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Hello, Adventurers.

This is The MMORPG, Black Desert.


We’d like to announce the updates made to the Black Desert as of 2019, May 8th.

(Patch volume approx. 466.73 MB)


※ For the details, please refer to the contents below.



●  Take Flight as Lahn Awakens!

- Event Period: May 8, 2019 after maintenance ~ May 29, 2019 before maintenance

[Click here for more details]

●  Follow the Golden Bar Road May Logın Rewards!

- Event Period: May 9 2019 at 00:00 ~ June 12, 2019 at 23:59

[Click here for more details]

●  New Pearl Items have been added to Pearl Shop! Check out the link below for more details!

[Go to Pearl Shop Update]


●  Lahn has awakened.

●  The awakening weapon of Lahn, 'Crimson Glaives', has been added.

●  You would be able to obtain the title 'Wings of Destruction' upon completing all of the Awakening Weapon quests.

●  Quest for the awakening weapon of Lahn has been added.

- You can obtain the quest from Black Spirit if you have reached Lv.56 or higher with Lahn.

- [Lahn Awakening] Fragmented Memories

- [Lahn] Traces of Madness

- [Lahn] Voice of Destruction

- [Lahn] Mask of Truth

- [Lahn] Remembrance

> Lahn's Memory, Pain

> Lahn's Memory, Destruction

> Lahn's Memory, Death

- [Lahn] Crimson Glaives of Antiquity - Combo

- [Lahn] Crimson Glaives of Antiquity - Practice

- You can receive a quest from Black Spirit for [Event] Gift of Skill Reset upon completion of the Lahn's awakening weapon quest, [Lahn] Crimson Glaives of Antiquity - Practice.

●  You can now exchange 10 Shiny Golden Seal - [Imperial Delivery] items with the [Guild] Special Iron Ingot (Calpheon Workshop) item.

- Velia Imperial Delivery Manager Mathias

- Heidel Imperial Delivery Manager Radolf Hansen

- Calpheon Imperial Delivery Manager Lamiro Iadans

- Altinova Imperial Delivery Manager Woodrey

- Valencia Imperial Delivery Manager Damac

●  Life skill level has been expanded.

- There are various life skills that Adventurers have reached Guru level already while there are relatively lower life levels in current Black Desert World.

- Last week, we introduced adjustments for obtainable and required life skill EXP for each life category.

- Also, we have expanded life level up to Guru 50 in order to provide further motivation for those who have reached the top rank.  

- We have made improvements so that Adventurers can enjoy more and better benefits with the increased life level and we will continue to make enhance life contents in many ways.

●  Fixed the issue where the increased reload speed effect from consuming food would not be applied when reloading Matchlock while moving.

●  Fixed the issue where the 2nd and 3rd shooting effect when shooting continuously while equipped with the [Event] Matchlock would look unnatural.

●  Fixed the issue where you were occasionally unable to reload when you received a debuff effect attack while you were using the Matchlock or reloading it while moving or on a mount.

●  The Matchlock reloading motion will now look more natural.

●  After you enter the game, when you click on the mouse button while the character is facing the screen, you will now immediately see the character's backside.

●  Fixed the issue where the character would occasionally scoop up water multiple times at once when attempting to continuously scoop water.

●  A common female voiceover has been added.

- Added a 13th voice when selecting a voice for a new female character.

●  Fixed the issue where the skill level would occasionally not update properly when a character would level up while on a mount.



●  The effects for Charging Thrust have been improved.



●  Fixed the graphical issue where the chest area would look awkwardly when wearing Bern Armor.



●  Preceding motion for Voltaic Pulse skill has been reduced.

- Voltaic Pulse IV will now cast more quickly.



●  Fixed the issue where the Carver: Typhoon skill would not activate when acquiring the Absolute: Carver skill.



●  Added a description about the "pushes the target on hits" effect on the skill description for Backstab.

●  Divider III will no longer display abnormal motions when you press Q and E at the same time.

●  Fixed the graphical issue with the chest that occurred when wearing Le Vladian Underwear with Kibelius outfit or Kibelius Divinus outfit under certain character customization settings.


【Striker, Mystic】

●  Fixed a typo in the skill descriptions for Heavy Fist IX.

●  Fixed the graphical issue with the neck that occurred when toggling on the Head Gear Setting while wearing Garnier Troupe Garb.


【Dark Knight】

●  Fixed the issue where the Obsidian Ashes and Shadow Strike skill would not activate when used in areas where the ceiling was low.

●  Skill effect of the Shadow Strike has been changed.



●  Certain effects for Deadly Explosion has been changed.

●  Effects have been added to the following Absolute skills.

- Absolute: Meteor Dive

- Absolute: Arrow Explosion

- Absolute: Bolt of Radiance

- Absolute: Storm of Light

- Absolute: Earth Shatter

●  The knockdown effect for the Black Spirit: Full Bloom and Full Bloom skill will now only apply to PvE.



●  When hitting a target with the Cymbidium skill, you can now properly combo to the Three Point Stipple skill by holding down LMB.



●  Purchasing the Main, Sub and Awakening Weapon Exchange Coupon will now be restricted once per Family.

- It is possible to gain net profit by selling weapons for difference classes with different listed prices. And this was intended to result in natural price formation in the market if only done by those who use the coupon purely for their needs.   

- However, if the coupon is used repeatedly on the purpose of gaining net profit, this will disorder natural market economy and we were concerned that this may harm or cause inconvenience to those who would like to trade their weapons, hence we decided to implement purchase limit on this product.   

- We'll keep looking forward in order to ensure sound market environment with all the Adventurers.

* We are currently investigating in detail to find any exploits made by using the Weapon Exchange Coupon. We will announce to every Adventurer with further notice if more cases are found. ● Tungrad Ring the new accessory has been added.  

- Basic Stat : AP +6, Accuracy +2

- Item Effect : Self-collectible Black Spirit's Rage +10%

- Enhancement Effect : AP increases by 3, Accuracy increases by 2

- How to Obtain : Sycraia Underwater Ruins 

●  The new alchemy ingredient 'Essence of Abyss' has been added.

- 'Essence of Abyss' can be obtained from Underwater Ruins and used to produce Frenzy Draught.

●  Frenzy Draught the newly added elixir which can provide best buff effect can now be used.

- Item Effect : Extra AP Against Monsters +20, All Accuracy +12, Max Stamina +200, HP Recovery +3 per hit, All DP -15, Critical Hit Damage +10%, Weight Limit +100LT

- Duration : 15 min

- Cooldown : 10 sec

- Frenzy Draught can be produced through Simple Alchemy.

- Ingredients : Essence of Abyss x1, Elixir of Deminuman Hunt x3, Elixir of Frenzy x3, Tears of the Falling Moon x1

※ Higher-grade versions of the same elixir can be used as a substitute with lower quantity. (ex, you can replace Elixir of Frenzy x3 with Fierce Demihuman Hunting Elixir x1)

※ While this item is in effect the effects of elixirs will not be applied, Excluding those of Perfume of Courage, Perfume of Swiftness, Elixir of Deep Sea, Khalk's Elixir, Spirit Perfume Elixir, Whale Tendon Elixir or Tough Whale Tendon Elixir.

●  New Workshop has been added to Grána 14.

- You can produce furniture that can be crafted from Grána workshop.


* [1 Level]

- Kamasylvian Standard Bench

- Kamasylvian Atanis Bench

- Kamasylvian Loopy Short Bench

- Kamasylvian Loopy Bench  

- Kamasylvian Meeting Chair  

- Kamasylvian Commander's Chair

- Kamasylvian Squared Chair

- Kamasylvian Momellies Chair

- Kamasylvian Compact Bench


* [2 Level]

- Kamasylvian  Lemoria Drawers

- Kamasylvian Grace Bedside Table

- Kamasylvian Clock Stand

- Kamasylvian Patterned Bedside Table  

- Kamasylvian Webbed Bedside Table

- Kamasylvian Carved Bedside Table

- Kamasylvian Grove Partition

- Kamasylvian Old Moon Round Table

- Smooth Kamasylvian Wooden Side Table

- Kamasylvian Melody Side Table

- Kamasylvian Compact Wine Jar

- Kamasylvian Basic Wine Jar

- Kamasylvian Wine Jar

- Kamasylvian Single Tiered Wine Rack

- Kamasylvian Two-Tiered Wine Rack

- Kamasylvian Multi-Tiered Wine Rack


● The description related to summoning time for the Fat Catfishman Summon Scroll descriptions has been revised like the following:

- The boss will disappear after 5 minutes of idleness or in 30 minutes after being summoned.

●  You can now auto-move while equipped with all Matchlocks and the Trina Demolition Axe.

●  The number of tokens required for an exchange for the Hunter's Token has been changed, and additional items available for exchange have been added.

*Items that can be exchanged with Hunter's Tokens.

- [Hunting] Beginner Matchlock: 4

- [Hunting] Apprentice Matchlock: 5

- [Hunting] Skilled Matchlock: 8

- [Hunting] Professional Matchlock: 15

- [Hunting] White Wolf Boss Subjugation Scroll: 45

- [Hunting] King Brown Bear Boss Subjugation Scroll: 45

- Spirit Pouch of Ferocious Beast: 25

●  Fixed the issue where the Sub-Weapon looks awkwardly when [Combat] Trina Matchlock is equipped with.



●  The entrance to the Protty Cavern has been discovered on Weita Island.  

- Recommended AP for Protty Cavern is 170 and you can get inside of the cave through the entrance on Weita Island.

- You should be cautious for Kaz Protty as it can inflict damage by Smash Attack combo.

- Monsters in the Protty Cavern are slow so it is recommended to gather the monsters in one spot and defeat them all.

- Prepare lightening equipment such as Atanis Firefly since the inside of the caven is quite dark.

●  Sycraia Underwater Ruins has been added to the deep in the Arsha Sea.

- Recommended AP for Sycraia Underwater Ruins is 230, and you can access the Ruins by diving into the deep sea and swiming into the entrance of the ruins.

- It is highly recommended to equip an outfit or an item that can increase your Underwater Breathing since you need to dive into the deep water.

- If you use Memories of the Deep Sea, you can activate the door to enter the Abyssal Zone.

- This place is very challenging for most Adventurers with recommended AP of 280 or higher. Monsters in the Abyssal Zone can debuff your attack/casting speed so you should destroy them first in order to take advantage in combat.

●  The Underwater Ruins also adds a new summonable field-boss named Sycrid.

- Sycrid do not appear naturally, but it can be summoned by combining Ancient Creature's Sacle (which can be obtained from Sycraia Underwater Ruins) into the Form of an Ancient Creature. The boss will appear 30 15 minutes after releasing the Ancient Seal. (This field boss can be summoned only once per week.)

- First the Sycrid is invincible and this cannot be attacked by Adventurers. You must defeat all of the summoned Sycrecks and then you can attack the Sycrid.  

- The Sycrid can attack not only the one who summoned it but also other Adventurers around.

- Once the Sycrid approaches to a certain point, it will disappear and all of the Adventurers who participated the battle can obtain items. (Top 20 15 Adventurers who make contribution to the combat can loot reward items)

- Sycrid leaves Tungrad Ring, Ancient Seal - Red Shard, Ancient Seal - Black Shard, etc.

- Death penalty will be applied if you get killed by Sycrid or summoned Sycreck, so you must be careful.

- You can't summon more than 2 Sycrids at once or within a short period of time.

- If Sycrid disappears after 15 minutes of its first appearance, you will not be able to loot the reward items.

●  Mutant Ogre and Mutant Troll have been added.

●  You can obtain following items at a certain chance upon defeating Mutant Ogre and Mutant Troll.

 - Mutant Ogre: Ogre Ring, Soiled Ogre Ring, Shattered Necklace, Hunter's Seal, Ancient Artifact

 - Mutant Troll: Mutant Troll Statue, Hunter's Seal, Troll Hide

●  The Poacher and Treasure Chest have been added to the following regions in Kamasylvia.

- Polly's Forest, Fadus Habitat, Navarn Steppe, Manshaum Forest, Mirumok Ruins, Tooth Fairy Forest, Gyfin Rhasia Temple

- Once the Poacher and the Treasure chest appear, a system message will be displayed saying 'The nearby poacher seems to be moving a suspicious looking box.'

- Defeat the Poacher and destroy the chest in order to obtain one of the following items with silvers. Each item can be exchanged to Peridot Fruit or Peridot Tree via NPC in Grána.

- Valtarra Relic Fragment : Peridot Fruit x1

- Krogdalo's Tear : Peridot Fruit x10

- Gyfin Rhasia Statue of Earth : Peridot Tree x1

- Kamasylve Fruit of Harmony : Peridot Tree x10  

 * You can obtain 100,000 silvers and 10,000,000 silver for selling each Peridot Fruit and Tree.

 * Treasure chest will disappear if no damage is inflicted for 2 minutes.

 * You can obtain valuable rewards from the Treasure Chest Possessed by Black Spirit.

●  Items you can obtain from the Treasure Chest

- Sturdy Alchemy Stone of Life, Kamasylve Fruit of Harmony, Narc Ear Accessory, Valtarra Eclipsed Belt

  Gyfin Rhasia Sculpture of Earth, Krogdalo's Origin Stone, Forest Fury, Forest Ronaros Ring

  Lemoria Helmet, Lemoria Armor, Lemoria Gloves, Lemoria Shoes, Krogdalo's Tear

  Pure Forest Breath, Manshaum Voodoo Doll, Valtarra Relic Fragment 

●  The Phnyl and Feather Wolf monsters located at Kamasylvia will no longer abnormally chase the adventurers.

●  Item looting effect will now be properly displayed in the spot where the looting happens upon defeating a monster.

- Only items you can actually loot will be displayed.


【NPC, Background, Sound】

● Fixed the issue where it was difficult to get out of the Irrigation System at Valencia Castle and Mediah when an elephant dropped inside of it.

- This issue was reported by the Adventurer who attended the last Voice of Adventurers.

We'd like to show our appreciation that this issue was found and could be fixed.

Please send your report if there's an issue you like to let us know. Thank you!

● Fixed the issue where the geographical features were not correctly updated when you move your position while pressing LMB in the World Map.

●  The locations of certain NPC's at Sand Grain Bazaar will now appear more natural.

●  The seagulls will fly normally around the skies of Port Epheria.

●  Edited the dialog which appears when you encounter Edan again at the Ancient Stone Chamber to be more natural.

●  Fixed the issue where certain geographical features of the Valencia Waragon Nest would look unnatural.

●  The conditions for activating the Trade button for the Trade Manager NPC's have been removed.

- You can now immediately check out the Trade system after a Family has been created.

●  Fixed the issue where distant views of the game world would occasionally not be visible.

●  When you greet NPC Dichzy Borne, the NPC's mustache will no longer disappear.

●  New NPC Shiela has been added to Iliya Island.

- Click 'It's important to warm up before you swim...' button which is displayed when you interact with Shiela and you can get Swimming Speed Buff +59% for 5 minutes by consuming 20 energy.

●  New NPC the Blacksmith Dustin, General Goods Vendor Etimund and the Director of Currency Exchange Munwar have been placed inside the Protty Cave.

●  New NPC the Blacksmith Lynelman, General Goods Vendor Lawrenee have been placed inside Sycraia Underwater Ruins.

●  NPC Gormin has been added to the Abyssal Zone.

- You can repair your gears and sell items to this NPC.

Reflection images of several items in Pearl Shop (F3) have been fixed to be more natural.

● New NPC Voiceover has been applied for the following regions. - Mediah, early stage of the Main Quest: updated with new voiceover


【Quest, Knowledge】

●  Fixed the issue where you could not complete the "Do You See That? Right There!" quest.

●  Fixed the issue where the Max Energy of some adventurers may have decreased by 1 due to the amount of knowledge entries under the Valencia Waragon knowledge category.

- We have decreased the required amount of knowledge entries for this category back to 5 from 6 so that the players who lost 1 Energy will recover the Energy back.

●  Fixed the issue where you could not re-accept the quest Excavation Site if you had forfeited it.

●  Changed the icons of the Leaves of Grace and [Daily] Lanka and Kamasylve quests.

●  The icon for the Lonesome Jacob quest will be properly displayed.

●  Fixed the issue where the auto-navigate would guide you to the incorrect NPC for the Workshop Refining Technique quest. 

●  The navigation route at Calpheon Workshop has been changed so that the characters will not run into obstacles.

●  A condition for interacting with the Unstable Crevice has been added to the quest summary for the Laila's Scattered Petals quest.

●  Fixed the issue where you could not search for Yianaros's Field Node Manager in the Find NPC feature.

●  Fixed the issue where the Yianaros's Field Node Manager NPC would be displayed as a question mark in the minimap.

●  Quests for the new Underwater Ruins have been added.

- After completing all of the Main Quests from Kamasylvia, you can start the quest line with <The Mortally Wounded Man> quest, which can be received from a villager in Port Epheria with level 58 or higher character.

●  [Daily] Quests have been added to Protty Cave.

- You can receive the following quests with a level 58 or higher character which completed [Boss] Witch-Hunting or Looking for Adventurers.

- [Daily] Detecting Danger

- [Daily] Threatening Monsters

- [Daily] Save My Rum!

- [Daily] Eerie Structures

●  [Daily] Quests have been added to Sycraia Underwater Ruins.

- You can receive the following quests with a level 60 or higher character which completed [Boss] Witch-Hunting or Looking for Adventurers.

- [Daily] Preparing to Escape

- [Daily] Give Me Some Time!

- [Daily] The Second Preparation

- You can receive the following quests with a level 61 or higher character which completed [Boss] Witch-Hunting or Looking for Adventurers.

- [Daily] Mysterious Investigation

- [Daily] Hostile Monsters (can be received after completing Mysterious Investigation)

- [Daily] Origin of the Eerie Sound



●  Fixed the issue where you could not select the 'Boss Vision Range' button when the notification for obtaining better gear appeared.

●  Fixed the issue where the 'Boss Vision Range' button would not be visible when expanding the map in 3D map mode.

●  Scrolling through the Cart will now work properly at the Pearl Shop.

●  The skill guide widget will no longer be displayed when you are underwater.

●  Fixed the issue where the Enhance button could be clicked on multiple times when there was network connectivity issues.

●  Fixed the issue where the scrollbar would drag outside of the windows in the Central Market.

●  Fixed the issue where the text location for the guild declaring war and the guild being declared a war against looked unnatural in the Guild window.

●  You can now assign a hotkey for the Black Spirit's Safe.

- Settings -> Interface -> UI Hotkeys

●  When you extract Black Stones, the information for the item you are extracting them from will now be displayed.

●  Fixed the issue where the "Price" text would overlap with the actual price when the price of a horse has increased at the Horse Market.

●  Fixed the issue where the text DP and its numbers were overlapped on Mount Information window.

●  Removed buttons you cannot use for the Supply Depot Stable for Node War and Conquest War.

●  Fixed the issue where the topography information would not refresh in the 3D minimap.

●  Made improvements to the descriptions which appear when you press the Shift key in the World Map.


- Press SHIFT: Ping location for party members

- Press CTRL: Ping location for guild members

- Press ALT + RMB: Set auto-run path

- Double-click: Display a flag


- Press SHIFT+LMB: Ping location for party members

- Press CTRL+LMB: Ping location for guild members

- Press ALT + RMB: Set auto-run path

- Double-click: Display a flag

●  Added a feature which allows you to skip the Outfit Extraction animation.

●  Improved the icon sizes and location of text which appears in the Challenge window which appears when you first log in.

●  Fixed the issue where the extract button would be displayed on the Enhancement window even when you did not have the Blacksmith’s Secret Book item.

●  Fixed the issue where the scrollbar in the Friend List would scroll outside of the actual scrolling area.

●  The text which is displayed when you plant a seed through the Place Mode while you are not located inside the garden has been improved like the following:

- You must plant it inside the fence.

●  You can now chat while the Central Market's Buy/Sell window is opened.

●  Fixed the issue where the 'delete' button would be displayed on the Saying of the Day within the Guild window (G) under certain conditions even when you were not the Guild Master or writer.

●  Fixed the issue where there was an incorrect description being displayed for an item used in Courser Training.

●  Certain cash buff icons will now be continuously displayed on the screen (Value Pack, Blessing of Kamasylve, Appearance Coupon, Merv's Palette).

●  Fixed the issue where the Inventory (I) size would occasionally be abnormal when opening it.

●  Fixed the issue where the size of the icon used for an item link would be abnormal when an item link was used together with an emoji in the chat window.

●  Fixed the issue where the window for setting up the number of participants would not disappear in a guild Final Battle.

●  Condition of the 'Request Chat Ban' button which is displayed when you LMB a character or family name in chat window has been deactivated.

●  The purchase window will no longer close after you make a purchase from the Central Market.

●  Fixed the issue where the Main Quest crossroad UI was not often displayed after completing the quest, 'Paying Off Debts'.

●  Fixed the issue where the camera rotation would occasionally be unnatural in windowed mode.

●  The text which appears when you attempt to open up an item with a character of a gender which does not meet the gender condition of the item has been changed like the following:

- Before: There is no item.

- After: Class is restricted.

●  2nd password authentication has been added when you access Mobile Central Market.

- The 2nd password required to access Mobile Central Market is identical to the 2nd password used to login.

- You can now access the Mobile Central Market with your Steam account. 


We hope you enjoy your time in Black Desert,

Thank you.

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