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Hello, Adventurers.

This is The MMORPG, Black Desert.


These are the updates made to Black Desert on November 27, 2019.

(Patch size: approx. 732.45MB)


※ Please read below for details.



● Let Black Desert Give for You! 

  • - Our Adventurers sincere feelings, let Black Desert deliver them in your stead! 

- Event Period : November 27, 2019 (Wed) after maintenance - December 11, 2019 (Wed) before maintenance 

[Click here for details]

  • ● A Mysterious Knight Appears!
    - Warrior & Ranger Succession arrives on December 4, 2019 (Wed).

- Event Period : November 27, 2019 (Wed) after maintenance ~ To be announced
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  • ● Autumn Seasonal Surprise Sale!
    - Steam DLC and Bundles 60% Discount Event Period

- Event Period: November 26, 2019 (Tue) at 19:55 (GMT+3) ~ December 2, 2019 (Mon) at 20:05 (GMT+3)

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New and Improvements


  • Added Barter life skill levels that can be increased by doing Bartering content

- Bartering EXP is gained every time a barter is attempted.

- The amount of barter EXP gained may vary depending on the items that can be obtained on each island.

- Barter is categorized as a type of life skill and the EXP gained will be affected by Extra Life EXP Scrolls.

- Barter life skill EXP can be checked in the My Information (P) window.

- Barter Ranking can be found in Ranking.

※ Adventurers, please check your Received Mail List (B). The Barter EXP for the barters completed starting from the Barter update till now will be sent by mail.


  • ● Changed "Number of Exchanges" to "Parley" for Barter.

- Parley will be consumed instead of number of barters.

- Each barter node requires different amounts of parley. Even if you have barters remained on an island, you cannot barter if you do not have enough parley.

- 1,000,000 Parley is available at the start of every barter. Parley will recover every time Bartering Information is refreshed.

- The amount of Parley required for each barter decreases as your Barter level increases.

e.g.) Beginner Lv.1 required Parley: 14,286 → Apprentice Lv.1 required Parley: 13,074

  • Added items that can be used to recover Parley which is used to barter.

- Use Manufacture in the Processing window to make an Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min) x1 into a Crow's Trade Voucher x1.
※ However, [Event] Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min) cannot be made into a Crow's Trade Voucher.

- Use Crow's Trade Voucher to recover 250,000 Parley.

- However, Parley will not be recovered if you already have 1,000,000 Parley.

- Crow's Trade Voucher has a 4-hour cooldown when it's used.


  • ● Changed Barter Information so that it can be refreshed manually.

- Previously, Barter Information would refresh every 4 hours, but now it can be refreshed on command.

- Barter Information can be refreshed up to 3 times a day.

- There is a 4-hour cooldown each time it is refreshed.

- The number of available refreshes per day will reset at 6:00 AM (server time).

※ Barter Information can be kept as long as it is not refreshed.


  • ● Decreased the required "Accumulated Number of Exchanges" significantly and increased the chance of the barters to appear for the following Carrack upgrade materials on bartering islands.

- Brilliant Rock Salt Ingot

- Brilliant Pearl Shard"


  • ● Changed how goods are bartered for each level of Sea Trade Goods.


Number of Barters

Bartered Goods



Land Materials → Level 1 Sea Trade Good x1



Level 1 Sea Trade Good x1 → Level 2 Sea Trade Good x1 -3



Level 2 Sea Trade Good x1 → Level 3 Sea Trade Good x1 -3



Level 3 Sea Trade Good x1 → Level 4 Sea Trade Good x2



Level 4 Sea Trade Good x1 → Level 5 Sea Trade Good x1

● Decreased the amount of land materials needed to get Lv. 1 Sea Trade Goods.

- Changed the increments of materials needed to 100's for Lv. 1 Sea Trade Goods.

- However, places that required less than 100 materials were changed to increments of 10.

  • ● Certain Level 5 Exchangeable Sea Trade Goods can be bartered on the floating objects in Margoria. 

- [Level 5] Opulent Coral Trinket

- [Level 5] Cox Pirates' Journal

- [Level 5] Rust Repair Tool

- [Level 5] Otters Fish Hook

- [Level 5] Observatory Report

  • ● Increased the number of Sea Coins obtainable by around 25% for the following locations: 

- Halmad Island

- Kashuma Island

- Derko Island

- Crow Merchant Ship

- Rikkun's Shipwreck Boat

- Shiprwrecked Cox Pirates's Ship

- Shipwrecked Naval Ship

  • ● Decreased the required "Accumulated Number of Exchanges" significantly for the following floating locations in Margoria:

* If Lv. 4 -> Lv. 5 trades were available in the surrounding waters before this update, then barters with Cholace Chico's Pirate Union and Shipwrecked Cargo Ship will be available after the update.

* Added barters for ship upgrade materials and Lv. 5 materials available in the Wandering Merchant Ship region.

- Shipwrecked Cargo Ship

- Cholace Chico's Pirate Union

- Wandering Merchant Ship


  • ● Changed the following for the "Explore" content that was available while sailing.

- Added the ability for sailors to Seaweed and Bottle of Sea Water. Sailors will gather these items when exploring while sailing.

- Increased the chance for sailors to repair the ship.

- Increased the chance for sailors to hoist up Rations.

- Increased the chance for sailors to get sick.


  • ● Decreased the chance of special barters appearing significantly.


  • ● Added a confirmation message to appear after clicking on the "Refresh" button on the Barter Information window.


  • ● Added the following effects for Value Pack:

- Barter Refresh Count +1 (A total of 4 refreshes per day)

- Required Parley for Barter -10%

- Allows you to remotely check or skip Special Barter

※ However, you are still required to go to the location with the items in your ship's inventory to complete the barter.

※ When the Value Pack effect expires, the number of barter refreshes will reduce back down to 3 and require the original amount of Parley per barter.


  • ● Added a function on the World Map (M) to show the locations of the 12 floating objects in Margoria if you have knowledge on all of them.

- Changed the menu in the top right corner of the World Map (M) to "Monster Zone Info". 

- Activate the function "Monster Zone Info" to see the locations of the floating objects in Margoria.

Parley was applied for the first-time last week on the Global Lab and more of our Adventurers gave us their feedback. Using this as our basis, we refocused the overall direction of this system.

First, improvements were made to help gather enough lower level sea trade goods by decreasing the amount of Parley required for the higher-level goods significantly, which previously was depleted with just a few barters. This change, along with the introduction of the new system where higher Barter life skill decreases the amount of Parley required will allow Adventurers to barter even more.

Still, the nerf to level 4 bartering, arguably the most profitable barter where you could get up to 30,000,000 silver at once, from getting up to 3 to just 2 fixed will be maintained. Instead, you can now obtain up to 6 level 1 sea trade goods at a time through bartering. This is to balance the issue where sea trade goods would run out too quickly. By making changes that lead to increased income through more lower level barters, the level of difficulty and profit were adjusted.

Additionally, we made more ways to obtain materials needed to build carracks for Adventurers that dabble in the Great Expedition. We also plan on making changes to lessen the feeling of “doing homework” when building ships. Furthermore, we are preparing blue grade carrack items for our Adventurers in the deep end of the sea.

We plan to improve conveniences and more for this content, please continue to give us your thoughts and suggestions!


Added the items "[Conquest] Dark Contract: Ogre" and "[Conquest] Dark Contract: Troll

- The items [Conquest] Dark Contract: Ogre/Troll can be used to summon Ogres/Trolls. You can possess and directly control the summoned Ogre/Troll.

- These items can be used by the offensive side during Conquest War.

- The summoned Ogre/Troll can be possessed by any guild member.

- The summoned Ogre/Troll will disappear when the Conquest War ends.

- The "Call" button will be displayed in the top left corner when a Ogre/Troll is summoned.

- The summoned Ogre/Troll will be displayed on the World Map.

- The controls for the Ogre/Troll will be displayed in the bottom right corner when they are mounted.

- The summoned Ogre/Troll will disappear if it enters water.


  • Added knowledge on how to make the item "[Conquest] Dark Contract: Ogre".

- Use Simple Alchemy on Ogre Dark Crystal x1 and Ogre Blood x50

* There is a small probability to obtain the item "Ogre Dark Crystal" by defeating Muraka and the ogres in Mansha Forest.


  • Added knowledge on how to make the item "[Conquest] Dark Contract: Troll".

- Use Simple Alchemy on Troll Dark Crystal x1 and Troll Blood x100

*  There is a small probability to obtain the item "Troll Dark Crystal" by defeating Quint and the trolls on Quint Hill.


  • Added three new social actions.

 - Hold Beer

 - Hold Broom

 - Read Book

 * You cannot move while doing one of these three social actions. If you type the specific key while doing a default action, it will allow you to create a special action.

 * These social actions can be acquired from quests listed below.

 < Quests to obtain expansion of Hold Beer Social Action >

 - Bedder’s Cooking Ingredients

 - Beer for a Thirsty Worker

 - After Daily Work

 < Quests to obtain expansion of Hold Broom Social Action >

 - Leader of the Ahib

 - Yahq’s Troubles

 - Noble Sacrifice

 < Quests to obtain expansion of Read Book Social Action >

 - Art of Sharing

 - A Recorded Myth

 - Door of Truth




  • Black Spirit: Flash Slash - Fixed the following in the skill description to match its actual effects.

- Stiffness before hit

- 15% of Max WP extra damage


  • Black Spirit: Ninjutsu: Shadow Clone - Fixed the following in the skill description to match its actual effects.

- Number of hits

- Down Smash

- Critical Hit Rate




  • Fixed a typo in the item description of "Imp Captain's Knife".
  • Added the expiration time in the item descriptions of the following items:

- Devil's Draught

- Mermaid's Tear


  • Removed the item "Ocean Hourglass" from the list of items sold due to the addition of the refresh function in Barter Information.

 - If you own the item "Ocean Hourglass" you can contact Customer Support via [Support > Submit a Ticket] to receive a Pearl refund as this item cannot be used anymore.

 - Please check the notices for more details.
[Click here for details]


  • Added trade goods that [Level 5] Azure Quartz can be bartered for.

 - Brilliant Rock Salt Ingot

 - Brilliant Pearl Shard




  • The monsters that were around the NPCs that appeared during Kamasylvia quests were relocated or removed.

 - Klaruss Mushroom in Polly's Forest

 - Khalid in Loopy Tree Forest

 - The cave entrance in Manshaum Forest"


  • Improved the Kvariak at Tshira Ruins in Drieghan.

 - The item "Poisoned Talon" can be obtained by defeating monsters at Tshira Ruins.

 - Changed the requirement for Kvariak's appearance and added the following conditions:

 - Kvariak will appear when you obtain the item "Poisoned Talon" by defeating a monster at Tshira Ruins.

 - A system message and two beams of yellow light will appear in Tshira Ruins at the same time. The beam of light be visible for 1 minute.

 - Kvariak will appear when you approach the beam of light. Defeat Kvariak to get rewards.

 - Kvariak will disappear in 10 minutes if it is not engaged in combat. Additionally, Kvariak will disappear 10 minutes after an Adventurer dies or leaves the area.

 - Kvariak will not disappear while it is engaged in combat.

 - Kvariak will only engage in combat with the Adventurer that got the item. It will not take damage from other Adventurers.


  • Changed Kvariak's AP and HP due to the changes mentioned above.

 - No changes were made to Kvariak's DP. Note that the amount of damage dealt to Kvariak will start to fall off after a certain amount of AP.


  • Changed the rewards for defeating Kvariak.

 - Previously, up to 5 Adventurers could get 1 reward for defeating Kvariak. Now, only 1 Adventurer will get a reward.

 - Kvariak has a high chance of dropping the following items:

> Eye of the Ruins Ring

> Marni's Research Box

> Akum defense gear

> Combined Magic Crystal - Gervish

> Combined Magic Crystal - Hoom

> Garmoth's Scale

> Caphras Stone

> Ancient Spirit Dust

> Dragon Scale Fossil




  • Removed the message that said enhancement level will drop when failing an attempt on ship equipment for Epheria Caravel and Epheria Galleass.


  • Added an automated function that uses the sailing skill "BreezySail" for large ships that are able to use sailing skills.

 - Mount the large ship at the wheel (steerer) and click the button that is displayed then press "W" once to move and use "BreezySail" continuously.


Changed the Dream Horse Doom so that it requires the skill "S: Instant Accel" to use "Dark Sprint" while using the skill "S: Charge". Added the text "F during S: Charge" in the skill commands for the skill "Dark Sprint" of the Dream Horse Doom displayed on the Mount Information window.

  • Fixed the issue where the check box for "Continuously use BreezySail" would be displayed for the Bartali Sailboat and Old Bartali Sailboat.


  • Fixed the issue where the camel icon would be displayed when using the skill "Fore Chop" while mounted on a horse.
  • Added text about damage dealt when equipped on upgraded ships in the description of cannons able to be equipped on Epheria Sailboat and Epheria Frigate.
  • Decreased the intensity of the camera effects that were applied when using the skill BreezySail on large ships (Epheria Sailboat, Improved Epheria Sailboat, Epheria Frigate, Improved Epheria Frigate, [Guild] Galley, Epheria Carrack, Epheria Galleass, Epheria Carrack).
  • Fixed the typo in the quest summary for "The Sausans and the Crow Merchants".
  • Fixed the completion requirement dialogue and added the navigation location for the quest "Black Spirit's Gift (Adorable Desert Pet)".
  • Added a function for large ships that will stop auto-moving once the ship gets stuck on an obstacle.

 - This function will activate even while using the skills "Power Accel." and "BreezySail". 

 - This function will activate only for ships with 50% durability or higher."

→ Let's say you set a destination for your ship to go to, then you check back later only to realize that your ship was stuck somewhere and has been wasting rations the entire time. Isn't this depressing? So, we are improving on this situation by adding a function that will stop auto-moving the ship when it gets stuck on obstacles.

● Fixed the issue where the wrong dialogue would be displayed when getting knowledge about Alchemy Boxes from Eileen.

  • Fixed the issue where it wasn't possible to get the knowledge for Apprentice's Alchemy Box from Eileen.
  • Removed some of the text in the quest summary for "Cooking Prep".
  • Fixed the issue where you couldn't interact at the hut for the quest "Checking in on Colleagues".
  • | UI
  • Reworked the following UI:

 - My Information (P)

 - Open Special Item

 - Horse Skill Training Minigame

 - Horse Taming Minigame

 - Horse Training Minigame

 - Extractor Minigame

 - Flute Minigame

 - Fishing Minigame


  • Fixed the issue where the hotkeys would disappear after adjusting Font Size in the Settings.


  • Fixed the issue where the % displayed would be different when the same item was in the Adventurer's inventory sold by the Trader.


  • Fixed the issue where the item "Water Spirit Stone Fragment" was missing from the Polly's Forest Item Drop Information window.


  • Fixed the Ship Info window to display "Damage" and "Destroyed" by type of ships.
  • Added the function that can search the logs of the Guild Storage.


  • Added the function where you can view the market price graph on the Purchase window in Central Market by 1 Month or 3 Months.


  • Improved the Horse Taming Minigame to make it feel more intense.


  • Added the function in Barter Information window > to "Hide nodes you've completed barter from".

- The blacked out nodes for completing the number of barters will not be displayed when using this function.


  • Added the tab "Barter" in the My Information (P) window.
  • Added a function that displayed the rankings for bartering in Ranking.


  • Added a function where Adventurers can remotely check or skip Special Barters while the Value Pack buff is in effect.

- This function is available when the Value Pack is in effect.

- This function allows you to see what can be bartered when a Special Barter becomes available on the Barter Information in the  World Map and the Barter Information window.

- This function allows you to see the list of items for the special barter by clicking on the special barter information section on the Barter Information window and to skip the special barter without from any location.


  • Added an alert message to appear for the Mast Fold/Open function.
  • Changed the way that monster images are displayed in the World Map (M) from "all displayed" to "displayed when special conditions are met".


  • Improved the message displayed on the top of the screen and the key guides for Minigames.
  • Fixed the issue where the text on the node information in the World Map (M) would spill out of the UI.


  • Changed the Notepad window so that a scroll bar would appear depending on the length of text.


  • Improved the search function for barters to not distinguish between upper/lower case letters.


  • Added the information that life skill levels and Value Pack can reduce the amount of Parley required to be displayed when mousing over Parley on Barter UI.
  • Fixed the issue where the size of the effects that is displayed when punching in fishing commands was abnormal.


  • Fixed the issue where the design of the Griffith Helmet for Maehwa appeared to be differently designed when opened/closed.


  • Fixed the issue with the Processing window where only the "Shaking" button appeared to be available and where materials could not be registered for Shaking immediately.
  • Fixed the issue where the message saying you must be idle to open the Processing window would appear when trying to open the window right after processing something in the Process window.


  • Fixed the issue where an abnormal message would be displayed when clicking the Supply button twice after registering a ship with the wharf manager.


  • Fixed the issue where the [Kunoichi] Sub-Weapon Exchange Coupon could not be used to change Shurikens to Kunais.


  • Fixed the issue where the dye would not be applied when attempting to dye with multiple equipment pieces selected at the same time.


  • Fixed the issue where the "Current Marketplace Asset Value" appeared as "0" in Storage.
  • Fixed the Barter Information window so that your character would move to the location where you can barter by clicking on the icon.


  • Fixed the color of some of the dialogue buttons.
  • Fixed the issue where the numbers for Shai's Talent would not be displayed in My Information window.


  • Fixed the item "Blacksmith's Secret Book" to open the Blacksmith's Secret Book window when the item is clicked on.


  • Improved the UI so that the last location checked for silver used and collected is maintained.


  • Fixed the issue where the location of the buttons at the bottom of the Dialogue window in the Settings window looked abnormal.


  • Fixed the UI so that the dialogue would be refreshed in real time when completing exchanges with NPCs.


  • Fixed the issue where the text would spill out of the information section in the Barter Information window.


  • ● Fixed the issue where the text would spill out of the fishing UI.
  • |  SYSTEM
  • Added the "Hide Certain NPCs" function to help improve optimization.

 - Go to Settings - Performance Settings - NPC - NPC Settings to use this function.

 - Turn on this function to remove certain NPCs that do not have functions in the of Black Desert.

 - Turning on this function will not remove NPCs that were already being displayed. Log in again or go to the Character Selection window to apply this function completely.


● Added the function that allows you to select the way the auto-pathing works when setting a destination above the ocean.

  1. 1. Short Route

- Uses the route with the shortest distance to the set destination. The actual time it takes may be longer due to the set route having multiple twists in the path.

  1. 2. Quick Route

- Uses the route with the least number of twists in the route. This may go in a round-about way but the ship should be able to maintain its speed while moving.


This function can be used by selecting an option in the Ocean Navigation Setting window at the bottom of the World Map (M).


  • Added the function to report users for using illegal programs and macros.

* How to report a user

- Click the icon located on the left of the minimap.

- You can also assign a hotkey (ALT + RMB) to the report function.

- Type slash command /report

* You can file 3 reports per day and the report count will reset at 00:00.

* You can report the same user more than once.

* You will see 10 adventurers displayed with their "Family Name (Class)" nearby when you file a report.

* Please note that Kunoichi and Ninja in stealth will not show up. Adventurers in camouflage is displayed as "Camouflage Adventurer (Class)".

(However, flare will reveal stealth characters.)

* You can relocate and submit another report if there are no adventurers nearby.


Changes and Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Shai would get stuck between Eastern Gateway and a barricade.
  • Fixed an issue where some parts of the terrain such as grass did not appear properly around Hexe Sanctuary.


Fixed the issue with the location of the small island at Al Halam Sea on the minimap.

  • Fixed an issue where the number of mounts shown at the stable and wharf didn't correspond with the actual number of mounts available.
  • The quest completion location and the area of activity has been fixed to match in the quest "If That's What She Wants".


  • Fixed typos in the quest "The Hidden Sacrament"


  • [Maehwa] The direction of the bow and arrow are now aligned when Maehwa uses a Horn Bow.


  • The route highlighted at certain location at Caudil Forest is now displayed properly on the minimap.


  • Fixed an issue where dead Mutant Gargoyle around Calpheon would intermittently appear transparent.


  • You no longer get stuck on floating debris when moving to the ship at Padix Island.
  • [Dark Knight] Fixed an issue where the Dark Knight would be revealed to other users even when using Nocturne.


  • Fixed an issue where the doors were not properly closed for certain buildings in Altinova.
  • [Witch] The abnormal animation when getting off from the raft has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where some NPCs were abnormally placed near buildings at Longleaf Tree Sentry Post.


  • [Tamer] Fixed an issue where the animation would appear abnormally when using Flash Stance Shift with main weapon.


We hope you enjoy your time in Black Desert,

Thank you.

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