's Alchemy Box to the Imperial Delivery Manager
- Now: Hand over Pure Powder Reagent
● '[Daily] To Become Karlstein' quest which used to be displayed under 'Karlstein Outfit Crafting: The One Who Follows the Path of Vetor' in Suggested tab has now been moved to Recurring tab.
● We have resolved the issue where adventurers who completed all of the quest series for the '[Lv. 55 the Great Ocean] The Uncharted Sea, History of Margoria' quest prior to its revamp on April 3rd could not complete 'The Discovered and Undiscovered' quest.
- Therefore, the quest you received has been forfeited, and you can receive the 'First Time in Margoria' quest from Black Spirit and complete the quest series.  
- The quest rewards for 'The Discovered and Undiscovered' quest will not be given out again through the 'First Time in Margoria' quest for Adventurers who have already completed all of the Margoria quest series prior to April 3rd.
- The quest completion conditions for 'The Discovered and Undiscovered' quest has been changed from 'Go to blacksmith Bindo in Port Ratt and complete the treasure quest' to 'Ask about the old treasure'. Once you meet the conditions, you can restore 'Old Treasure'.
- List of restorable items based on the number of the Old Treasure you have has been added to the Old Treasure's item tooltip. 
- The 'First Time in Margoria' quest has been added to the Suggested tab from the quest list.
- A warning message has been added to the quest completion text for the 'Treasure of the Ancient Shrine I-VI' quests.
● Conditions to receive 'Welcome to Altinova!' quest has been changed as below.
   - Reach Lv. 52 or higher -> Reach Lv. 52 and complete the Bridle of Destiny quest.
● Changed that the Certain Gain Knowledge buttons will no longer be displayed after they have been obtained.
● Fixed a typo in the NPC dialog when going through the quest, 'A Ship in Distress in the Peyon Sea'.
● A quest has been added where you can obtain the Garnier Guitar upon completion. 
● Fixed the issue where quests you could not receive due to the revamp of Main Quest in early stage were still displayed under Suggested tab on the Quest(O) window.
● Fixed the issue where you could not enter the Cohen Farm through Irrigation System from Port Epheria. 


● The detection area of the scrollbar has been expanded for every UI in the game.
● Fixed the issue where the guide which is intended to only show up when you first discover a mount was appearing in irrelevant situations.
● Fixed the issue where the Mount skill guide was not displayed under specific situations.
● Mount skills will now appear in the skill guide when boarding a mount.
● Fixed the issue where the skill guide would not appear when getting off from a mount.
● Fixed the issue where the Node Manager names would bleed out of the Node Information window in the World Map (M).
● You can now select Tier 1 Nodes through the Node War Information tab in the World Map.
● Fixed the issue where the button to participate in a Node War was not working properly for War Heroes who are in a Guild Alliance.
● When you have items which do not stack together with items which are stackable when Processing, the same items will no longer have the "Processing" button.
● You can now view the tax benefits of Tier 1 Nodes (Easy/Medium/Hard) through the Node Tax Info. window from Node Management NPC's.
● A notification icon for the Dark Rift will now appear when you reach Lv. 56. 
● Fixed the issue where the information within the Mount Information window available from Stable in World Map(M) is displayed as overlapped.
● When you come out of the Stable after finding your first mount, a guide text will now appear on the mount icon at the top left of the screen.
● When using Party Assembly and Return of an Archaeologist, the icon on the top right side of the screen will now disappear after the time limit expires.
● Fixed the issue where the icon tooltip would disappear when joining a party.
● Fixed the issue where furniture could be placed as overlapped in certain situations in Housing mode.
● Fixed the typo for the title which can be acquired once you have reached the "Skilled Farmer" level of Farming.
● Fixed the issue where the border colors (rewards, knowledge, EXP,  etc.) would change within the Quest window .
● The "Slots" and "View as List" buttons within the Central Market's Sell tab will reflect the latest view you selected.
● Fixed the issue where unattainable knowledge will no longer be displayed. 
● Fixed the issue where the Upgrade sound effect would play even when using the Upgrade Now feature.
● Added a background color to the Quick Slots to make them more visible.
● Fixed the issue where certain items occasionally did appear when searching items in the Central Market.
● Fixed the issue where the Attendance Reward was often displayed abnormally. 
● Fixed the issue where buttons occassionally didn't work when interacting with certain NPCs.
● You can now check the information about Tier 1 Nodes: Easy, Medium, Hard displayed in Participating Region which is shown when you attempt to build a fort. 
● Fixed the issue where number of certain items were not displayed in Black Spirit's Safe


● Improvements were made so that certain UI does not take up memory.
● Fixed the issue of friendly fire inflicted damage within the offense side of Conquest War.
● Fixed the issue where the game client often shuts down itself. 
● You can no longer store bound items to the Central Market Warehouse.
● Fixed the issue where you could turn your ship at abnormal speed with a controller.


We hope you enjoy your time in Black Desert,
Thank you.

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