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Hello, Adventurers.

This is The MMORPG, Black Desert.


We’d like to announce the updates made to the Black Desert as of 2019, July 24th.

(Patch volume approx. 969 MB)


※ For the details, please refer to the contents below.


Major Updates - Capotia Accessory Craft & Enhancement

  • ● Added the ingredients to craft Capotia accessories.

Capotia accessories



Capotia Ring

Reach character Lv.61

Manufacture to craft it

Yona's Fragment x325

Kzarka's Latent Aura x3

Oil of Fortitude x5

Capotia Earring

Reach character Lv.62

Manufacture to craft it

Yona's Fragment x300

Nouver's Latent Aura x3

Oil of Corruption x5

Capotia Belt

Reach character Lv.63

Manufacture to craft it

Yona's Fragment x350

Kutum's Latent Aura x3

Oil of Tranquility x5

Capotia Necklace

Reach character Lv.64

Manufacture to craft it

Yona's Fragment x400

Karanda's Latent Aura x3

Oil of Storms x5

● You can now enhance Capotia accessories.

- You can enhance the Capotia accessory with an accessory with the same name.

- If you fail to enhance the Capotia accessory, it will not be destroyed but the enhancement level will decrease and the max durability will also decrease by 10.

- You can attain max durability recovery by using an accessory of the same name or Yona’s Fragment.

Capotia Necklace

Basic : AP 25 / Accuracy 16


AP 26 / Accuracy 16


AP 27 / Accuracy 17


AP 28 / Accuracy 18


AP 29 / Accuracy 19


AP 3 / Accuracy 20


Capotia Earring

Basic : AP 13 / Accuracy 8


AP 13 / Accuracy 9


AP 13 / Accuracy 10 / DP 1


AP 13 / Accuracy 11 / DP 2


AP 13 / Accuracy 12 / DP 3


AP 13 / Accuracy 12 / DP 4


Capotia Ring

Basic : AP 14 / Accuracy 8


AP 14 / Accuracy 9


AP 15 / Accuracy 9


AP 15 / Accuracy 10


AP 16 / Accuracy 10


AP 17 / Accuracy 10


Capotia Belt

Basic : AP 14 / Accuracy 8


AP 14 / Accuracy 9


AP 15 / Accuracy 9


AP 15 / Accuracy 10


AP 16 / Accuracy 10


AP 17 / Accuracy 10

We had introduced Capotia accessories in the past as a symbolic reward of your very first level-up. Since they used to be TRI accessories, them being a reward itself was seen as meaningful back then.

However, we concluded, from our current as well as future point of view, that Capotia accessories would gradually become less attractive. We consequently added ingredients that could be used more broadly (for example, raising a second character) and an enhancement feature that could enhance the value of an accessory. We worked on this patch focusing on that these two updates would not immediately affect the market. So not every player might need Capotia accessories for now, but we hope their significance and usefulness to grow further on a long term basis.

● You can now obtain Yona’s Fragment when heating certain yellow grade accessories.

* You can obtain Yona’s Fragment by heating only when you have learned “Ossa Dilla’s Special Heating Method” from the Valencia Arms Dealer NPC Ossa Dilla.

Item Name

Number of Yona's Fragment

Ogre Ring


Tungrad Necklace

x 9-11

Laytenn’s Power Stone


Black Distortion Earring


Tungrad Earring


Narc Ear Accessory


Forest Ronaros Ring


Eye of the Ruins Ring


Tungrad Ring


Valtarra Eclipsed Belt


Tungrad Belt


Orkinrad’s Belt



※ Number of Yona's Fragments you can obtain from the existing items are as follows.

Item Name

Number of Yona's Fragment

Ring of Crescent Guardian


Ring of Cadry Guardian


Serap's Necklace


Sicil's Necklace


Basilisk's Belt


Centaurus Belt




● Monster Zone Event (Extended)

- The monsters from the regions below will now reappear twice as fast after they die.

- Event Period: July 10, 2019 (Wed) (after maintenance) ~ August 14, 2019 (Wed) (before maintenance)

- Mediah: Shultz Guard Post, Hasrah Ancient Ruins, Manes Hideout, Wandering Rogue Den

- Kamasylvia: Forest Ronaros, Polly’s Forest, Navarn Steppe 

- Valencia: Bashim Base, Basilisk Den, Roud Sulfur Mine, Titium Valley, Cadry Ruins, Waragon Nest, Centaurus Herd, Pila Ku Jail

- Drieghan: Tshira Ruins, Blood Wolf Settlement, Sherekhan Necropolis (Day)

- Other: Protty Cave, Sycraia Underwater Ruins (Upper zone)


  • ● Secret Quest Challenge: The Tale of the Fallen Kingdom

- Who will solve the mystery?

- Event Period

→ Essence of Fire~Light: July 24, 2019 (Wed) (after maintenance) ~ August 28, 2019 (Wed) (before maintenance)

→ ??? : July 31, 2019 (Wed) 16:00 ~ August 28, 2019 (Wed) (before maintenance)

[Click here for more details]


  • ● Special Event for Black Spirit's Training!  

 - Book of Training 90% off from Pearl Shop & Black Spirit’s Training EXP +50%!

 - Event Period: July 24th, 2019 (Wed) (after maintenance) ~ August 7th, 2019 (Wed) (before maintenance) 

[Click here for more details]


● The Terrmian Event Quest has been added to the New Quest category.



New and Improvements

  • ● Added a function through which you can receive all challenge rewards at once.

- However, in case there is an item that cannot stack among the rewards or an item with rewards you need to select, you can't receive all at once. 

  • ● Changed so that the he name of the PEN gear crafter will no longer be removed when extracting the item reform stone. 
  • ● Added a function through which you can partially retrieve any goods you have pre-ordered or registered for sale in the Web Central Market.

Ex) If you retrieve only 20 Instant HP Potion (Small) after registering 100, then the rest 80 will remain as registered. 

  • ● The Devour feature has been revamped.

- Devour is now available even when Enhancement Chance is +1 or higher.

- There are no item grade restrictions when Enhancement Chance is 0. However, when it is +1 or higher, Devour is only available for green or higher rating gears.

- Just like before, Devour is available for weapons of +8 or higher enhancement levels and armors of +6 or higher enhancement levels.

- When you attempt to use Devour with an existing Enhancement Chance increase greater than 0, you will either succeed or fail at a fixed rate.

  • ● Devour is no longer available for gear equipped with crystals or gear with Caphras stats.
  • ● Added a sound effect which plays when Devour is successful.
  • ● Added a pop-up window which describes the Devour feature.
  • ● Added a notification which is displayed when attempting Devour. 


  • ● Made an improvement so that the Attack Speed buff and Heilang: Berserk buff applied from using the Rage Absorption (Common) skill will now be applied simultaneously.

- Previously when you used the Heilang: Berserk skill while receiving a buff from Rage Absorption (Common), the Attack Speed buff did not stack. Due to the improvement, the Attack Speed buff will now stack when using Heilang: Berserk while you are receiving a buff from Rage Absorption. 

| Shai

  • ● Shai has finally learned how to ride on a horse after hardcore training everyday. 

- You can ride on a horse alone with your Shai character or ride on the back of the two-seater. 

- You can use a hunting matchlock while on mount. (However, using skills is limited while mounted)

- Changes were made so that Shai can use the Capturing Rope.

Shai can ride horse now. We thank all Shai adventurers who have been waiting for.

We hoped Shai, different from the existing characters, could travel by riding a donkey and bring you a new play experience. However, after the updates, we gathered the opinions of many adventurers around the world and concluded that our wish was not an open but a forceful choice. Hence we made improvements with this patch and enabled Shai to ride horses. For those adventurers who appreciated the donkey, we will continuously make patches to offer you other ways of using the donkey.

The same goes for Shai's talent patch; with the launch of the Global Lab, we are considering your opinions, and doing our best to patch it live as soon as possible. We hope Shai becomes your unique, charming friend and we will support any necessary resource investment or development for this to happen.

  • ● Improvements were made so that when you use Twirl towards the left or the right side and then to the opposite side, you deal 2 hits to the opposite side.
  • ● Improved the skill 'Eat This!' to activate faster while using Hop, Tuck-and-Roll and Swing Swing.
    ● Increased the speed of 1 hit standing Swing Swing skill motion.
  • ● Increased the attack range of the following skills in order to fix the issue where the actual attack range was smaller than the attack effect shown when attacking with the florang.

- Twirl

- One-Two-Three

- Hop-Three

- Kwik-Two

- Twirl-Three

  • ● The transition to Twirl while using Hop to the left/right has been improved to be faster.
    ● Adjusted the very low damage the attack skills used with the florang dealt when in PVP, and now they can make more than a certain level of damage.
  • ● Improved the wind effects for skills used with the Florang.
  • ● Added the following Shai crafted costume which can be crafted at a Lv. 1 Costume Workshop. 

- [Shai] Florin Herb Gatherer Clothes

  • ● In order to make '[Shai] Florin Herb Gatherer Clothes', you need 'Design: Florin Herb Gatherer Clothes - Shai'.

* You can receive “Design: Florin Herb Gatherer Clothes - Shai” as a reward by completing the “Life Saving Herb” quest from the NPC “Kunata Don” in Florin.

- Life Saving Herb

- Oh, the Sweet Scent

- Will it Burn Me? 

- White Azalea? 

- Dawn of Day

- Once in a Million Years?

- Truth about the Herb


* This quest can be completed once per Family, and can be accepted by any character of Lv. 40 or above without any restrictions.

* After completing the quest, you can buy the item from the Amity Shop of the Florin Armor Vendor “Zelfinith”.


|  ITEM 

  • ● Added a content in Mystical Spirit Powder’s description stating that you cannot obtain the powder from a Spirit Stone that has been gained through alchemy.
  • ● Changed the name of the set effect Gathering/Alchemy EXP +10% that you get by equipping [Shai] Curious Gatherer Classic Set and [Shai] Whimsical Alchemist Classic Set as follows.



Outfit Equip Effect (4 Parts)

Curious Gatherer Equip Effect (4 Parts)

Whimsical Alchemist Equip Effect (4 Parts)

● Changes were made so that the description of Naphart Campsite’s pearl item and the effect description of the Campsite shop are the same.

  • ● Added a text to the description of < Ancient Spirit's Crystal - Valor, Viper, Swiftness > stating that you can obtain the item by heating the 'apparel'.
  • ● Fixed the issue where [Event] Old Moon Flare did not work correctly under certain situations.
    ● Fixed the issue where the Crafted Costume for Shai was incorrectly displayed under Ancient Spirit's Crystal's crafting methods. 
  • Revised the descriptions for swimsuits and bikinis so that the description about displaying the outfits would be more clear.
Before Now
If you select the Swimwear Settings button in the equipment window in a safe zone or while swimming, your swimwear will be seen by other Adventurers. If you select the Swimwear Settings button in the equipment window while you're in the Safe Zone or in water, your swimwear can be seen by other adventurers.


  • ● Improvements were made so that the Cyclops summoned by the “Retrieve a Sealing Stone” quest starts fighting after the adventurer has completely examined the Black Portal.
  • ● The villagers drove out some of the grass beetles from the northern cow farm, decreasing the number of grass beetles.
  • ● Changed the attack style of the Ruins Guard Tower summoned by the Black Spirit’s quest.


  • ● Improved the convenience of using donkeys and wagons.

- The donkey will now move into the running motion when moving by pressing the W key or by auto-moving.

- Donkeys will now run away and hide when hit by monsters. However, the donkeys will not run away when they are within a distance of 25m from you.

- You can call back hiding donkeys by pressing the Call Mount button.

- Made an improvement on wagons that they can now stop more quickly while moving slowly by pressing S key. 

  • ● Changes were made so that the Gathering UI is not displayed while on a mount, in order to fix the issue where you couldn’t get off of the mount due to your interaction with the natural resources (ore, tree, etc)
  • ● Fixed the issue where the Sky Balloon departing from Terrmian to Altinova was attacked.



  • ● Fixed the issue where the shop sold armors when the Amity with Partus the stable keeper of Keplan was over 500. Partus will sell the Donkey gear set in the shop if you obtain more than 500 Amity.


  • ● Changed the speed buff of “Footprint of the Wind”, which can be obtained as a reward for accepting a main quest, from 1 min to 3 min.

At the beginning of the game, you have no horse and must run wherever you go. Hence the Footprint of the Wind was a way of helping beginners to get used to the Black Desert World by allowing them to move quickly. We extended its effect duration to 3 min, after we received feedback that the old duration was too short. Though it might be a minor change, we think such small parts of the game do matter too. We will continue doing patches that assist rookie adventurers in adapting to the game.

  • ● Changed the title of the “Leaping Over Rhutums Elites” quest to “Leaping Over the Ferocious Rhutums”.

- Changed the quest title so that it matches the quest content in which you hunt the normal Rhutums rather than Rhutums Elites.

  • ● Quest completion method has been changed from stealing to interaction with the NPC for 'The Message from Bobby Lauren' quest. However, you can still complete the quest by stealing from NPC. 
  • ● Unified all expressions that represent the Supply Port from the Star's End Adventure Journal II hints to Northwestern Calpheon Outpost Supply Port.
  • ● Prerequisite quest has been added to the quest description of Cliff's Weapon displayed on the Quest window (O).
  • ● Added a guide to the Black Spirit’s dialogue in the Main Quest Widget to make it easier to reach the next destination while progressing through “The Return” quest.
  • ● Changed the navigation location of the “Weird Devices” quest.
  • ● Changed the way through which you can accept the “[To Level 50!] Giant Catfishman Qoobe” quest from using the Summon Scroll to summoning the monster by interacting with the Dark Portal.

|  UI 

  • ● From the Server Selection list and Server Change list, the following Server Status Icons’ colors were changed to more vivid ones.

- The server is under maintenance, Arsha server, Olvia server, Server Change Restriction, Node/Conquest War in progress.

- In the case of ‘The server is under maintenance’ icon, its color was changed from blue to red.

  • ● Added AP and DP limits to the description of Tier 1 Nodes where these limits are applied, when in a Node War on the World Map (M). 
  • ● Changes were made so that the Stats names and levels from the Level Up window are expressed more clearly.

- Stats increased to a maximum level and the increase amount will be displayed together.

  • ● Changed the main character of the Next Attendance Reward notice UI displayed when quitting the game to Shai.
  • ● Changes were made so that no message concerning weight is displayed when obtaining an item like the Silver, which has 0 weight.
  • ● Improvements were made so that when buying a product with a purchase limit from the Pearl Shop (F3), the number of product does not exceed its purchase limit.
  • ● Fixed the issue where the Recovery level did not show the recovered result when recovering to max durability.
  • ● Added sale periods to the details of the Pearl Shop (F3)’s LIMITED items.
  • ● Improved the time it took for the Central Market’s market price to be displayed in the item details.
  • ● Changes were made so that the processing completion message is not displayed when you fail the first processing.
  • ● Fixed the issue where incorrect information was displayed when there were 11 or more party members within a platoon. 
  • ● Fixed the issue where an empty text box appeared when trying to drag and attach a crystal to an equipment without any empty slots.
  • ● Improved the level up information window so that it shows the increased AP and DP.
    - The DP will show when you reached LV. 56 and AP will show when you reached LV. 60


Changes and Fixes

● Fixed the issue where you could not unblock some of the blocked families in the Guild Guestbook Settings.
  • ● Sound effects are now heard when using flashbangs.
  • ● Fixed the issue where the character’s location was abnormal when entering the Beauty (F4) window, the Knowledge (H) window, the Pearl Shop (F3), or the Dye (J) window while your Karma had a negative value.
  • ● Fixed the issue where the camera perspective would abnormally zoom in when selecting Wagon from the Dye window.
  • ● Fixed the issue where the Matchlock would simultaneously reload and fire.
  • ● [Kunoichi, Ninja] You can now sprint by entering Shift + W when you get off of a running horse without having your main weapons equipped.
  • ● [Lahn] Fixed the issue where you were unable to dye the leaf part when equipped with the Treant Camouflage Crimson Glaives.
  • ● [Archer] Fixed the issue where the part below the bottoms would look awkward when equipped with the Gierach Armor.
  • ● [Shai] Fixed the issue where the fingers would appear to disappear when equipped with the Red Nose's Armor.
  • ● [Shai] Fixed the issue where the back of Shai's hair was partially cut off when wearing Marigold Sunset Hat after applying hairstyle #3, #12, #16.
  • ● Fixed the issue where the Blue Lion Crown still worked when the item expired while wearing it.
  • ● Fixed the wrong content in Fertilizer Sack’s description.
  • ● Improved the automatic navigation in the following areas.

- Balenos

- Serendia

- Calpheon

- Mediah

- Valencia

  • ● Fixed the issue where the text box of the drunk at the Lunar Halo Inn in Velia overlapped with the NPC’s head.
  • ● Fixed the issue where the structures of certain roads in Velia were displayed abnormally.
  • ● Changed the hint and the knowledge description of the [Guild] Sandy Ingot to sound clearer.
  • ● Fixed the issue where the Black Spirit was automatically summoned after accepting “The Ritual” quest.
  • ● Fixed the issue where the Musical Spirit NPC under the waterfall of Gervish Mountains was submerged in the water.
  • ● Fixed the issue where you would get stuck in certain areas and could not move when passing through Gahaz Bandit's Lair by auto-running.
  • ● Fixed the issue where the lower part of the berserker laborer at the back was not displayed when you captured Edan after completing the ‘Artifacts of the Naga’ quest.
  • ● Fixed the graphical issue of the bushes near the Loopy Tree Forest.
  • ● Fixed the issue where you could not take out the horse from certain areas of the Calpheon Market.
  • ● Fixed the issue where the window of Calpheon City Chapel 2-1 was not displayed.
  • ● Fixed the issue where the scroll button could not be selected in the Level Up Information Guide window. 
  • ● The quest NPC Deian of the Duvencrune Mountain is no longer displayed in the minimap regardless of whether you’ve acquired the knowledge.
  • ● The Occupying Guild Info UI is now displayed before the Area Information UI in the World Map (M).
  • ● When fishing, instead of the Space key guide, the changed Hotkey is now shown while you are trying to catch a fish.
  • ● Fixed the issue where you couldn’t see the working process of the worker even after selecting Worker from Settings → Performance Settings → NPC.
  • ● The text ‘If the item is sold for 500,000 Silver or more, the money will be sent to Storage’ is no longer displayed when selling items to a merchant from a town with storage.
  • ● You can now normally close the Crafting Notes window with the ESC key when opening the Crafting Notes from the Equipment Enhancement window.
  • ● Fixed the issue where a system message concerning weight was displayed when selling items worth more than 500,000 Silver to the shop.
  • ● Deleted the text ‘The name of the creator will be deleted’ from the Reform Stone Inventory window.
  • ● The mail title is no longer displayed beyond the UI area when reading mail, even if the title length is too long.
  • ● Fixed the issue where the arrow on the right side of the category name disappeared when selecting the item list from the IOS mobile Central Market.
  • ● Fixed the issue where the water around Gervish mountains was unnatural under Remastered or Ultra Mode.
  • You can no longer install cannons at the Altar of Blood.
  • ● You can no longer approach the island where Arena of Arsha is located (near Iliya Island) when an Arena of Arsha is active.
    ● Fixed the issue where the lower part of certain NPC's Amity graph was cut when there were a large number of quests.
    ● The Level Up Information Guide window does not move anymore.
  • ● The following items which have been restricted since July 12th can now be correctly used. 

- Skill EXP +5%

- Combat EXP +10% 

We are very sorry for the inconvenience we have caused with the items in question. The rewards with our apology have been sent. Please check your mailbox (B). 



We hope you enjoy your time in Black Desert,

Thank you.

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