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Black Desert 2020-02-19 08:00
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Hello, Adventurers.

This is The MMORPG, Black Desert.


These are the updates made to Black Desert on February 19, 2020.

(Patch size: 530 MB)


※ Please read below for details.



Major Updates - Lahn Succession

  • Added Succession for Lahn.

- You can accept the quest "[Lahn Succession] Pondering on Death" from Black Spirit after completing the awakening quests.

- The succession quest can also be found in "Quests" (O) under the "Suggestions" tab.

- You will learn the skill "Heavenly Waltz" through the succession quests. It enables you to be even more powerful with your Crescent Pendulum and Noble Sword.

- You cannot use the Crimson Glaives after completing Succession.

- Added the "Succession" tab in the Skill window (K).

- Skills in the Succession tab are affected by the AP of your main weapons and awakening weapons.

- You can use the skills both in the "Main" tab and the skills in the "Succession" tab at the same time.

- You cannot use skills in the "Succession" tab to learn Absolute skills.

- You can use skills outside of the "Succession" tab to learn Absolute skills.

- You must learn the Preceding Skills in the "Main" tab to learn the skills in the "Succession" tab.

- You can change between Succession/Awakening by resetting your skills.

- Skill add-ons for awakening will reset when you learn Succession skills and vice versa.

- You can change from Succession to Awakening by resetting your skills to unlearn the skill "Heavenly Waltz".

- You can change from Awakening to Succession by resetting your skills to learn the skill "Heavenly Waltz".



Major Updates - Kamasylvia Questline Renewal

  • Renewed the main questline in Kamasylvia.
  •  The main questline in Kamasylvia, the land where the descendants of Sylvia dwell. Three major areas were a key focus in this update. First, we made the questline better fit Adventurers that have completed Valencia and are just now entering Kamasylvia. Second, we added character depth by making them more expressive and added depth to the story. Finally, we worked on the ending of the questline to connect it with the story in O'dyllita and other content that will be added later.

    You will be flown to Grána on a Sky Balloon as part of the renewed questline. Take the time to enjoy the gorgeous scenery and story we’ve prepared for you!

- Made the relationships between characters and groups clearer to develop the worldviews in Black Desert.

- Changed the old Kamasylvia main questline so that Adventurers that are on the old questline to be able to do the renewed questline or continue the old questline.

- Start the renewed Kamasylvia main questline by accepting the quest "Kamasylvia, the Land Behind the Veil" from Black Spirit in "Main Quest".

- Characters must be level 58 or higher to accept the renewed Kamasylvia main questline. 

- The quest can easily be found by going to Quest List (O) window > Main Quest tab > [Lv. 58 Kamasylvia] The Light of Kamasylve.

  • Added the new knowledge category "Sylvia's Legacy Adventure Journal II".
  • Added a new quest in Kamasylvia.

- Characters must be level 58 or higher and have completed the quest "Healing Light" in the renewed Kamasylvia questline to accept this quest. Find the Papu giving water to the flower garden in Grána plaza.

- Quest preference type "Combat" must be active to accept this quest.

  • Changed the questline that started with the following quest as the renewed Kamasylvia main questline was added:

- Unsung Hero

  • Changed locations or removed monsters from areas by NPCs that appear as part of the Kamasylvia quests:

- Klaruss Mushroom in Polly's Forest

- Khalid in Loopy Tree Forest

- Cave Entrance in Manshaum Forest




Event 1. Fulfill the Dream!

Event Period

- February 19, 2020 (Wed) after maintenance ~ March 11, 2020 (Wed) before maintenance

> Added Tier 6 wild horses to appear across the world of Black Desert.

- The tier 6 wild horses will be given a level randomly between 1-10, like the pre-existing tier 1 to 5 wild horses.

[Click here for more details]


  • Event 2. Lahn Succession Celebration Level Up Challenge!

Event Period

- February 19, 2020 (Wed) after maintenance ~ March 11, 2020 (Wed) before maintenance 

[Click here for more details]


  • Event 3. Roll, roll~ It’s Black Spirit’s Adventure! 

Event Period

- February 19. 2020 (Wed) after maintenance ~ TBA 

[Click here for more details]



New and Improvements

  • Expanded the like function for Chat Group to include more groups other than Lunar Halo Inn and Dancing Marlin Tavern.
  •  The total number of likes in Chat Groups will reset during maintenance on April 22, 2020 (Wed).

    The like function in Chat Groups are planned to be reset every 3 months. Rewards will be sent according to the number of likes at the time of the reset.

    Special titles that last for 90 days will be given to Adventurers after maintenance on April 22, 2020 (Wed) according to the Black Spirit icons they have earned in Chat Groups.

Added the "Use Coupon" function in the new menu under the Adventurer Support category.

- Now you will be able to register coupons in the game.




  • Increased the PVP damage of the following skills:


Increased by(%)

Prime: Fireball Explosion: Areal


Prime: Fireball Explosion: Focus


Prime: Meteor Shower: Areal


Prime: Meteor Shower: Focus


Prime: Lightning


Prime: Residual Lightning: Combo


Prime: Residual Lightning: High Voltage


Prime: Earthquake: Evade


Prime: Earthquake: Destruction


  • Adjusted the damage of Prime: Frigid Fog: Control.

Prime: Frigid Fog: Control



Prime: Frigid Fog: Control I

803% x 5

963% x 5

Prime: Frigid Fog: Control II

1004% x 5

1204% x 5

Prime: Frigid Fog: Control III

1233% x 5

1467% x 5

Increased the additional hit damage of Prime: Lightning.

Prime: Lightning



Prime: Lightning I additional hit damage

838% x 3

838% x 4

Prime: Lightning II additional hit damage

1089% x 3

1089% x 4

Prime: Lightning III additional hit damage

1257% x 3

1257% x 4

Increased the casting speed of the following skills:

- Prime: Voltaic Pulse, Prime: Equilibrium Break, Prime: Bolide of Destruction, Prime: Aqua Jail Explosion

- Prime: Residual Lightning: Combo/High Voltage

- Additional attack of Prime: Lightning

- Prime: Blizzard: Domain/Storm

- Prime: Frigid Fog: Disrupt/Control

- Prime: Meteor Shower: Focus/Areal

- Prime: Lightning Storm: High Voltage

- Prime: Earthquake: Destruction


  • Combos can now be used much faster after casting the following skills:

- Prime: Fireball Explosion: Focus 

- After the additional hit of Prime: Lightning

- Prime: Earthquake: Destruction/Evade

- After using Prime: Earth's Response: Destruction to the RMB

- When using RMB consecutively after Prime: Residual Lightning: Combo

- Connecting to Earth's Response while using Prime: Earthquake: Evade to move backwards

Changed the preceding skill to Succession: Elemental Revelation for the following skills:

- Prime: Fireball Explosion: Focus/Areal

- Prime: Meteor Shower: Focus/Areal

- Prime: Residual Lightning: Combo/High Voltage

- Prime: Lightning Storm: Combo/High Voltage

- Prime: Frigid Fog: Disrupt/Control

- Prime: Blizzard: Storm/Domain

- Prime: Earthquake: Evade/Destruction

- Prime: Earth's Response: Flow/Destruction

  • You can now maintain the casting motion of Prime: Lightning Storm: High Voltage after finishing casting.
  • Prime: Earth Arrow now decreases the magic DP of targets upon hit.
  • Fixed the issue where pressing LMB + RMB after using Succession: Magical Evasion activated Prime: Earth's Response: Flow/Destruction.
  • Increased the distance when using Prime: Earthquake: Evade to move backwards.
  • Prime: Frigid Fog: Disrupt II, III skill cooldowns reduced to 9 sec, 8 sec, respectively.
  • Prime: Fireball Explosion: Areal II, III skill cooldowns reduced to 10 sec, 9 sec, respectively.
  • Prime: Lightning's Extra Hit changed to occur only when holding the F key.
  • Prime: Residual Lightning: Combo and Prime: Residual Lightning: High Voltage gain added effect of restoring MP upon successful hit.
  • Prime: Lightning Storm: Combo attack range increased to match the effect.
  • Prime: Aqua Jail Explosion effect has been optimized.
  • Succession: Magic Arrow's final shot location has been fixed to match the motion.
  • Fixed issue of Prime: Lightning's damage being applied irregularly in certain situations.
  • Fixed issue of Prime: Blizzard: Domain and Prime: Blizzard: Storm appearing twice in the level up information window.
  •  The Witch and Wizard classes are rooted in similar succession skills, yet we thought long and hard on how to differentiate their play style by changing how their skills are used and bring about an enjoyable experience as well. 

    Upon learning the Elemental Flow skill, the Wizard inputs commands continuously after using one skill, where the following skill occurs without casting motion thereby allowing for a constant barrage of great damage. In contrast, the Witch Succession has casting motions per each skill input yet can use Magical Evasion skills during the casting motion, each skill inflicts devastating damage and can continue dealing extra damage via Prime: Multiple Magic Arrows after using a skill. Thus, during internal testing we found the average damage dealt by the Witch to be recorded slightly lower than the Wizard, and therefore we decided to apply a slight damage increase to the Witch.

    However, the fact that the Witch's succession skill damage is higher even though they are the same skill, and compared to the Witch's Elemental Flow effect the Wizard does not seem to appear to be any more unique led to many Wizard adventurers to voice their concern. Then, regarding last week's update to the Black Desert Global Lab, where the Witch succession saw immediate activation of the next succession skills upon being used right after magical evasion, led to others declaring that the Wizard succession had not clearly lost its uniqueness. To reflect the opinions of Witch and Wizard adventurers, we decided to minimize the difference between the Witch and Wizard successions, and settled on allowing only one unique characteristic per class. First, we decided to equalize the damage amounts of Witch and Wizard succession skills, maintain the combo system of utilizing magical evasion and multiple magic arrows, and remove the Teleport prerequisite for the Wizard's Ultimate: Teleport, thereby increasing his convenience of use. Second, we shortened the casting motion of lightning skills for both the Witch and Wizard. Upon succession, both classes are unable to utilize sage skills, which ended up breaking the flow of combos in between lightning skills. We felt that this was a bigger issue compared to being unable to use Sage's Memory, therefore we decided to shorten the casting motion of all lightning skills for the Wizard and Witch.

    We will continue to look over the various opinions sent in by all adventurers, and strive to develop the character towards a more enjoyable experience.



  • Prime: Multiple Magic Arrows - Improved by allowing it to be comboed with other skills quickly after using the extra hit.
  • Succession: Magical Evasion - Fixed the issue where other succession skills still showed the casting motion when used with command keys.
  • Prime: Multiple Magic Arrows - Fixed the issue where MP was not being consumed when only the extra hit was used.



  • Prime: Earthquake: Evade - Improved the skill by allowing the use of other skills with command keys.
  • Prime: Lightning Storm: Combo - Improved the skills by allowing the next skill to be cast even faster by using the effect of Elemental Flow.
  • Prime: Fireball - Fixed the issue where, after learning Elemental Flow, the fireball slowed down when cast with command keys.
  • Prime: Residual Lightning: Combo - Changed the number of hits to the following:




Prime: Residual Lightning: Combo

Hit Damage x 3, Last Hit Damage x 3, Extra Hit Damage x 4

Hit Damage x 4, Last Hit Damage x 3, Extra Hit Damage x 4

Teleport - Fixed the issue where Succession skills could not be used without their casting motion when the skill was used by using a quick slot.

  • Teleport - Improved the skill by allowing the use of Ultimate: Teleport when this skill is on cooldown.
  • Changed the damage for the following skills:




Prime: Lightning Storm: High Voltage

1104% x 8

1208% x 8





Prime: Lightning Storm: Combo

1204% x 4

1204% x 3

1380% x 4

1380% x 5





Prime: Earthquake: Destruction

1104% x 8

1104% x 10

1156% x 8

1156% x 10





Prime: Earthquake: Destruction

1104% x 8

1104% x 10

1156% x 8

1156% x 10





Prime: Meteor Shower: Areal

1308% x 4

1482% x 6

1382% x 4

1544% x 6





Prime: Meteor Shower: Focus

1412% x 10

1511% x 10





Prime: Multiple Magic Arrows

1201% x 6

1201% x 4

1209% x 4

1209% x 7



  • Guard - Fixed the issue where the skills Shield Strike, Righteous Charge could not be used with this skill active.
  • Guard - Fixed the issue where the skill could not be comboed with the skill Just Counter.



  • Absolute: Crimson Fang - Fixed the issue where the Critical Hit Rate increase effect would not be applied when used after certain skills even though the skill Crimson Fang was learned.
  • Hidden Claw - Fixed the issue where the Floating effect was applied when the skill was on cooldown but used after Knee Hammer.



  • Changed the awakening skill effects to be more red.
  • Fireborne Rupture - Fixed the issue where the AP buff would not be applied when used after the skill God Incinerator by pressing Q.
  • Added information about the awakening weapon in the Character Selection window.




  • Changed Pearl Shop Mounts in the Horse Gear, Ship, and Wagon categories from bound to character to bound to family.

- Bound to family when used initially, can be used via Storage. "

  • Added [Guild] Cannonball and [Guild] Flame Cannonball purchasable via the Guild Military Supply Manager.

- Same amount of damage as the regular Cannonball and Flame Cannonball applied to [Guild] Cannonball and Flame Cannonball before change.

- Adventurers who are Guild Quartermasters or higher can purchase [Guild] Cannonball and/or [Guild] Flame Cannonball with 200,000 Silver of the guild funds via the Guild Military Supply Manager."

  • Increased crafted Cannonball and Flame Cannonball damage.



Increase 30%


Flame Cannonball



Flame Cannonball

Burn Damage HP -15 per 3 sec for 45 sec.

Burn Damage HP -30 per 3 sec for 45 sec.

- Crafting methods were not changed

  • Fixed the issue of certain, non-dyeable gear being incorrectly labeled as dyeable.
  • Added description related to Enhancement of Manos "clothes."

- Up to enhancement level +14 requires a Black Crystal, from enhancement level +15 requires a Concentrated Magical Black Gem.

  • Changed the Max Price of the following items in the Central Market.

Item Name



Natural Log



Usable Scantling



Standardized Timber Square



Sturdy Timber Square



Hard Pillar



White Cedar Sap



Acacia Sap



Elder Tree Sap



  • Changed the maximum purchasable amount of the following items via the Central Market from 10 to 50 each time.

- Ancient Relic Crystal Shard

- Forbidden Book

- Scroll Written in Ancient Language

- Manshaum Voodoo Doll

  • Fixed text error of Clown's Blood requiring only 1 Wolf Blood when crafting via the Alchemy Tool.
  • Fixed the issue of the Guardian class being unable to use Valks' Main Weapon Box.
  • Added Sol items for Shai trial characters.




  • Changed the Frenzied Skeleton Decurion and Frenzied Skeleton Centurion appearing in the Soldier's Grave to attack the adventurer regardless of their level.




  • Changed the cost of restoring HP(Repair) and Stamina(Power) from 15 silver to 500 silver per every 1% recovered.
  • Changed the cost of supplying Cannonballs to Big Ships from 10,000 silver per shot to 1,000 silver per shot.
  •  We hope for all adventurers to be able to enjoy hunting Great Ocean monsters.

    Defeating Great Ocean monsters via Big Ships requires not only rations but a great deal of investment in the ship's durability and cannonball supply. Many adventurers who have yet to take their chances in helming their own ship may have felt even more pressure to take on this endeavor. Thus we reduced the supply cost of Big Ship Cannonballs by 1/10 the original to relieve some of that pressure.

Fixed the issue of incorrect number of rations being used instead of the amount listed in the description while using the BreezySail skill on Big Ships.




  • Changed the following contents of knowledge.

- Ancient Stone Chamber, Mural of Prophecy I

- Ancient Stone Chamber, Mural of Prophecy II

- Ancient Stone Chamber, Mural of Prophecy IV

- Fallen Giant Walls

- Cron Castle's Altar

Fixed A Poacher's Suggestion alerts to only appear in the Kamasylvia regions.



| UI

  • Made the Quick Slot key applicable to the first line of the Currently Held Installations list when placing installations on the Residence, Field, etc.

- Can use number keys 1~8 starting from the left as Quick Slot keys.

  • Improved to confirm via skill icon and text description when a fairy has learned its highest skill level.

- Added M icon on upper left-hand part of the Fairy Skills window.

- Added text "This skill is at the highest level your fairy can learn" to the Fairy Skill description.

  • Added Dark Rifts to the "Adventure" tab in the (New)menu.
  • Changed Fishing UI icon to the shape of a fish.

  • ● Removed "enter" button to Altar of Blood in the lower portion of the (Old)menu, added new banner alerting users to the newly added portions of the (New)menu. 

- Clicking the appropriate banner will transition to the (New)menu.

● Improved the Pearl Shop (F3) quick purchase to allow for changing number of items not instantly used with the +,- buttons.

  • Enlarged the font size of text bubble descriptions
  • Adjusted the location of the Items Required for Contract window that appears while talking with sailor NPCs.
  • Improved the rewards window to show only the basic reward in quest confirmation and reward windows if there are no rewards to be selected.
  • Changed the adjusting method of the Friends list 1:1 Chat window transparency level.
  • Fixed the issue of the Manage Workers UI re-opening when opening or closing other UI with the Manage Workers UI already open in the World Map..

Fixed the issue of the location of the Set Allowances button appearing irregular when scrolling down while having selected a user in the War Hero tab of the Guild window.

  • Fixed the issue where the text maximum HP increase text spilled out of the Territory Information description in the World Map.
  • Fixed the issue of the Find NPC window appearing behind other windows.
  • Fixed the issue of the notification UI disappearing after editing the UI during random notifications of sailors during sea voyages.
  • Fixed the issue of when opening the Residence Owner list for the second time, the previously selected tab remains selected.
  • Fixed graphical glitches of certain necessary item icons during chat.
  • Fixed the issue of the quest reward window appearing irregularly upon quest completion.
  • Fixed the issue where certain names of annexes and other installable items would spill out of the War Installation Info UI.
  • Fixed the issue where the mouse wheel didn't work in certain parts of the Challenges tab in My Information.
  • Fixed the issue of the Collect All Crop notification appearing when pressing the Collect All Items button in Home Interior mode.




  • Added function to restore deleted items.

- Inventory(I) tab → Left-click on the Throw Item Away icon to use the Item Restoration Function.

- Item restoration function can be used twice a month.

  • Fixed the delay issues occurring in the following situations.

- When approaching certain NPCs after designating certain NPCs near bodies of water with Navigation Settings while swimming or boarding a ship

- When using Navigation Settings on certain NPCs while close to NPCs near bodies of water

  • Navigation Settings on the lower right-hand corner of the World Map(M) → Fixed the issue of the client freezing up when using Navigation Settings after selecting Quick Route in Ocean Navigation Settings.
  • Fixed the link to the latest patch notes in the Update menu.



| Other

  • Changed to allow the 10-sec. invincibility effect applied when reviving at Fort/Command Post during Node/Conquest War to remain in effect even when transition to combat mode.

(Only applies when reviving at Fort/Command Post.)



Changes and Fixes

  • Conquest Wars Siege Defense Towers can no longer be attacked when the World Boss is about to appear.
  • [Ninja] Fixed graphical glitches of facial expressions while attempting certain poses in the Beauty(F4) tab.
  • [Guardian] Fixed graphical glitches with the shield that occurred when attempting to change direction while transitioning between combat/non-combat mode while moving.
  • [Guardian] Fixed graphical glitches of the jordun when using Awakening: Juggernaut right after Frigid Wind.
  • [Shai] Fixed the issue of irregular movement when using direction keys while in Scroll Lock walking mode.
  • [Shai, Guardian] Added social actions only for New Year Hanbok.
  • Fixed the following typos.

- Quest Summary of New/Returning Cliif's Weapon

- Exchange button for Marni's Stone"

  • Relocated Steel Imp Warriors that were stuck in certain rocks of the Altar of Agris.
  • Removed levitating NPCs around the borders of Kamasylvia.
  • Removed levitating rocks in certain regions of Cyclops Land.
  • Fixed the issue of the gathering option being available in certain regions of Port Epheria that had no actual gathering materials.
  • Fixed the issue of certain parts of Garmoth's Nest not appearing from time to time.
  • Fixed the issue with the area selected by mouse after highlighting selection with Shift+directional keys in the Bio and Guild Description boxes of My Information(P) and Guild(G) tabs, respectively.
  • Fixed the issue of both 2D and 3D minimaps to show when opening the UI freeset of the 3D minimap while using the 2D minimap.
  • Fixed the beginning portion of the title tab's total progress gauge in the My Information window to appear more natural.

Fixed the issue where upon changing chat type selection, the chat type icon would not disappear from time to time.

  • [Guardian] Fixed the issue where her posterior looked abnormal while wearing Ynixtra Clothes with Nude Beige or Nude Deep Black Underwear.
  • [Dark Knight] Fixed the issue where wearing Glorious Shudad set with the Kibelius Vediant caused her to lose fingers in her right hand.
  • Fixed graphical glitches that occurred when equipping the following outfits:

- [Guardian] Silver Embroidered Trader's Clothes

- [Guardian] Silver Embroidered Craftsman's Clothes

- [Kunoichi] Heidel Masquerade Phantom Mask

- [Mystic] Queen Heart Underwear

- [Dark Knight] Queen Heart Underwear

- [Witch] Queen Heart Underwear

- [Kunoichi] Queen Heart Underwear

Here are notes backlogged from the December 24, 2019 and January 8, 2020 updates. We apologize for not notifying our Adventurers of these updates and for any inconvenience it may have caused.


December 24, 2019 (Tue)

| UI

  • Removed the white wave effect from the fishing minigame.


January 8, 2020 (Wed)

| Contents

  • Added an additional exit next to the revival location exit of the Red Battlefield Black Desert Team.

- Altered portions of the local geography accordingly.


We hope you enjoy your time in Black Desert,

Thank you.

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