Notices [Notice] [Notice] Availability Changes to Certain Pearl Items for New Classes
Black Desert 2019-06-12 07:00
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Hello Adventurers,

This is The MMORPG, Black Desert.


The 18th new class, Shai, is getting ready to meet our Adventurers.
It’s not only Shai, but also other various classes that make up one of Black Desert’s attractive features.

After meeting Shai, you will begin your adventure and get rewards, so we’re diligently preparing the experience of slowly getting stronger as you go off adventuring.

However, we were deeply concerned that the currently sold Weapon Exchange Coupon would skip the experience of growth, hinder the love and understanding for the class, and reduce the enjoyment of content.

As a result, we decided to not allow new classes to use the relevant items and contents for a certain duration of time immediately after the update.  


The availability of certain items that are being sold on the Pearl Shop will be changed as listed below for new classes.  



Weapon Exchange Coupon

Available for New Classes in 1 Month After

Life Skill EXP Transfer Coupon

Immediately Available with New Classes

※ The changes will be applied after the maintenance on 06/19 (Wed).  


Thank you.

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