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Black Desert 2019-06-26 07:00
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Hello, Adventurers.

This is The MMORPG, Black Desert.


We’d like to announce the updates made to the Black Desert as of 2019, June 26th.

(Patch volume approx. 639,44 MB)


For the details, please refer to the contents below. 


Start Your Shai Adventure!

- Event 1. Select what you want to do to and find the corresponding NPC with the new class - Shai!

- Event 2. Find the herbs that the Shai stole!

- Event 3. Treasure Chests are Scattered Across the World!

- BONUS! Hot Time and the Shai!

- Event Period: June 26, 2019 after maintenance - July 10, 2019 before maintenance

[Click here for more details]

Giddy up donkey! Give Them the Attention They Deserve

- Event One! Give the “Donkeys” the attention they deserve!

- Event Period: June 19, 2019 after maintenance - June 26, 2019 before maintenance

- Event Two!  The More Attention the “Donkeys” get, More Rewards will Come Your Way!

- Event Period: June 26, 2019 after maintenance - July 3, 2019 before maintenance

[Click here for more details]

Double Up Spawn Time has been extended by 1 extra week. 

- The required spawn time for re-appearance of monsters in the following monster zones has been reduced half.  

- Mediah : Shultz Guard, Hasrah Ancient Ruins

- Kamasylvia :Forest Ronaros

- Valencia : Bashim Base, Basilisk Den, Roud Sulfur Mine

- Drieghan : Tshira Ruins, Sherekhan Necropolis(during the day)

- Others : Sycraia Underwater Ruins(Upper Zone)

* Period : 26/06/19 (Wed) after maintenance ~ 03/07/19 before maintenance 

[Event] Special Level Up Reward for your Shai! 

- Reach Lv.58 with your Shai and get 5KG of Gold Bar! 

- Period: June 25th (after maintenance) ~ July 24th (before maintenance) 

- Reach Lv.60 and get Valk's Advice (+60)!

- Period: June 25th (after maintenance) ~ until further notice

[Event] Support for Level Up! 

- Reach Lv.50: Sealed Book of Combat (1 Day) 

- Reach Lv.56: Sealed Book of Combat (1 Day)

- Reach Lv.58: Sealed Book of Combat (1 Day)

- Period: June 25th (after maintenance) ~ until further notice

* The level up rewards of Sealed Book of Combat (1 Day) can be obtained once for family regardless of your class type. 

* Adventurers who already reached the the target level can receive the items from Challenge Menu. 

Major Updates

●  A new character Shai was added.

[Developer’s Comment]

The Shai have been a beloved part of the world of Black Desert, and now, you can play as a Shai yourself. The Shai is not a combat based character so she offers new ways for you to play. Please go ahead and begin a new adventure with your very own Shai!

Shai has a high level of understanding Alchemy and Gathering as she is from the Florin. Therefore, she is already given Professional 1 Alchemy and Gathering skills. 

- Due to the given life level, Shai can’t go through some life quests including alchemy and gathering quests of Florin. 

Shai's Gathering and Alchemy level will not fall below Professional 1 even when you use EXP transfer coupons, as they only transfer EXP you've collected.

Since Shai is from Florin, she will experience more friendly dialogue with Florin villagers compared to existing characters. She will also has slightly different quest lines in Florin.

Shai exclusive Bonfire Tool was added.

- Bonfire Tool can be crafted with Simple Alchemy by using 5 of any kind of timber, such as logs, 5 Rough Stones, and 5 Powder of Flame.

- Using the Bonfire Tool will create a Bonfire.

- Bonfires last 10 minutes. They heal nearby allies for 50 HP per 10 seconds and cure hypothermia.

- Bonfire Tools have a cooldown of 30 minutes.
Shai has been with donkeys since she was young. She knows well how to handle them, and is even able to gallop on them.

- Shai still prefers her donkey and is not yet ready to mount horses. However, her inquisitive nature will surely solve that once she gets interested in horses.
Our lovely Shai is specialized in life skill, hence her damage is greatly reduced in PvP.

Added a special Shai icon.

Shai will now be displayed in the first slot during character creation.

Shai's shoulders are too small for small cats or birds to rest on them.

Please note that Shai and all new characters can only acquire Costumes from Costume Boxes once all their costumes are released.

3 new donkeys were added to celebrate the release of Shai.

[Developer’s Comment]

Donkeys have been a part of the world of Black Desert since the beginning, but they never received the attention they deserve. With the release of Shai, we would like to give the donkeys a well deserved fresh new start as well. Although they cannot completely replace horses, we plan to start off with them being companions of the Shai and add more donkey specific functions as time goes by. Not being noticed by monsters and having a sort of roaming mode would be good examples.

- The new donkeys are Derome, Cherose, and Vallet, and they can acquire special skills from leveling.

- These new skills can only be used by the Shai.

- The new donkeys can acquire 4 skills as stated below.

The skill Just Chillin' is already learned on level 1. The other 3 skills have a high chance to be learned as they grow.



Hind Kick!

Kick the enemies behind you with hind legs.

Run Run!

Gallop at a fast pace.

Step Aside

Dash forward to hit enemies in front.

Just Chillin'

This is a roaming mode where you can just chill on the back of your donkey and wander the world. Press E while mounted on a donkey to change Shai's position. Press it again to lie down on your back. Pressing T during these positions will make the donkey set off on a slow walk.

- You can travel the world of Black Desert more easily once you grow your donkey to acquire all skills and have their items equipped.

New donkey gears were added.


[Donkey] Light Red Plumed Champron

[Donkey] Shabby Leather Barding

[Donkey] Shabby Leather Saddle

[Donkey] Shabby Leather Stirrups

[Donkey] Weak Iron Horseshoe


Horse Gear Workshop Level 1

Horse Gear Workshop Level 2

Horse Gear Workshop Level 1

-[Donkey] Light Leather Saddle

-[Donkey] Leather Combat Saddle

-[Donkey] Light Leather Stirrups

-[Donkey] Leather Combat Stirrups

-[Donkey] Light Iron Horseshoe

-[Donkey] Steel Combat Horseshoe

-[Donkey] White Plume Champron

-[Donkey] Light Leather Barding

-[Donkey] Steel Combat Champron

-[Donkey] Steel Combat Barding

You can now dye donkey gear.

All donkeys were changed to unnoticed by monsters when on standby.

- Donkeys will still take damage if they are within range of an enemy attack, regardless of the monster’s target.

Skill change, skill removal, and skill training is now available for donkeys.

The following items have been changed to be usable on donkeys.

 - Mount Skill Change Coupon

 - Mount Skill Training Coupon

 - Mount All Skill Training Coupon


New and Improvements

The Filtering action's sand effect has been improved to look more natural.



The following Marni's Stones have been added for the Kamasylvia Monster Zone.

- Marni's Stone (Fadus Habitat)

- Marni's Stone (Fadus Habitat) II

- Marni's Stone (Polly's Forest)

- Marni's Stone (Polly's Forest) II

The following text has been added to the Item Collection Increase Scroll.

- The effect is not applied on Boss or Party Monsters where loots can be shared.

The following items have had an improvement in the specifications.

   - Sealed Book of Combat




Sealed Book of Combat

Combat EXP +50% (24hrs)

Skill EXP +20% (24hrs)

Combat EXP +100% (24hrs)

Skill EXP +50% (24hrs)

The following items have been changed to be stackable.

All of the below items you already own will become stackable once you move them to a different storage, such as your storage, mount storage, etc.

- [Guild] Golden Bell

- Golden Bell

- Fishing Boat of Abundance Part Box

- High-Quality Wagon Part Box

- Mysterious Chest (Ring)

- Mysterious Chest (Earring)

- Mysterious Chest (Belt)

- Mysterious Chest (Necklace)

- Resplendent Mysterious Chest

- Shabby Mysterious Chest

- Black Stone (Weapon) Bundle: 3

- Black Stone (Weapon) Bundle: 5

- Black Stone (Armor) Bundle: 3

- Black Stone (Armor) Bundle: 5

- GM's Beginner Lucky Box

- GM's Intermediate Lucky Box

- GM's Advanced Lucky Box

- Advice of Valks (15-25)

- Advice of Valks (25-35)

- Light Horse Gear Box

- Combat Horse Gear Box

- Storm Horse Gear Box

- Fighting Spirit Horse Gear Box

- Storm Horse Gear Box (Enhanced)

- Fighting Spirit Horse Gear Box (Enhanced)

- Gathering Tool Box

- Spellbound Tool Box

- Special Meal Box

- Jarette's Accessory Box

- Lynch Family Treasure

- Epherian Pearl Necklace

- Oze's Music Box

- Sacred Statue of Asula

- Advice of Valks (35-45)

- [Event] Spellbound Tool Box

- Golden Puppy Statue

- [Event] Cron Golden Bell

- [Event] Adventure Bell

- [Event] Golden Bell 

- Mysterious Ring

- Mysterious Necklace

- Mysterious Belt

- Mysterious Earring

Fixed the type in the item description of Black Spirit's Emoji. 

Added Grána- Herbin to the exchange location of Asula's Weakened Magic accessory items' descriptions.

  • New earring "Black Distortion Earring" was added.
    - Basic Stats : AP +6 / Accuracy +6

- Stats per Enhancement : AP +3 / Accuracy +2 / All DP -1 (All Damage Reduction)

  • You have a chance to acquire the ""Black Distortion Earring"" from the following monsters of Star's End.

- Apostle of Corruption

- Harbinger of Corruption

- Apostle of Defilement

- Harbinger of Defilement

- Apostle of Immorality

- Harbinger of Immorality

- Apostle of Malevolence


[Developer’s Comment]

→ Initially, this earring was planned to be added with the release of Star's End, but we needed more time to test it because it is different from existing items. Also, many players gave feedback on Star's End, such as zone efficiency. We hope this patch can resolve some of those issues.

The Black Distortion Earring has high AP, but will drop your DP. With this, we plan to give more choices in items to adventurers, depending on their playstyles.


The Aakman Temple monster zone has been updated as below.

 - The respawn rate of monsters has been increased by 40% up to 60%, depending on the size of the room.

 - Monsters have been added or relocated.

[Developer's Comment] 

Those of you who've experienced the Aakman Temple will understand the direction of the patch. This zone has many different sized rooms, with each having different popularity depending on the efficiency in monster arrangement and population. With this week's patch, we've reduced the respawn time of all monsters of Aakman Temple and timed them differently in each room for leveled efficiency. 

 Also, you will now be able to continue fighting in one room, similar to when the monster zone event was on, instead of jumping from one room to another. We are also working on other zones to better them, while keeping their characteristics.

Fixed the issue where using the horse flute before getting on the Old Moon Sky Balloon would sometimes cause the mount to follow the Sky Balloon.



The "Retrieve Items" button has been removed from all Marketplace NPCs.

Please note that all previously uncollected items and silver were distributed as below.

- Uncollected Items → Heidel Storage (If you have no empty slots in your Heidel Storage, the items will be set as deactivated. Once your retrieve items from the Heidel Storage, the distributed items will be activated again)

- Registered Silver → Distributed to your Mail (B)

- Uncollected Silver from Goods Sales → Distributed to your Mail (B) with tax benefits of the Value Pack applied. 

The guard patrolling the Calpheon City underground has been removed.

Fixed the issue where characters were unable to get out of certain areas around the Gervish Mountains.

Fixed the issue where the posture of some of the NPCs in the Western Guard Camp would be awkward.


Returning quests have been revamped.

 - Returning quest can now be done only once per family. Any adventurers who are in process of one already completed in the past or have completed them cannot accept those quests again.

 - Revamped Returning quests will be available at specific levels, with the same rewards as before.

 - Revamped Returning quests will have their information given upon reaching certain levels to minimize confusion with existing main quests.

The Black Spirit now will not appear to give Returning quests to returning adventurers.

The guide to Captain Cliff in the quest completion dialogue of [Special Gift] Travelling Light I & II has been removed.

Rewards have been added to the following quests in Balenos through to Calpheon.

 - Nightmare Revealed: Gold Key x1

 - Fragment of Earth: Silver Key x1

 - Operation Breakthrough: Silver Key x1

 - The Morning Star of Trina: Silver Key x1

 - Beneath the Depths of the Well: Gold Key x1

[Developer’s Comment]

When leveling a new character, you will sometimes come across objects called "Treasure Chests". However, the thrill of discovery disappears once you realize you need keys to open them. 

Now we've added keys as rewards to various main quests you complete along the way, so don't forget to open them.

The Express Delivery porter escort quest accept condition has been changed.

 - Quest Type: Black Spirit → Other

 - Quest level: 10 → 26

The quest summary and completion condition of the "A Time of Rest Before the Journey" quest has been changed to be more clear.

The following text has been added to the quest summary of the "A Memorial Service for the Fallen" quest.

 - The ladder on the left side of the gate will also take you to the highest point of Cron Castle.

Shai will experience different dialogue compared to existing characters during the "Visitor from Florin" quest series. Existing characters will progress the same as before.

 - Shai is from Florin. Therefore, some of the dialogues of Kamasylvia have been adjusted so that it will feel natural for playing Shai in this area. 

After selecting "No" for the tutorial option in character creation, you can now accept "The Start of an Adventure" quest from the quest menu on the right of the screen.

The quest completion NPC for "Easier Than It Looks" has been changed to Stejones so that the quest guide would be correct.

After forfeiting the "Easier Than It Looks" quest, you can now continue the quest without discarding the Mysterious Shiny Ore.



Additional explanation has been added to the description when you send items through a transport wagon. 

The Find my location (SPACE) text has been changed to display as SPACE even when the hotkey is changed.

The voice-over language in settings has been fixed to display the user’s current language setting.

Fixed the issue where some of the buttons seemed nonfunctional in the Find NPC menu.

The following family buffs have been improved to open a related UI window or guide you to a nearby NPC when using the LMB on the icons.

 - Appearance Change Coupon

 - Merv's Palette

 - Armstrong's Skill Guide

 - Cliff's Skill Add-on Guide

Changed the color of the buff icons at the top left of the screen.

Fixed the issue where the crystal icon would not disappear in certain situations when equipping them to equipment.

Fixed the issue where you could select multiple targets by dragging when extracting reform stones.

Sound has been added to the Imperial Trading notification.

The text displayed while looking at the appearance of pets in the Pearl shop was changed from [With Pet Appearance Change Coupon] to [When Using/Exchanging Pet Appearance Change Coupon].

Fixed the issue where the Interface Edit Mode would not be accessible before level 7 in the old menu.

Fixed the issue where the Pearl Shop could not be accessed by new characters who've finished the tutorial.

Fixed the issue where the world boss notification is not displayed intermittently.


Fixed the items in Storage that are not registered to the Marketplace to be excluded from asset calculation.


[Changes and Fixes

Fixed the issue where the game client would occasionally shut down in certain situations.

Fixed the issue where character movement would be unnatural when you click to move while swimming and hold down the Shift key when you arrive at your destination.

[Ranger] Fixed the issue where the character would not move for a moment when you press the C key with only the Awakening and Sub-weapon equipped, but without a main weapon equipped.

[Archer] Fixed the issue where the camera movement would be unnatural when you stay in combat stance for too long while on a mount.

[Archer] Fixed the issue where the camera movement would be unnatural when switching from non-combat running into combat mode while on a mount.

Silver price for Mushroom Hypha that you can obtain by gathering after defeat the monster in Polly's Forest has been changed to 1700 silvers. 

- Red Skirt Poison Mushroom

- Cloudy Rain Mushroom

- Shadow Poison Mushroom

- Musk Pocket Mushroom

- Snowflake Poison Mushroom

- Twinkle-in-the-Dark Mushroom

- Cotton Bubble Mushroom

- Trumpet Bell Poison Mushroom

Fixed the issue where Al Rhundi's name would not be displayed during "The Scale of Justice" quest.

Fixed the issue where the quest guide for "Worker Training: Ron" would not guide you to the quest target.

[Developer's Comment]

All quests have a quest summary. Left clicking on the quest list at the left of your screen will open a window showing useful information for completing the quest.

Life quests also come with guides to help you along the way. This week's change addressed some of the older information regarding Mediah main quests. It's not a huge change, but we hope it gives you better information in completing the quests.

With this, we will look into the summaries again to make sure they deliver the correct content. 

Fixed the mount information to update instantly when the mount weight changes while on a ship with the mount information window open.

Fixed the issue where the Pearl display location in the Inventory (I) window would occasionally be abnormal when opening it.

Fixed the issue where the Krogdalo's Origin Stone would not be applied during Courser Training when placed in the last slot of the inventory.

Fixed the issue where the Edit History UI would disappear if you recover UI by pressing ESC key while the UI is turned off with UI toggle button on Beauty (F4) mode. 

The Central Market category of Glorious Shudad related Pearl items was fixed.

Fixed the issue where scrolling would be unnatural when collecting or canceling in the transport status menu.

Fixed the issue where the Central Market related error messages would continually appear even when the Central Market is not opened.

[Tamer] Fixed the graphical issue where the Nickel Hairpin would be shown clipped when equipped with the Lahr Arcien Helmet (R).

[Archer] Fixed the graphical issue of the back of the character’s hair number 4 and 8 when the Karlstein Hat is equipped. 

[Sorceress] Fixed the issue where the skirt of the Glorious Shudad would look unnatural when in attack stance or lying flat.


We hope you enjoy your time in Black Desert,

Thank you.

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