GM Notes [GM Note] Listening to our Adventurers' Voices (Feat. NA/EU Part 2)
Black Desert 2019-12-26 12:40
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Greetings Adventurers, 


Pearl Abyss is always listening attentively to each and everyone of our Adventurers valuable voices and striving to freely communicate with our Adventurers on the topics they are curious about.


Today, we’re back with part 2 of the previous Q&A by Adventurers from North America and Europe ~ ლ(´ڡ`ლ)

So, come take a look at PART 2 of the questions by the Adventurers from North America and Europe and the answers from our developers ~ ♡


Question 1


Question: Having a variety of activities to participate in is essential to creating and building a successful and thriving Guild. Missions are a core content of guild activities and provide the main path to leveling up a guild and unlocking additional benefits. However much of the guild mission content is regarded as being unbalanced in the aspect that many missions can be completed with just a handful of people or "solo" while other missions require an abnormally large amount of members but yield the same amount of rewards. This leads to many guild missions being undesirable. Have the developers considered this imbalance between the various assortment of guild missions, and have they considered adding unique rewards to more time intensive guild missions?


Answer: We are always looking for ways to improve upon guild related contents and do our best to share any updates we have on them. We've recently changed the boss summon scrolls system for them to be more intuitive, which in turn would help improve ease of use and lower the barrier for guild raids. We're also looking into other QoL aspects we can improve upon.


We are aware that specific quests out of all the guild quests, divided into combat, life skills, and trading, are preferred over others. We believe guild missions should serve their roles and purposes appropriately, as they directly affect the growth of guilds. As mentioned in your question, we will discuss the best way to give additional merits, such as special rewards, for guild missions that require more time and effort to complete.


Question 2


Question: Joining a guild can have many benefits for a player versus adventuring alone. Guilds can even offer gear assistance to their members through the Guild Shop. However, in order for a guild member to purchase gear from the Guild Shop that member must be given an Allowance and the cost is deducted from the Guild Funds. This makes it very tedious and difficult for guild leadership to manage guild funds appropriately and often leads to a lack of ability to help members through the Guild Shop. Would the developers consider creating a "Personal" Guild Shop, where the player can spend their unclaimed mission wages that they have earned on Guild Accessories, Guild Armor, and Guild Weapons without the need of leadership supervision or direct loss to the Guild Fund?


Answer: Guild funds is the core of the current guild management system. Therefore, we believe the management of funds must be as transparent and accurate as possible. If guild members can use their funds without the help of guild officers, it is open to preventable accidents and abuses. That said, we do agree that the process of receiving an allowance is somewhat of a nuisance, but we've placed the allowance system as a precaution and preventive measure against abuse and plan to keep it that way.


Unclaimed wages from completing guild missions are part of the guild funds before being claimed, so the officers have no idea how much of it still needs to be claimed. In other words, if funds are used at this stage without check, there is no way to tell how much of it was used in the guild shop. Also, the wages given at the end of guild missions is sort of a bonus, hence its purpose is somewhat different from the allowance distributed for use in the guild shop.


And of course, the purpose of the guild shop is for guilds to support their members. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to maintain transparency in the use of guild funds, so we wish to keep the current system where you must consult with guild officers to be able to use guild funds.


Question 3


Question: Every player that has acquired a Dream Horse is very fond of their new mount, and avid trainers continue to awaken new dream horses even after obtaining one for themselves. Although Dream Horses are unique in appearance in their own right, trainers would like some visual variations among the dreams horses. Would the developers consider adding rare opportunities in Dream Horse Awakenings such that a horse may be awakened with a color variant of that dream horse such as a Nightmare Arduanatt, Blue-Flame Doom, an Ice-themed Dine, or something similar?


Answer: Thank you for the great idea. We are also discussing ways to give them various charming characteristics. Though nothing is set in stone yet, we will discuss methods to add more variety to improve upon current Dream Horses.


Question 4


Question: Horse Training has long been one of Black Desert's most loved contents, with many players investing countless hours and vast amounts of resources to capture, level, and breed horses to eventually attempt awakenings for T9 Dream Horses. Over the course of time, many lower tier horses have practically flooded the horse market and most often going unsold or undesired. Would the developers consider researching why many horses go undesired on the Horse Market, and develop incentives for Horse Trainers to breed and train horses in the pre-courser tiers 1 through 7?


Answer: As you mentioned, horse training is a content that requires a lot of time, effort, and resources. Because of this, the reward and sense of accomplishment is high when you finally obtain a Dream Horse. We believe this is the reason why horse training was and is loved since it was first introduced.


That said, we will look into how we can merit each level of training and to give more meaning to pre-course horses from tiers 1 to 7.

Thank you.

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