Events [Event] Guest Pass Coupons Extended to 30 Days!
Black Desert 2020-02-26 07:00
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Guest Pass Coupons Extended to 30 Days!


The Guest Pass Coupon for new Adventurers of Black Desert has been extended to 30 days from the previous 7 days!

Now you can explore the world of Black Desert for an entire month! 


Guest Pass Coupon Change Period

- February 26, 2020 (Wed) after maintenance ~ TBA


Guest Pass Coupon Period Extended to 30 Days! 

Guest Pass




7 Days

30 Days


[ Guest Pass?]

This coupon lets you enjoy Black Desert for a set period of time without you having to purchase a package. However, you will be unable to continue enjoying Black Desert once the Guest Pass Coupon period ends unless you get “Permanent Access Coupon” or purchase a package. 


We hope you will be able to enjoy Black Desert with this extended amount of play time. We’ll do our best to provide the best service possible.

Thank you.   

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