Notices [Notice] Additional Service Security Measures
Black Desert 2019-09-04 08:00
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Greetings Adventurer,

The official Black Desert website has been renewed with today’s maintenance. We’ve stepped up our service’s security with this renewal. Refer below for information regarding the increased security for a more secure service.  


  1. OTP is now required for the Web Central Market 

We’ve continually updated the web Central Market against uncovered vulnerabilities with stronger verification processes. In order to provide the necessary security for such an important content, we’ve required the OTP service to use the Central Market. 

Now, you must set up an OTP service to access the web Central Market. If you do not use an OTP Service, you will no longer be able to access the web Central Market.  

Go to OTP Setting


  1. Implementation of the PC Registration Service 

The PC registration service will allow you to designate PCs from which you login to Black Desert from. PC registration and changes to registration can be done in the game launcher; you can register up to 5 PCs at a time.  

Go to PC Registration Setting


  1. View your past login records 

You can now view your login records for the past 6 months on MyPage. By keeping an eye on this menu, you can ensure there are no strange logins that you did not authorize. If you notice any strange logins, please change your password and contact Support.  

View your past login records 


  1. New Password Change Campaign

The number of unsafe passwords being used on previous official website was too high; thus, leaving the security of those accounts vulnerable. That’s why we will be holding a Campaign for changing passwords to a safer format for accounts on the renewed website. Follow the steps below for a safer password.   

1) Login to the website

2) View the password change notification

3) Redirected to the Recover Password window

4) Verify your account by email 

5) Change your password after verifying your account


The new password creation format has been strengthened to the format below to ensure a more secure service.    


■ New Password Format

- Must include letters (upper and lower Case), numbers, special characters (10-16 Character Limit)

- Uppercase and lowercase will be differentiated and only the following special characters can be used: !@#$%^&*()+=~_-.


You will be unable to access the game if you do not change your password. If you are unable to complete the email verification, please fill out the application below. We will provide assistance in the order received after checking your account information with the information provided. 

Go to the Identity Verification Application


※ Please be advised that assistance regarding this issue will only be provided until 2019, October 31st 23:59 (GMT+3)

※ The personal information you provide in identity verification application will be destroyed after the verification is completed.


You may encounter some inconveniences using the renewed website and increased security, but we ask for your cooperation and understanding in order to ensure a more secure Black Desert service. 

We will continue to work towards providing a secure service for our Adventurers.

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