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[GM Event] Ride with the GMs! (Last Modified: 5/20 13:00 GMT+3)

  • 2019.05.15 07:00
  • / by Black Desert

Hello Adventurers!

The long-awaited new Dream Horse, Doom is finally here.
The GMs have prepared a horse race event to celebrate the Doom update.

Come ride with the GMs!

The rewards will be the materials to create your own Dream Horse~

This is your chance to win a BIG reward. Are you ready to let it all out as you ride with the GMs?
Follow me~ Go Go~

■ Event Schedule

- May 19, 2019 (Sun) 19:00 PM ~ 20:00 PM (GMT+3)


■ Event Location and Race Route

- Balenos 2 & Serendia 2 server

Race Route

1. Grána Stable Keeper NPC - Melabee

2. Epheria Stable Keeper NPC - Fanucci

3. Velia Stable Keeper NPC - Lorenzo Murray

4. Heidel Stable Keeper NPC - Gunniss

5. Sand Grain Bazaar Stable Keeper NPC - Bochlo


■ Event Reward 1)

- Adventurers that are the Top 3 will earn a special title~Tada!


Dream Horse




Wild Horse


■ Event Reward 2)

- Top 30% of all the Adventurers that complete the race.

Top 30%

Stonetail Fodder x10

Spirit Pouch of Ferocious Beast x10

Deep Blue Hoof Root  x10

Cron Stone x 10


■ Event Reward 3)

- Every Adventurer that completes the race.

Completion Reward

Venia Riding Attire (7 Days)

Mount Skill Change Coupon x 2

Storm Horse Gear Box x1

Title - Donkey



■ Winners 


Character Name




11min 41sec



11min 50sec



11min 51sec


※ Event Notices

- The race ranking is based upon the duration of time between the event quest acceptance to the quest completion.

- All event prizes will be sent during the next scheduled maintenance.

- The participation reward will be sent to all Adventurers that complete the quest.

- You may be disqualified or your prize may be taken away if you use inappropriate methods to participate in the event.

- While the event is in-progress, there may be changes or adjustments to the event depending on the situation, and for such cases the GM will instruct you on how to proceed.

- Any losses incurred by character death during the event will not be compensated or recovered.
- If you obstruct event progress, then immediate measures may be taken against you and any losses incurred will not be compensated or recovered.

- Pearl Abyss reserves the right to change or cancel the event depending on circumstances. If changes are made, they can be found on this event page.

- If you have any questions about this event, please send a ticket through [Support > Customer Support].

- Content not listed on this page follows the [Black Desert Event Rules].

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