GM Notes [GM Note] Guild Interview - YOLOGİLLER
Black Desert 2019-12-30 12:00
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  1. Hello, Adventurers!

    We had a short interview with the guild - YOLOGİLLER; they were selected from the #GuildStories #Medium/SmallGuilds #Welcoming event!

    First, take a look at the story they sent to us and then, read about the YOLOGİLLER guild in detail in this interview~

    Hello. I returned to playing Black Desert which I enjoyed after I had quit before due to work. While I was still in Olvia, I chose to open a guild and help people. I found friends to engage with in field and scroll bosses and began to support my guild. Our purpose as a guild is "I teach, tell, help you and then you help a new member." And continues on like this. I teach what I know, they pass on to others and we have a lot of fun. When I first made the guild, a team of 4 wanted to join. Two of them came immediately, the other two were coming the next day because they were in a guild. The next day, while I helped 2 participants to reach Lv. 56, their friends asked to join in.


    In the meantime, they asked about the PK in the game, I explained and showed that it can be turned on with Alt + C, when you turn it on a symbol appears next to your name etc. and I forgot I had left my PK on! :D When the other two friends came, we couldn't have them into party right away because we were also playing with 2 different people. While we were engaged in a deep conversation, I thought the other 2 players who are going to join my guild were mobs and killed them. :D They died so quickly because they were new. One of them was Tamer and he made jokes like "The wolf threw me over and I can't get on it again, I died in the air falling from the wolf. This wolf is no longer a wolf, it's a lamb indeed. It couldn't survive the trauma." and we had a lot of fun, and eventually they joined our guild. :D

    I want to be among the best 5 guild because we play the game with help from each other. My only aim is to teach the game to others, to establish a family atmosphere, to laugh together and have fun.

    The reason I want to be among the 5 is for the promotion because most people do not read the guild request and do not exactly read the penalties or see something and are afraid to participate.

    I hope to be selected as a guild and hereby we can help our sisters and brothers.

    By the way, I've talked in singular in general, but I'm doing all this with my wife, so that the female players can be comfortable in our environment.


    GM: Is There any special meaning of your guild name?

    YOLOGİLLER: Yolo means, one who suffered on the best years of his/her youth. And since we cannot upgrade our items in our core squad. Making us suffer.We were inspired by the in-game meaning.


    GM: When did you establish the guild and what was the reason which made you establish it?

    YOLOGİLLER: We have established the guild around the 11th month. Our general purpose was to help each other. Because we are returning adventurers, we could login to the Olvia server and meet a lot of players, I helped them and they are all Officers now. We are guiding those who join the guild on how to gain silver and get stronger. This is our main purpose. Our target is certain, we are PvE development and life skill clan and we will keep going this way.


    GM: What is your reason for attending this event?

    YOLOGİLLER: It’s more about spreading out actually. Because it continues just like a chain. As we help each other, our wisdom grows. So many people get quicker response for their questions and that makes me happy. Helping someone out makes me much happier instead of fighting or playing by myself.


    GM: Can you tell us a little bit about the story you sent us?

    YOLOGİLLER: Well, I was helping some players. They were 3 or 4. I accidently slayed the 4th one just because of a simple question. He found the dying strange because they did not know the game. And the question was about how to activate PK. I activated mine when I was explaining Alt-C. I guess I attacked them and their wolf. But now, he’s doing fine and has grown a lot.



    GM: Can you please share with us what your main theme is? (Non-PvP, PvP Focused, Life Skill etc.)

    YOLOGİLLER: The main theme of the guild is: realizing it’s just a game and having fun . We’re not forcing anyone to do anything. As I said our main theme is, PvE and having fun as much as we can. 


    GM: Is there any condition before you accept the players to your clan?

    YOLOGİLLER: There certainly is. Our only condition is avoiding swearing in both in-game and Discord. Because, no one has the right to respond with profanity and insults to the things players do with mechanics in the game. This is our only condition. Thus, we do not want to be remembered as being abusive. 


    GM: Is there any favourite funny story with your clan members? If there is, can you share with us?

    YOLOGİLLER: I don’t have a story with all of the members. But, there is a story for me and for those who did not come to Vell Boss. After taking everyone out of the ocean by ship, I ran them all to Valencia, saying that I would draw all of you to Velia. We laughed a lot. The reason I did that, they were having fun with me by telling me to sail back. So I’ve returned back before them.


    GM: What are the advantages of clan members?

    YOLOGİLLER: First of all, they are having quick responses for their concerns. Because sometimes, they are getting stuck on something really simple and wasting their time. And we can provide for them to enjoy the life skill and grinding and let them make great amount of silver. We have information about almost everything just because we’re playing this game for so long including EU. We are guiding them for life skills in order to make them larger amount of silver. Thus they are developing quickly


    GM: In game what kind issues the clan members are facing especially?

    YOLOGİLLER: They are having some issues before joining us.But once they are in guild, I don't think that they are having these kinds of issues. They are only getting bored when doing the main quests. And we’re helping them, in order to provide a smooth gaming experience. There is no issue with YOLOGİLLER.


    GM: Is there any goal which you are trying to reach?

    YOLOGİLLER: Gathering sheep meat, doing some life skill with 100 active players Joking aside! Just passing some time in Black Desert world and having fun. But, it’s sad to see some of our players leaving even though we helped them for long hours and much effort.

    Our goal is, keep playing on as a family.



    Thank you to the guild officer KanzenS, who took their precious time to interview with us!
    If you are interested in YOLOGİLLER guild, you can contact the guild officer KanzenS.
    Learn all about joining their guild from the guild officer~


    Thank you.

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