Notices [Notice] Corrective Measures for Black Desert Steam Abnormal Region Login Issue
Black Desert 2020-03-02 17:30
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Greetings Adventurers, 

We’d like to inform you of the corrective measures we’re taking for certain Adventurers who are currently encountering an issue where the Black Desert Steam account is accessing an abnormal region.


As stated in the notice on February 28, we identified an issue where Adventurers who purchased new packages and installed Black Desert were abnormally an incorrect region; this issue was resolved at 11:00 of the same day. 

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However, Adventurers who signed up and played on an abnormal region with their Steam accounts at the time of this issue are currently unable to sign up and play on their desired server. Due to this issue, these accounts that are registered to these abnormal regions need to be deleted in order to resolve this situation, so please refer to the details below.


■ Details

  1. 1. Apply for Account Deletion 

- Application for deletion of accounts related to Black Desert Steam Abnormal Region Login: [Link]

- Application Period: ~ TBA

- Corrective Measures: Processed daily at 12:00 (GMT +3)  

※Completed applications submitted before 04:00 (GMT +3) of each day will be processed, and the corrective measures will be undertaken at the time listed above once the account information is verified. 

※ Only Steam accounts that completed the account deletion can re-sign up and play.


  1. 2. Make sure to check the following even after completing the application! 

While accounts that completed an application will be processed in the order received once their account information is verified, this issue will reoccur if you do not remove the incorrect region’s Black Desert from your Steam library and reinstall the game. Thus, please make sure to follow the instructions below. 

  1.    1. Remove Black Desert from your Steam library
  2.    2. Repurchase the free Black Desert package from your region that is serviced for you

Additionally, we are working closely with Valve so that accounts encountering this issue will be automatically corrected, and are doing our best to resolve this as soon as possible.


We sincerely and deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused by this issue, and will work harder to provide a more stable service.


Thank you.

Comments 2
Do I have to remove the game from my steam library or uninstall the game? Because in the notice you said that I should repurchase the free Black Desert which is now isn't free anymore.
2020-03-03 00:17 7
the Application __link doesn't work anymore. Any way else, please?
2020-04-12 10:11 0