Notices [Notice] Event Quest Completion Count Reset Issue
Black Desert 2019-12-18 12:57
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Greetings Adventurers,

Among the events of the [Christmas Arrives in Black Desert], which started after the maintenance on December 17 (Tue), there is an issue where the completion count of the quest ‘[Event] Let's Have Fun Together!’ was reset at random. (This quest is needed to progress ‘Snowflake Seed Bursting with Cron Stones’) 


We’ve confirmed cases where some Adventurers were able to obtain the ‘[Event] Snowflake Seed’ twice every day due to this issue. Thus, we will be sending additional ‘[Event] Snowflake Seed’ during the maintenance on December 24 (Tue).


Eligibility for Additional ‘[Event] Snowflake Seed’

■ Sent additional ‘[Event] Snowflake Seed’ according to the number of time ‘[Event] Let's Have Fun Together!’ was completed daily from December 17 (Tue) after maintenance ~ December 24 (Tue) before maintenance. 

※ However, additional ‘[Event] Snowflake Seed’ will not be sent for days where the quest was completed twice. 

Example)  For completing the quest twice daily from December 17 (Tue) ~ December 18 (Wed) and completing the quest once daily from December 19 (Thu) ~ December 23 (Sun) will receive an additional ‘[Event] Snowflake Seed’ x5. 


Date Sent

■ Sent by in-game mail during the maintenance on December 24 (Tue)


The issue where the number of time ‘[Event] Let's Have Fun Together!’ is reset at random will be fixed during the maintenance December 24, 2019 (Tue). 


We apologize for the inconvenience, and will work to provide a better service. 
Thank you. 

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