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Black Desert 2019-04-17 07:00
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Hello, Adventurers.

This is The MMORPG, Black Desert.


We’d like to announce the updates made to the Black Desert as of 2019, April 17th.

(Patch volume approx. 233.61 MB)


※ For the details, please refer to the contents below.




Special events with Lahn!

※ Event Period: April 17, 2019 after maintenance ~ May 22, 2019 at 23:59

[ Click here for more details ]



Pre-registration for the new class Lahn has begun.

● Item price restriction for Private Trade will now change followed by market price change in Central Market.

● A notification will be displayed when registering an item which exceeds price restriction.

● Notification message about the item price has been added to the Private Trade window.

● If you are on vacation from your Guild, you can now be attacked by members of Guilds that your own Guild is at war with.

  - However, as before, you cannot attack them.

● You now only apply for vacation from your Guild when you are in a safe zone.

● Fixed the issue where you can now correctly use Elephant during Node/Conquest War based on the number of Elephant Nursery you have built.



 Added information about accuracy in the skill description of the following skills.

 Please note that when it comes to skills with Grapple effect, accuracy is referring to hit damage accuracy and not the accuracy of the grapple effect itself.

- Warrior: Take Down

- Ranger: Spirit's Shackles, Flow: Rooting

- Sorceress: Flow of Darkness, Blade of Darkness, Nightmare, Black Spirit: Cartian's Protection

- Berserker: Flow: Shooting Mobility, Rooting

- Tamer: Stretch Kick, Soaring Kick, Cloud Stomping

- Musa: Blooming, Counter Assassination

- Maehwa: Blooming, Sticky Snowflake

- Valkyrie: Punishment, Wave of Light

- Witch: Mana Absorption, Toxic Flood, Flow: Voltaic Tett, Flow: Rage Tett, Flow: Gorr Launch, Flow: Gorr Roll

- Wizard: Mana Absorption, Lava Field, Flow: Fire Breath Marg, Flow: Fire Fist Marg, Flow: Arne’s Stream, Flow: Arne’s Guidance

- Ninja: Flash Bondage

- Kunoichi: Ninjutsu: Sinew Cut, Assassin's Trail, Delighted Blast

- Dark Knight: Luscious Snare

- Striker: Massive Suppression, Hell Break, Echo Spirit, Flow: Bite Off

- Archer: Righteous Fire, Black Spirit: Radiant Explosion

● You can no longer jump when you are carrying trade items and over 125% of your weight limit.



● Fixed the issue where the hit effect was not displayed when performing a jump attack while sprinting in Awakening mode.   



Information about the skill Flow: Cry of Darkness has been moved from the skill description of Blade of Darkness to that of Flow: Cry of Darkness.



Fixed the issue where the text "IMMUNE" would no longer appear when using the skill Soaring Kick.



Fixed the issue where using Teleport shows a message and abnormal character movements.

Added additional information about Magic Lighthouse for how the skill works in the skill description.



You can now attack characters at lower position than you with the skills Fissure Wave and Black Spirit: Fissure Wave.



Fixed the typo in the skill description about Reduce Accuracy Rate for Backstep Slash and Blind Thrust.



Fixed the issue where the skill Glissade does not deal  1 Hit Damage or 2 Hit Damage intermittently.

● Fixed the issue where the armpit and thigh area would appear graphically broken when wearing the Sailor's Clothes.



Fixed the issue where the Exchange Information of the Robe Piece (obtained from the Sausan Garrison) descriptions was not correctly displayed.

● Fixed a typo for the item descriptions for [Conquest] Sturdy Octagonal Fort.

● [Event] A Fateful Choice item can be sold to NPC vendor for 10,000 Silver.

● [Dark Rift] New Box of the Dead has been added from which you can also obtain 'Cron Stone' upon defeating the monster.


Item List


Box of the Desperate Dead


Box of the Distorted Dead


Box of the Silent Dead

Item name of 'Box of the Dead' which you obtained prior to April 17th maintenance has been changed to 'Box of the Spirit' and items you can obtain from this item remains the same.



Box of the Desperate Dead

Box of the Silent Spirit

Box of the Distorted Dead

Box of the Distorted Spirit

Box of the Silent Dead

Box of the Desperate Spirit

Fixed the issue where the character's obtainable outfit appeared abnormally when opening a Bloody Outfit Box.

● Fixed the issue where Dark Knight, Striker, and Mystic would get an outfit not suitable for their class when opening a Bloody Outfit Box.

● Some of the Japonesque item names have been changed as shown below.

- Japonesque Carp Wall → Zen Carp Wall

- Japonesque Ceramic Teacup → Zen Ceramic Teacup

- Japonesque Cherry Blossom Lantern → Zen Cherry Blossom Lantern

- Japonesque Wall Lamp → Zen Wall Lamp

- Japonesque Ceramic Tableware → Zen Ceramic Tableware

- Japonesque Dining Table → Zen Dining Table

- Japonesque Carp Wall Scroll → Zen Carp Wall Scroll



● Added an effect which shows you the actual Dark Rift when a monster appears from it.

 - The Dark Rift effect does not affect actual combat.

● Improved the animation when inflicting damage to the Ruins Guard Tower which appears through quests and the Dark Rift.

● Added animation where the soldiers start to fight against Red Orc on your side after you break the prison and set them free.

● Fixed the issue where the Ruins Guard Tower appearing from the Dark Rift did not summon ancient weapons.

● Placed the Dark Rift graphical effects upwards, so that the effects will not interfere with your combat.



 The speed at which miniature elephants move by pressing 'Shift' key when Quick Run is not learned and Saddle is not equipped has been increased by 65%.

● Adjusted the location where some of the wild horses at Mediah Northern Highlands and Rumbling Land appear, to prevent them from getting stuck in rocks or trees.

● Fixed the issue where the Drift skill intermittently could not be used by a horse when used after Instant Accel or S: Instant Accel.

● The speed at which camels move in the desert when using the skill Quick Steps has been increased by 40%.
● The landing speed by pressing the S key while gliding on an [Arduanatt] has been increased.


【NPC, Background, Sound】

Fixed the issue where you it was possible to hand over certain Trade goods to the following NPCs

 - Maonil

 - Gerold

 - Kunka

 - Sidimin

 - Isaria

 - Izaak

 - Andes

 - Bilao

 - Ninehart

 - Sion

 - Sagotts

 - Riotina

 - Seltin


【Quest, Knowledge】

A guide quest has been added which can help you to obtain Miniature Elephant.

 - Adventurers with Lv.55 or higher can accept 'The Adorable and Trusty Porter, Miniature Elephant' quest from Bochlo at Sand Grain Bazzar.

● A guide about Desert Trading buff has been added to the following NPCs.

 - Atui Balacs

 - Samaya

* These new contents have been added in order to improve accessibility to desert related contents.

● Fixed the issue where the Gain Knowledge button would be displayed during dialogues for certain quests even after the knowledge was already obtained.

● Fixed the issue where the Black Spirit's appearance would not change after completing a certain quest.

● The options you have to choose between during the quest The Recovery of Aal's Light can no longer be selected by pressing the R key.

● Fixed awkward texts in some quest dialog.

● Fixed a typo in the "Fishing Trip, Huh." quest.

● Fixed the issue where Awakening quests that could not be accepted were being recommended.



Fixed the issue where the enhancement level for the accessories would be displayed as PRI, DUO, TRI, TET, PEN in the Volatile Price Items list for the Web Central Market.

● Fixed the issue where the chat highlight/bold feature did not work when using the @charactername command in the chat window.

● Sales record under Sell tab in Central Market has been simply re-organized.

● Adjusted direction of arrow which indicates where to click to interact with NPC during tutorial.

● Fixed the issue where the dye information was misplaced in item descriptions.

● Fixed the issue where the sizes or placements for the reward icons within the Challenge tab of the My Info and Quest Summary window would be abnormal.

● Fixed the issue where the sizes and placements of the item icons within the Trade Info window would be abnormal.

● Fixed the issue where the mount information would overlap within the Mount Information window.

● There is now a cancel button while you are attempting to automatically reconnect to the game. You can quit the game while reconnecting by pressing this cancel button.

● Improved the GM Announcement feature.

 - You can now view multiple announcements within a single view.

● Fixed the issue where the maid/butler icon and character switch icon often overlapped when registering a maid after you create a Family for the first time.

● An unnaturally placed rock at a certain Shakatu area has been removed.

● Changed the way to display number of items in Web Central Market.

● Web Central Market's page name has been changed.

● Notification message which is displayed when you collect in regards to having Value Pack has been changed as below.

   - Before: Are you sure you want to collect now?   

   - After: Continue without a Value Pack?

● Fixed the issue where the mouse scroll button disappeared when you mouse over the mount list in wharf.   

● The default color of empty Quick Slots have been changed to be clear.

● When you drag an item from your Inventory, the empty Quick Slots will become colored again.

● Improved 4 Pearl Outfit Box Icons displayed in Web Central Market.

● The text for the effects which are displayed for Caphras Enhancements will now be displayed properly.

● The arrow which is displayed while talking to the Overseer will no longer cover the dialogue during the Excavation Site quest.

● Fixed the issue where the game client would shut down when you repeatedly click on the Red Battlefield Revival button after dying in the Red Battlefield.

● Fixed the issue where the icon for Luanwulf was not displayed in Web Central Market.



● Savage Rift rewards, Red Battlefield rewards, and attendance rewards will now be distributed through the Black Spirit's Safe.

● Improvements were made so that certain UI does not take up memory.

● The Maid/Butler will no longer have a cooldown when it is registered for the first time.

● When the Faraway NPC Detail option has been selected, monsters in cities will appear as black silhouettes while loading.

● You can now press Enter to verify OTP code or click the Confirm button when logging in from the launcher.


We hope you enjoy your time in Black Desert,

Thank you

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