Notices [Notice] Black Desert Package Renewal and Purchasing Changes Information
Black Desert 2019-12-18 13:33
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Greetings Adventurers, 


Thank you everyone for your unwavering support since the official opening of the Black Desert Turkey & MENA server on December 2017!

During the maintenance on January 2 8, 2020 (Thu), there will be a renewal of package products and changes to how you purchase packages, so please refer below for more information. 


■ Package Renewal and Website Maintenance 

- Maintenance Details: Black Desert Package Renewal

- Maintenance Schedule: January 2 8, 2020 (exact time will be announced in the future)

- Maintenance Effect: Unable to access all services within the website

※ The maintenance duration is subject to change and may be extended or ended early. Any changes will be announced through this notice. 


■ Detail of Scheduled Changes

  1. 1. End of Existing Package Availability 

   ▶ Packages: Starter's Package, Limited Package, Prime Package, Legendary Package

  2. 2. Changes to Package Purchasing

   ▶ Previous: Transaction through Payment Gateway

   ▶ Change: Purchase package after Acoin top-up 

  2. 3. Changes to Package Products and Contents

Adventurers that purchased packages before the renewal are able to purchase the renewed packages. 

※ The content details of the renewed packages will be separately announced in the future. 

※ Uncollected package contents in My Page for packages purchased before the renewal can still be collected after the renewal of the package contents. 


★ Package Discount Event ★

All packages will be on discount for 60% until the package renewal on January 2 8, 2020; Adventurers interested in purchasing these packages can refer to the link below.  

> Go to the Package Discount Notice


* PS: Please note there will be no changes to the way packages are purchased through the Steam platform.


We will continue to do our utmost to provide a better service and content.  

Thank you. 

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