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Black Desert 2019-11-06 07:00
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Welcome to the new Adventurers coming to Black Desert for the first time! 

And for returning Adventurers coming back, it’s great to see you again! 


Don’t miss out on these benefits we prepared for our New & Returning Adventurers’ journey. ( •◡-)✧


Special Support Benefits for New & Returning Adventurers!

Never worry about items for settling-in! We’ll give you PLENTY of support! (ง •̀_•́)ง
Supporting Both Growth and Settling-in, the Olvia Server 

- For 30 days, receive Combat EXP +100%, Skill EXP +20% benefits in the Olvia server!

- The Olvia server is exclusive for New & Returning Adventurers, and is a growth support server that can be used for 30 days from the Family creation or return date. 

- The events in the Black Desert world are applied the same for the Olvia server, but some events, Conquest/Node War, Red Battlefield, Horse Racing, and other content may have restricted participation. 


Robust Equipment for your Grand Journey - Cliff’s +15 Weapons 

- Cliff’s special quests, includes +15 Main Weapons, Sub-Weapons, and even Awakening Weapons for New & Returning Adventurers!

- Each Cliff’s Weapon Box quests can be completed once per Family; there’s a total of 3 quests completable. 

- Obtain Cliff’s +15 Main/Sub/Awakening Weapon Box as a quest completion reward. 

- Open the Cliff’s Weapon Box to obtain a +15 weapon for your class. 


More Convenience to Support Adventurers - Value Pack Buff for 15 Days

- We’ve provided a Value Pack buff for 15 days that has a variety of benefits such as, Inventory/Storage Slot +16, Weight Limit +200 LT, Combat/Skill/Life/Mount EXP +30%, Distant Node Investment, and +30% Marketplace Sales Silver Collection! 


Item Support Benefits for Both the First Heart-pounding Journey and the Continuation of One - Login Rewards  

- With the idea of welcoming new Adventurers’ exciting first journey and returning Adventurers’ joyful continuation in mind, we’ve prepared these login rewards! 

- There’s a bountiful amount of items that you can immediately receive by just logging in every day.  

Click here to learn more about login rewards

Bonus Benefits for Black Desert’s Adventurers!

Letting it end like this would be a let down, so here’s a bonus! ٩(>ε<)۶
Introducing “New Quests to Get Pets” for Companions on our Adventurers’ Long Journey  

- These new quests ([Pet] Bartali's Buster, [Pet] Kalis' Delphe, [Pet] Bareed's Junaid) can be completed once per Family. You can find the quest from the Quest Tab (O) -> [ADV Support] Pet, a Loyal Companion.   


Discount Benefit to Ease the Burden of New Adventures - Pearl Shop Discount Coupons  

- Get a total of three [20% Discount Coupon] that can be used at the Pearl Shop by reaching level 10 with a Character in your Family!  


■ How to Use Coupon

- Reach level 10 and receive the coupon item from Challenge (Y).  

- Register your coupon by using the coupon in your Inventory (I). (Registration usage period is 7 days)

- Apply the registered coupon on your purchase in the Pearl Shop (F3). (Usage period after registration is 7 days)

※ Registered coupons can be found in the Pearl Shop’s Coupon menu. 

Event Notices

- For rookie Adventurers with Characters level 10 or above at the start of the event, you can receive the coupons from Challenge after reaching the next level. 

- Receive a total of 3 coupons that can be each used once in the respective ‘Inventory, Weight, Pet’ category. 

- Re-login to receive the Challenge as the rookie Adventurer support Challenge will reset at midnight (00:00). 

(There may be a delay of 1~2 minutes during the reset.)

- Rewards for completed rookie Adventurer Challenges can only be completed until the end of the event. These Challenges will be removed once the event ends. 


Cheering on the Return of Experienced Adventurers - Pearl Shop Discount Coupons 

- Get a total of two [20% Discount Coupon] that can be used at the Pearl Shop by reaching level 56 with a Character in your Family!


■ How to Use Coupon

- Reach level 56, and a receive coupons directly in your in-game Pearl Shop (F3) (Usage period is 7 days)

- Apply the registered coupon on your purchase in the Pearl Shop (F3).

Event Notices

- Receive a total of 2 coupons that can be each used once in the respective ‘Apparel, Function’ category.

Here’s a guide for rookie Adventurers starting their first adventure.

Click here to go to the New Adventurer Guide


Cheering on that first heart-pounding journey or the joyful continuation of one in the PC MMORPG - Black Desert. Next time, we’ll come find you with even more great news. 


Thank you.

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