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Black Desert 2019-06-19 07:00
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Hello, Adventurers.

This is The MMORPG, Black Desert.


We’d like to announce the updates made to the Black Desert as of 2019, June 19th.

(Patch volume approx. 826,68 MB)


For the details, please refer to the contents below.


Guaranteed rewards for creating Shai early!

- Event Period: June 19, 2019 after maintenance - June 26, 2019 before maintenance

[Click here for more details]


Giddy up donkey! Give Them the Attention They Deserve

- Event One! Give the “Donkeys” the attention they deserve!

- Event Period: June 19, 2019 after maintenance - June 26, 2019 before maintenance

- Event Two!  The More Attention the “Donkeys” get, More Rewards will Come Your Way!

- Event Period: June 26, 2019 after maintenance - July 3, 2019 before maintenance

[Click here for more details]


My Own Unique Shai! Share your Customization

- Event Period: June 19, 2019 after maintenance - July 3, 2019 at 23:59"

[Click here for more details]


The required spawn time for re-appearance of monsters in the following monster zones has been reduced half.  

*Period : 2019/6/19(Wed) (after maintenance) ~ 2019/6/2(Wed) (before maintenance)

 - Mediah : Shultz Guard, Hasrah Ancient Ruins, Manes Hideout, Wandering Rogue Den  

 - Kamasylvia :Forest Ronaros,  Polly Forest, Navarn Steppe

 - Valencia : Bashim Base, Basilisk Den, Roud Sulfur Mine, Aakman Temple, Titium Valley, Cadry Ruins, Waragon Nest, Centaurus Herd, Pila Ku Jail

 - Drieghan : Tshira Ruins, Blood Wolf Settlement, Sherekhan Necropolis(during the day)

 - Others : Protty Cave, Sycraia Underwater Ruins(Upper Zone)

[Developer's Comment]

We are constantly making improvements on the monster zone in order to provide more room for combat for many Adventurers.

However, this is something that could not be improved overnight so we decided to reduce the cooldown time for monster spawn. We were planning to shift the monster zone every week for this event but we decided to add more monster zone to help our Adventurers get satisfied. We'll continue to make constant progress for revamping monster zone.



Transport system has been revamped.

[Developer's Comment]

So far, transport Wagon and Ship have been travelling around Black Desert world and delivering items to their destination as requested by Adventurers.

However, the items registered for transport had to be on the waitlist until the Wagon or Ship arrives to where the items were stored.

Now with the revamped Transport System, you can now dispatch items whenever you want.

The previous transport system that you had to wait until a transport wagon arrives in order to send items has been changed as shown below.

- There are 5 transport methods per family and you can load up items and send them whenever you want.

- However, you won't be able to use the same transportation unless you receive the items you have sent by.

- Add items on the Transport UI and click Send, and the transport begins after 5 minutes.

- You can add more items or cancel items until just before the transport begins. However, once the wagon or ship departs, you can't add extra items or cancel load.

Same items can be loaded into one slot and the maximum weight allowed has been increased.




Number of slots.

100 slots

20 slots per transport wagon


50LT per slot, total 1,000LT

1,500LT per transport wagon


transfers to the next slot when each slot reaches its maximum allowed weight

Same items can be loaded in the same slot

- However, trade goods can no longer be delivered through transport system.

Transport cost has changed.



Cost estimated by number of taken slots.

- Fee has been charged if one slot is taken even if it weights only 0.1LT.

Cost estimated by item weight.

EX) When you send one Black Stone, the cost was charged for one slot equivalent to sending 50LT.

Now the cost would be charged for the weight of 0.35LT (weight of one Black Stone)

More towns have been added to where you can transport items.

- You can transport items anywhere except Port Ratt, Arehaza Town and Muiquun.

Items currently being transported or already transported will be moved to Heidel storage as arrived items.


Fixed the issue where the Awakening weapon disappears when Grim Reaper's Judgment is used again after consecutively using Grim Reaper's Judgment and Night Crow.



For the description of Black Spirit: Raging Thunder, 'Hold LMB + RMB' and 'Quick Slot Available' have been replaced with 'Auto-activated upon using Raging Thunder'.

Black Spirit: Raging Thunder's range has been increased to match its skill effects.



Fixed the issue where the skill effect would not be displayed when canceling the skill during right Scratch (D+RMB).

Fixed the actual use and the skill effects of Scratch to occur at the same time.



Fixed the issue where the Light's Mark icon would be displayed repeatedly upon good hits.


Fixed the issue where Refined Grain Juice could not be used with Miraculous Cheer skills.

[Developer's Comment]

As reported by many Adventurers, we have fixed the issue where some potions such as [Battlefield] HP Potion(XL) and Grain Juice could not be used by the Fairy skill Miraculous Cheer. Now you can use [Battlefield] HP Potion by Miraculous Cheer in Red Battlefield where the potion is most needed.

'Ancient Artifact China' has been added to the Shiny Golden Seal - [Imperial Delivery] trade list.

- 450 seals can be traded for an Ancient Artifact China with Lamiro Iadans.

A message to confirm the opening of a Mysterious Chest will now be displayed.

Changed the number of Cron Stones used for Safe Enhance to be fixed.

- The required number of Cron Stones is the same as before.

Level limit descriptions have been added to the enhanced equipment boxes sold by weapon and armor merchants of Calpheon and Serendia.

Added an option to trade 350 Dragon Scale Fossils for an Advice of Valks (+40) with Valks.

[Developer's Comment]

As announced during the previous Heidel Ball, this new feature has been added through today's update.

We hope this new addition would provide another way to obtain Enhancement Chance and wish Sherkhan Necropolis would become more active than before.



The below monsters of the Gyfin Rhasia Temple will awaken 20% faster, and have 20% faster Attack Speed and 30% faster Chase Speed.

- Chase Speed

- Gyfin Rhasia Guard

- Gyfin Rhasia Decimator

- Gyfin Rhasia Flamen

- Gyfin Rhasia Crusher

Loot for defeating Vell will now be automatically placed in the Black Spirit's Safe.

- However, Adventurers who are not in the Vell's Realm will not be able to loot the reward items regardless of damage inflicted to Vell.

[Developer's Comment]

We've had many internal discussions before we apply this new update.  

We have seen many chaotic situation where so many Adventurers get tangled and crowded together after defeating Vell and we realized many suffer from inconvenience on the way to loot the reward items.

Now the reward items will be sent to Black Spirit's Safe directly after defeating Vell.

Karma recovered from the below Pila Ku monsters has been increased by 5 times.

- Sordid Deportee

- Frenzied Executioner

- Executioner

- Iron Fist Warder

- Caphras's Follower

- Dark Eyes Warder

[Developer's Comment]

An Adventurer shared us an idea that Karma would recover much faster for defeating bad monsters.

Thank you for sharing this good idea.

The Gorgo Cobra stuck underneath the large boulder near the Gorgo Rock Belt has escaped.

The mushrooms of Polly's Forest have overgrown and are now more powerful.

- Recommended AP of the zone is now 160.

- Monster HP increased by 100%, AP increased by 30%, DP increased by 25%.

- Combat EXP increased by 80%, Skill EXP increased by 60% from monsters.

- Price of Mushroom Hypha received from Polly's Forest monster's increased to 1700 Silver.

- Poison damage inflicted by Polly's Forest monsters has been increased to 15 damage per 3 seconds.

- You can now loot 'Dew of Tranquil Forest' from Polly's Forest monsters.

Chance to receive Dragon Scale Fossils from the below monsters of the Sherekhan Necropolis (night) has been doubled, and the number of fossils dropped has been increased to a maximum of 2.

- Garud

- Lateh

- Belcadas

- Nybrica

- Federik



You can now trade goods while on mount.

A message has been added for mounting a Sky Balloon.

Use the interact function to board the Sky Balloon.”

Animation has been added to the Sky Balloon while in flight.

Fixed the issue where other players' Sky Balloons could not be seen upon login.

Fixed the issue where you are still on the tamed wild horse after registering and checking it in with a Stable NPC.

You can now interact with NPCs while riding a donkey, horse, camel, miniature elephant, or heilang.

- Interactions are only available during mount standby and walking.

- Cannot engage in interactions that change movement.

[Developer's Comment]

You can now interact with NPCs while riding on a mount. Of course, Tamer can also make an interaction with a NPC while riding her Heilang.   

However, you still need to get off your mount in order to Greet and Steal which need additional character moves.


NPC, Background, Sound

Fixed the issue where characters were unable to get out of certain areas of the Mirumok Ruins.

Fixed the graphical issue where some of the bushes in the Western Valtarra Mountains were appeared as floating in the air.

Fixed the issue where certain parts of the streets of Velia did not look natural.

Optimized certain effects to decrease file size.

Fixed the abnormal character movement in front of Marni's 2nd Lab Node Manager.

Fixed the water graphic of the Gervish Mountains valley of Duvencrune.

Fixed Bert of Hystria to reappear after a certain amount of time when he disappears.

Fixed the issue where characters fell through the roof of some buildings in Calpheon City.


Quest, Knowledge

The appearance of Martha Kiyen you meet during the [Blackstar Weapon] quest has been changed.

The dialog for the '[Blackstar Weapon] A Mysterious Death' quest has been revised to sound more natural.

The 'Blackstar Weapon' quests that craft main weapons are now displayed even when all quest filters are turned off.

Fixed the issue where there was no target to complete the quest 'To Elric Shrine' when following the quest guide.

Fixed the 'Saunils And Rhutums On A Powder Keg' quest content to fit the questline.

Fixed the 'Watchtower Bridge' knowledge to be attainable.

Knowledge Hint for Inverted Heart of Garmoth will now display the correct information.



Fixed the issue where the minimap location would not be normal when shifting to 3D.

Fixed the issue where the possession of better versions of certain gear items in your inventory was not noted by the game's UI.

Fixed the issue where the illustration on the second page of the Adventurer's Journal would not be displayed on first play.

Fixed the issue where some buttons on the Find NPC window were not working properly.

The storage payment selection notice for purchasing the Campsite Villa Scroll has been improved.

Fixed the issue where canceling during Production Repair and then talking to a Blacksmith would display the Production Repair UI.

Fixed the issue where the Extract Crystal UI would not display equipment or crystal description, or would display the wrong information.

Fixed the UI issue of the Appoint/Ban button when the platoon leader selects a platoon member.

Fixed the issue where the Edit History UI disappears under certain situation when changing character appearance in Customization mode.

Fixed the issue where the currency icons would not be displayed normally during Loyalties or Pearl Box purchases.

Fixed the issue where part of the amount of Marni's Stones collected would be covered by the minimap.

Fixed the issue where some Cron Stone would not be applied during Courser Training.

Improved the Give Gift message of the Pearl Shop to display the family name of the receiver of the gift.
Buy window for purchasing Pearl Item (displayed when you LMB inactivated buff icons on upper screen) would now turn off when you open Customization (F4), Dye (J) or Knowledge (H).

Fixed the issue where the conversation with a trade NPC would not be normal after a trade.

Fixed the issue where the camera perspective would not be normal during a conversation with a trade NPC after a trade.

The mark indicating your location on the World Map(M) has been changed to have variable sizes depending on the zoom distance.

Fixed the issue where the Inventory (I) window size would occasionally be abnormal when opening it.

A function to locate your character on the World Map(M) has been added on lower right screen.

- This can be used with Space bar (hotkey).

Fixed the issue where images of certain inventory items would occasionally not appear.

Fixed the issue where the game could not be played when pressing the ESC key during the loading screen after selecting a character from the character select screen.

● Auto save feature has been added to Customization mode (F4).
- Now you can continue character customization even after the game client is turned off. 

Fixed the issue where the game client often shuts down when a customization file includes '_' within the file name.

Fixed the camera perspective issue after logging out during Observation Mode on a mount.

Detailed descriptions have been added to desert disease resist buffs.



Heatstroke resistance 30%

Heatstroke resistance 30% (Max 90%)

This effect stacks multiplicatively.

- Following figures are applied with buff effect against desert disease.



Resistance against Desert Disease

Desert Camouflage 50%

Lv.10 Desert Fox (Tier 4) 35%

Arehaza Meal 10%

Villa Buff 40%

Heatstroke and Hypothermia Resistance 82.45%

Desert Camouflage 50%

Lv.10 Desert Fox (Tier 4) 35%

Heatstroke and Hypothermia Resistance 67.5%

For example, if you have a 30% resistance and a 20% buff at the same time,

the actual percentage applied is: {1-(1-0.3)x(1-0.2)}x100 = 44%

Fixed the storage silver to be updated according to the Central Market's current prices.


We hope you enjoy your time in Black Desert,

Thank you.

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