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Black Desert 2019-06-05 07:00
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Hello, Adventurers.

This is The MMORPG, Black Desert.

We’d like to announce the updates made to the Black Desert as of 2019, June 5th.

(Patch volume approx. 544.68 MB)

※ For the details, please refer to the contents below.



  • Follow the Traces of Black Spirit!

- Event Period: June 5, 2019 after maintenance - June 19, 2019 before maintenance
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  • Defeat Mischievous Raccoons!

- Event Period: June 5, 2019 after maintenance - June 19, 2019 before maintenance

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  • Black Spirit's Adventure Returns!

- Event Period: June 5, 2019 after maintenance - July 3, 2019 before maintenance

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  • Celebrating Star’s End Update Get Gifts Every Day!

- Event Period: June 6, 2019 at 00:00 - June 19, 2019 at 23:59

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  • Since Ramadan finished, we bring back the schedule of the Conquest War for Adventurers’ convenience.

Please refer below for the exact schedule changes.

[Changed Schedule]

- Conquest War Period: Saturday at 20:00 - 24:00 (GMT+3)

- Fort/Command Post Installation Deadline: Saturday at 19:00 (GMT+3)

- Tax Wagon Departure Time: Saturday at 18:00 (GMT+3)


※ The World Bosses’ spawn time will be reverted.

  1. Karanda spawns on Sunday at 01:00(GMT+3)
  2. Quint/Muraka spawn on Saturday at 19:00(GMT+3)

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【Blackstar, Star’s End】

  • New region (Star’s End) has been added to the Northern West Calpheon.

- This new place is located in the Western of Calpheon City where it is covered by mysterious fog. You must be careful as there are tons of dangerous monsters existing within the region.

- New node manager NPC has been added to Star’s End with new available knowledge.

  • The dominators of the Northern West Calpheon has appeared from the unveiled region which has been hidden in mystery for a long time.

- The Recommended AP of Star’s End is 260.

- Remnants of Corruption inflicts damage causing reduction of your character’s DP. Therefore, you should defeat these monsters in order to continue your combat without much trouble.

- Apostle of Immorality absorbs dark energy from Star’s End upon death and turns into Apostle of Malevolence at a certain chance.

- Apostle of Malevolence is stronger than other monsters and it would disappear if not defeated within 5 minutes after its appearance.

- Once Unstable Star Debris which is placed around Star’s End region get destroyed, monsters nearby become overwhelmed by the magical power leaked from the debris and become unconscious for a moment and often disappear at a certain chance.

- There is a slightly higher chance you can obtain Mass of Pure Magic in Star’s End than other monster zones.

  • The new Blackstar Weapon has been added.

- Blackstar is a new weapon which is higher grade than other existing weapons.

- Every new and existing Adventurer will be given a fair chance to obtain this new Blackstar weapon which is known as the best item for Adventurers who want to become stronger.

- However, Blackstar weapon has been designed with intention to maintain the existing weapon’s value as much as possible. Adventurers can now choose one of the ways to become stronger by enhancing existing weapon with Caphras stone or enhancing Blackstar weapon.

- Blackstar is a new challenge for the future update.

- Blackstar Main Weapon consumes 1 Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Weapon) for enhancement from 0 to +15.

- Blackstar Main Weapon consumes 1 Pure Magical Black Stone for enhancement from PRI to PEN.

- You can accept a quest from the legendary blacksmith Dorin Morgrim in order to make the legendary Blackstar weapon once you complete the quest [Blackstar Weapon] Blackstar Weapon Piece. After the quest completion, you can obtain Blackstar Main Weapon.

- Blackstar Main Weapon can only be crafted through quest.

- Blackstar Main Weapon cannot be enhanced with Caphras Stone.

  • New main quest has been added. With Comitia of Tantinis, you can begin this new main quest and discover the hidden secret about Star’s End which has been restricted to access by Calpheon.

- With a character which completed Drieghan main quest [A Gift for a Hero], you can accept ‘Drawn by Fate’ quest from Black Spirit to more up close Star’s End.

  • Crafting Blackstar Main Weapon quest has been added.

- You need knowledge of The Three Legendary Blacksmiths of Mediah and Remnants of the Rift.  

- You can obtain Remnants of the Rift by defeating boss monster from Dark Rift at low chance.

- ‘The Three Legendary Blacksmiths of Mediah ‘ knowledge can be obtained by completing ‘The Three Blacksmiths’ quest which begins with NPC Tulem after finishing the revamped Mediah main quest with character level 56 or higher. Those who already completed the requirement quests can obtain the knowledge by interacting with NPC Tulem.

- Crafting Blackstar Main Weapon quest can only be completed once per character.

- This quest gets to a crossroad during progression. Those experienced Adventurers can immediately start combat against a strong boss monster and those inexperienced Adventurers can complete the quest by fighting against a weakened boss monster.

  • ‘Eye of Desolation’ the new crafting material for Blackstar Main Weapon has been added.  

- Eye of Desolation can be used to summon the Incarnation of Corruption and this can be obtained by processing (L).

- Use Manufacture in the Processing window (L) to combine Eye of Anguish x1 and Concentrated Boss's Aura x3 into Eye of Desolation.

- Use Heating in the Processing window (L) on one of the following types of weapons to get Concentrated Boss's Aura. Following weapons can be used to get Concentrated Boss’s Aura.

* Kzarka main weapon

* Offin Tett's Radiant main weapon

* Nouver sub-weapon

* Kutum sub-weapon

* Dandelion awakening weapon

- Eye of Anguish can be obtained via the [Blackstar Weapon] quests.

  • Pure Magical Black Stone, which can be used to enhance Blackstar main weapons, has been added.

- Pure Magical Black Stone can be obtained by Heating.

- Heat Sharp Black Crystal Shard x1, Hard Black Crystal Shard x1, and Mass of Pure Magic x1 into a Pure Magical Black Stone.

  • Mass of Pure Magic can be obtained by following methods and can’t be registered to Central Market. - Excavate at the Star's End node

- Grind Black Stone (Weapon) or Black Stone (Armor) and you can obtain Mass of Pure Magic at a low chance.

* Defeat the following Field Boss Monsters and you can obtain Mass of Pure Magic at a certain chance.

Giant Mudster, Dim Tree Spirit, Red Nose, Dastard Bheg, Katzvariak, or hunting Khalk, and Blue Whale.

- Obtain it by looting when defeating monsters and gathering at a low rate (exceptions: water scooping, digging in the desert, and milking cows).

- You can exchange Destructive Illusion x15 for Mass of Pure Magic x1 via O'Arma, an Ahib who can be found at Star's End.

- You can get Destructive Illusion via several daily quests near Star's End.

- Mass of Pure Magic cannot be listed on the Central Market.

  • Corrupted Magic Crystal has been added.

- It can be transfused into sub-weapons, and there will be an additional effect when multiple Corrupted Magic Crystals are equipped.

Item effect: Critical Hit Damage +10%, All AP +2, All Damage Reduction -2

2 Crystal Set Effect: Critical Hit Damage +2%

- Use Simple Alchemy in the Processing window (L) to combine Clear Blackstar Crystal x1, Magic Crystal of Infinity - Critical Hit x1, and Forest Fury x3 into Corrupted Magic Crystal.

- Clear Blackstar Crystal drops when defeating monsters in Star's End.

  • A new item for the residence, Garden of a Fallen God (Landscape Painting), has been added.

- You can get this item via the Star's End main quest, [Star's End] The Lord of Star's End

- Although this item cannot be listed on the Central Market, it can be sold at a high price to NPC vendors.

  • A rumor is spreading about a ghost in the Ash Forest.

    ● Fixed the issue where abnormal outlines appeared around crops that were selected while new crops were being placed in a fence garden.
  • Fixed the issue where a fairy that has learned the skill Miraculous Cheer would occasionally cause potion consumption when it shouldn't.
  • Fixed the issue where abnormal outlines appeared around crops that were selected while new crops were being placed in a fence garden.
  • Fall damage will no longer apply in the Red Battlefield.

[Developer's Comment]

→ It's been quite inconvenient as you had to use a Potion to recover your HP due to the falling damage.

This will be resolved after today's update, and you will no longer need to suffer from taking falling damage in Red Battlefield helping you to focus more on the combat.


  • A key guide will now appear when your character is using a Fortress Gate Lever.

- A key guide will now appear when your character is using a ladder.

  • The invincible effect that is applied when your character makes a cheering motion after getting a high-grade item will now only apply for PvE only.

[Developer's Comment]

Characters would make a cheering motion when obtaining a high grade item, and they would become invincible during the cheering motion while the character was fighting the monsters.

However, we decided that this invincibility effect should only be applied in PvE since this can be used as an exploit during PvP which was not what we intended.

Now the invincible effect during the cheering motion will be effective only for PvE.



  • Fixed the graphical issue with the Epheria Marine Helmet where Berserker's forehead was displayed above the Helmet when applying certain customizations.


[Developer's Comment]

→ We are reviewing character balance so that every character will equally be efficient when it come to defeating monsters which takes a big portion in playing Black Desert.

Skill balance for Witch and Wizard class has been adjusted as part of the character balancing.

  • The last movement of the skill Black Spirit: Meteor Shower has been made to be more natural.



  • The graphical effects of the skill Aad Sphera Training have been improved.
  • The PvE damage for the skill Toxic Flood has increased as follows.

- 903% x 23 → 1500% x 23

  • Hits of the skill Toxic Flood will now have a magic DP reduction effect.
  • The movement speed reduction effect of Voltaic Pulse skills has been replaced with an evasion rate reduction effect.
  • The damage for Yoke of Ordeal skills has increased as follows.

- 443% x 12 → 543% x 12

- 526% x 12 → 722% x 12

- 608% x 12 → 901% x 12

  • Cooldown for the skill Flow: Perfect Sign has been removed and the skill Flow: Perfect Sign will now always be performed after Fissure Wave skills.

- However, Perfect Sign will not activate if the skill is locked.

  • The PvE damage for Thunder Storm skills and Black Spirit: Thunder Storm kills has increased as follows.

- 504% x 6 → 564% x 6

- 665% x 6 → 745% x 6

- 827% x 6 → 926% x 6

  • The PvE damage for Fissure Wave skills, when not in cooldown, has been increased as follows.

- 538% x 10 → 646% x 10

- 600% x 10 → 720% x 10

- 663% x 10 → 796% x 10

- 726% x 10 → 871% x 10

  • The PvE damage for Black Spirit: Fissure Wave skills has increased as follows. The number of hits has not changed.

- 1065% → 1279%

- 1188% → 1426%

- 1313% → 1576%

- 1437% → 1725%

  •  Hits of Equilibrium Break skills and Black Spirit: Equilibrium Break skills will now have an AP reduction effect.
  • Hits of Equilibrium Break skills and Black Spirit: Equilibrium Break skills will now have a Critical Hit Rate +50% effect in PvE.  
  • The casting speed for a skill after the skill Evasion is used in Aad Sphera mode has been increased.
  • The number of PvE targets the skill Magic Lighthouse registers has been increased from 7 to 10.


  • The PVE damage for the skill Lava Field has increased as follows.

- 903% x 23 → 1500% x 23

  • Hits of the skill Lava Field will now have a magic DP reduction effect.
  • The casting speed for Chilling Wave skills has been increased.
  • The damage for Chilling Wave skills has increased as follows.

- 443% x 12 → 543% x 12

- 526% x 12 → 722% x 12

- 608% x 12 → 901% x 12

  • The PVE damage for Cataclysm skills has increased as follows.

- 723% x 7 → 814% x 7

- 832% x 7 → 957% x 7

- 941% x 7 → 1045% x 7

- 1058% x 7 → 1240% x 7

  • The movement speed reduction effect of Aqua Jail Explosion skills has been replaced with an evasion rate reduction effect.
  • The PVE damage for Aqua Jail Explosion skills has increased as follows.

- 349% x 13 → 408% x 13

- 392% x 13 → 469% x 13

- 435% x 13 → 530% x 13

- 478% x 13 → 591% x 13

  • The PVE damage for Black Spirit: Aqua Jail Explosion skills has increased as follows.

- 558% x 16 → 653% x 16

- 627% x 16 → 750% x 16

- 696% x 16 → 848% x 16

- 765% x 16 → 946% x 16

  • Hellfire skills and Black Spirit: Hellfire skills will now have an magic AP increase effect.
  • The PVE damage for Hellfire skills has increased as follows.

- 472% x 11 → 634% x 11

- 526% x 11 → 697% x 11

- 578% x 11 → 760% x 11

- 632% x 11 → 823% x 11

  • The PVE damage for Bolide of Destruction skills has increased as follows.

- 554% x 6 → 681% x 6

- 731% x 6 → 894% x 6

- 911% x 6 → 1107% x 6

  • The casting speed for a skill after the skill Evasion is used in Godr Sphera mode has been increased.
  • The number of PvE targets the skill Magic Lighthouse registers has been increased from 7 to 10.



  • Fixed the graphical issue with the arms that occurred when equipped with Backflow Gardbrace or Dandelion Gardbrace.



  • Fixed the issue where pressing LMB to cause an instant explosion during the skill Infinite Fortitude did not cause the skill's grapple resistance buff to cancel.

- Fixed the issue where the invincible effects for the skills Wolf's Frenzy and Enhance: Wolf's Frenzy were applied even when the character was visible.

  • Fixed the issue where equipping Leebur's Gloves would make it overlap with gauntlets.



  • Fixed the issue where galloping at full speed on horseback while in combat mode made the camera move awkwardly.



  • Fixed the issue where the position of the Kibelius Crimson Glaives was awkward in standby mode.
  • Information about the amount of skill points needed to learn Earthly Pain I has been removed from its skill description, because it can be learned during the awakening quests.


● Added a feature which restores the Upgraded Compass Parts and Map of Unknown Piece to their original states.

- You can restore them through a legendary NPC and an Old Book located somewhere in the Black Desert world.

- When restoration is successful, the icons for each item will change.

- The items which are successfully restored can be mixed and combined with the original items.

[Developer's Comment]

→ The Archaeologist's Map and Lafi Bedmountain's Upgraded Compass take a lot of time and effort to complete. Though many adventurers wanted more clear Crafting hints, it was difficult to implement any changes, considering all the time and effort the past adventurers went through to complete these items.

Also, in the past, it the combination of the items were important to complete the items, yet now it is more focused on obtaining each piece of the item. Therefore we had to be very careful about making any changes. After considering many different options, we decided to make each item piece identifiable through their different shapes.

  • Fixed the issue where the hair would occasionally appear abnormal when equipping and unequipping equipment which has hair on it.
  • Added Marni's Stone (Stone Waragon) and Marni's Stone II (Stone Waragon)

- These items can be purchased from Wacky Toshi.

- Just like the Marni's Stones from before, you can exchange them from Wacky Toshi with EXP after defeating monsters.

  • Silver Embroidered items now have descriptions which explain how to enhance.
  • The Remnants of the Rift can now be obtained from the Golden Treasure Chest, which randomly appears in Black Desert.
  • You can now obtain the Mass of Pure Magic when harvesting crops which grow from planting Magical Seeds and Mysterious Seeds in the garden.

- You will have a low chance to obtain it through harvesting the crops when they are at 100% or higher growth.

  • You can obtain 5 Mass of Pure Magic by Manufacturing 1 Remnants of the Rift and 1 Black Spirit's Claw.


● Mischievous Raccoon would appear all around world during the event period except Valencia region.
- Mischievous Raccoon can be defeated with Matchlock.
- You can obtain Spirit Pouch of Ferocious Beast as a reward



  • Fixed the issue where using the Transport function to move a character on a wagon to Heidel would get the wagon stuck at the stable there.

- Because of this, when you take out your mount from the stable in Heidel now the mount will appear closer to the road than the stable.

[Developer's Comment]

→ We have made an improvement so that mount will now appear on the road or on the street so that it will no longer get stuck in the building when you summon your mount from the Heidel Stable or arrive the town via transporting a character.

  • You can no longer delete or change courser skills from a courser horse.

- The skill, elegance and strength stats (which are needed for to awaken a courser) of a Tier 8 courser will now reset when it is bought from a horse market.


【NPC, Background, Sound】

  • Shakatu is too busy now, so you can now exchange the [Event] Shakatu's Seal through NPC Dellus, who is Shakatu's right-hand man.

-  Dellus is near Shakatu.

  • Fixed the issue where NPC around the Great Library of Calpheon would disappear when greeted by a lord character.
  • Fixed the issue where islands which do not exist would be displayed in certain areas of the World Map (M)
  • Fixed the geographical features of certain areas inside the sea near the port of Arehaza.
  • Fixed the issue where certain parts of the Coral Wardrobe did not look natural.
  • Fixed the issue where characters could not get out of certain areas of Manshaum Forest.
  • The completion NPC for the [Returning] Crio's Welcome quest (for returning adventurers) will now be from the same Crio NPC you accept the quest from, instead of Crio who appears from the sea. This is to avoid confusion.

- While you are going through the quest, Crio will not appear from the sea.

【Quest, Knowledge】

  • Name of the following series quests has been changed as 'True Hunter'.  

- Sweet Rest

- Strange Rumor

- Between Chance or Fate

- Bloodthirsty Instinct

- Let's Begin the Hunt

- [Time Attack] Quick and Accurate

- Wolf Track

- Breathtaking Chase

- Do or Die

- A Spectacular Finale

- The Only Family

- Cure for the Incurable

- A Happy Ending

- To be the Best Huntsman!

  • Description about White Wolf Boss (valid time before the moster disappears) has been fixed on the quest summary of 'Do or Die'.
  • The dialogue for the Examine the Ancient Artifact quest has been changed to better suit the background of the quest.

- The conditions for the button for obtaining Contribution EXP being displayed for exchanging the Balenos Defense Token from Cliff at Western Guard Camp has been changed like the following.

- Complete The Compliment of a Veteran quest or have at least 1 Balenos Defense Token

  • Added a button which explains the usage of Balenos Defense Token when interacting with Cliff after completing the Complement of a Veteran quest.
  • You can now search for Furniture Dealer Vatputa of Valencia City by using the Search NPC feature.
  • Quests related to Protty Cave and Sycraia Underwater Ruins will now be displayed within the Recommended tab of the Quest (O) window.

- They will be displayed in the [Lv.58] Call of the Ocean: Journey to the Deep Sea group within the Recommended tab when you are Lv. 58 or higher.

  • The following daily quest has been added to the Waragon Nest region in Valencia.

- [Daily] Moria's Fervor for Research

  • A guild mission to defeat Waragons has been added.

- The villagers of Valencia need help with all the Stone Waragons that became de-petrified.

  • Fixed the issue where it was sometimes impossible to return back to your original location after being transported during the main questline to the Ancient Stone Chamber in Balenos.
  • Fixed the issue where the button to hand over Special Wheat Crate to Norma Leight during the quest [Farming Lv. 30] The Best Wheat Farm looked like a button to gain knowledge.


  • Fixed the issue where the hotkey for the Acquire All button would not reflect changes made to the Acquire All (R) button in the Get Item window.
  • Fixed the issue where the success area in minigames would not be normal.
  • When a worker cannot be recovered, the explanation describing the status will now be properly displayed like the following:

- The Worker's stamina is already at max.

  • Fixed the issue where the descriptions for main quests and the quest widget would remain on the screen when you move to the Customization (F4) window.
  • The Guild Mark and Guild Name will no longer overlap when changing the size of the chat window after using the Promote Guild feature.
  • Fixed the error message which is displayed when you take out a mount in certain situations.
  • When using the Villa Scroll at a Campsite, you can now select Silver from either the Inventory or from the Storage.

[Developer's Comment]

→ So far you could only use the Villa Scroll at a Campsite with silvers stored in your warehouse nearby.

Since the silver weight in inventory, we realized many Adventurers carry silvers in character inventory these days.

Now you can use the Villa Scroll anywhere at anytime if you have enough silvers in your inventory.

  • Fixed the issue where the Acquire All button would be marked as "R" from the Get Item window even after changing the interaction key from the game settings.
  • The Item Count window, which appears when you right-click a countable item from your Inventory, will no longer change positions when you adjust the game screen size.
  • The Sell Trade Item button in the Trade window has been improved.
  • Fixed the issue where the Customization window would not close when using Toggle UI from the Customization(F4) window.
  • The Node Management button will no longer be displayed in certain situations when selling Trade items through interacting with Trade NPC's.
  • When you press the BDO Wiki button in the Crafting Notes menu (F2), the BDO Wiki window will now be placed on top of the Crafting Notes window.
  • Added 9 new background loading screens (3 of which are played while you are waiting to be connected).
  • You can now check the Recent Price, Recent Transaction, and Total Trades in the Central Market's purchase and sell windows.
  • The Remnants of the Rift item has been added to the list of obtainable items seen in the Dark Rift window.


  • You can now collect enclosed items and silver from the Mailbox (B) even when in combat areas.
  • Added a feature which allows you to hide Campsites which belong to other adventurers.

- However, the Campsites will not be hidden when adventurers are lying down on the Campsites.

[Developer's Comment]

→ As we considered implementing the patch to not allow Campsites to be installed where boss monsters spawn, we decided to fundamentally resolve the issue and also minimize any inconvenience adventurers may face. Our next goal related to improvements to how the Campsites are installed is to minimize the inconvenience adventurers may face when trying to install them in areas which are difficult to install due to geographical issues including hilly areas.

  • When leveling up a Life Skill or enhancing an equipment while in Privacy Mode, a notification message will now be displayed on the screens of guild members.

[Developer's Comment]

→ The Privacy Mode has been partially implemented with the intention not to negatively affect the activity of community, especially amongst guild members.

We added a new option you can select that the notification message will no longer be displayed to other guild members on Privacy Mode when you want to be totally alone to focus on game play.

  • Fixed the issue where the camera movement would be unnatural when closing up to the face in the Customization (F4) window.
  • Fixed  the issue where the game client would occasionally shut down when equipping mount equipment.


We hope you enjoy your time in Black Desert,

Thank you.

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