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Black Desert 2019-12-24 07:00
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A new feature has been added through the update during today’s maintenance on December 24, 2019 (Tue)!  
Let us introduce you to Chat Groups, so you can learn all about this new feature~


◆ What is a Chat Group?
Chat Groups are a new space in Black Desert where you can discuss and share your thoughts with other Adventurers who share your interest in a subject! 


◆ Where do you enter Chat Groups? 

As shown in the image above, Chat Groups can be accessed from the Community category in the new menu and the bottom row of the old menu. 


◆ Shared Interests?


Currently, there are 5 total Chat Groups. 

Lunar Halo Inn

A place for New/Returning Adventurers to comfortably hold discussions. 

The Lunar Halo Inn is where New/Returning Adventures of Black Desert can get assistance from experienced individuals selected to be guides of the desert!
If there’s something you’re curious about, come find these guides!

Battle Arena

I’m a god of combat!
Questions about PvP?
Need an opponent to test your PvP skills?

Want to know what gear you need for PvP?


Then come to our Battle Arena. 

Hystria Ruins

Adventurers who are experienced at defeating monsters, come here~! 

Which hunting ground has the highest chance for this equipment?

At this level, which hunting ground will suit me best?

Which hunting ground drops this item?


For questions and information about hunting grounds, it’s the Hystria Ruins!

Florin Neighborhood Meeting

Rather than fighting, I prefer safe and comfortable life content! 

If so, come on down to the Florin Florin Neighborhood Meeting~!


How do I craft this furniture?

Where can I fish Yvrug?


The Florin Neighborhood Meeting is the gathering place for all life content

Dancing Marlin Tavern

Doesn’t the name alone sound like a place for Adventurers that enjoy the sea?


Adventurers looking for party members to hunt sea monsters! 

Adventurers wanting to know about upgrading ships!


Meet captains that sail the oceans at the Dancing Marlin Tavern! 


◆ Where do I chat if I enter a Chat Group? 

First, if you enter the Chat Group with your desired topic, you’ll see the system message “You have entered the chat group.”

* After creating a new Family, you’ll be automatically entered into the Lunar Halo Inn when the chatting window is opened.  


Check ‘Chat Group’ in the Chat Group settings to view the Chat Group window. 


◆ Can I join multiple Chat Groups?

Only one Chat Group can be entered per Family. If you want to enter another Chat Group then the one you are in, then simply select your desired Chat Group!
You’ll automatically leave the Chat Group you were in and enter the new Chat Group~!

However, if there are too many Adventurers in a Chat Group, you may receive the message ‘Exceeded the maximum number of people allowed in this chat group.’ and be unable to enter.
Just be a little patient until you can enter~!


Now then, it’s time for you to go and check out these chat groups!!


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