GM Notes [GM Note] Adventuring with Clorince's Travel Bag!
Black Desert 2020-01-29 09:00
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Greetings Adventurers!

We’re here to give you a quick run-through of the Clorince's Travel Bag (16 Slots), re-released on January 29, 2020 (Wed).  ❛◡❛

This item was made to help our Adventurers who don’t have enough inventory slots. 



While the 16 slots of the Clorince's Travel Bag cannot store Pearl Items and items with expiration dates - it’s whatever - you don’t need to bring fish and Pearl items when you go traveling~!  



The Clorince's Travel Bag with all of its 16 slots filled can be stored in its entirety in your Storage.  



Keep everything you need for your travels in your storage beforehand, and when it’s time, head out with Clorince's Travel Bag  

However, please note that when you purchase the Clorince's Travel Bag from the Pearl Shop it will be sent to your Normal Inventory instead of your Pearl Inventory.

One more thing!

The items you put into Clorince's Travel Bag cannot be arranged or used; you have to move the items to your normal inventory if you want to use them.
And as we were explaining the travel bag, it seems we remembered some names...



These names are Morco's Gear Bag and Patrigio's Apparel Bag.
Let’s compare these similar yet different bags! 


First, Morco's Gear Bag, it’s a bag exclusive for equipment/gear.



Let’s say…
I want to defeat monsters today~
Maybe head off to PvP today?
Or go out for gathering~~

Whatever your plans are for the day, the Morco's Gear Bag is the perfect fit! 

This bag’s biggest advantage is its ‘Change’ button.

When you want to go from defeating monsters to gathering, you need to swap your accessories and equip your gathering gear…
This annoying switch is completely taken care of by one button - CHANGE! 


Next up is Patrigio's Apparel Bag. 

As you can tell from the name, this bag only handles Apparel.



From day to day, the style you want to wear depends on the weather or your mood, right? 
It’s at these moments where the Patrigio's Apparel Bag truly shines! 

You don’t need to change your shoes, gloves, or clothes one by one; instead, all you need is one button - CHANGE! 


Now that you’ve learned about the various bags in Black Desert, we hope this was useful!   

The flu has been going around recently. So, please be careful not to get sick!! 

Until next time, see you again. 


Thank you.

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